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Dogs Rescued from DMX's House

8/24/2007 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

KPNX television in Phoenix is reporting that the Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff's Department raided rapper DMX's home this morning in Cave Creek and removed 12 distressed pit bulls.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was not home at the time. News 12 is reporting a large cache of weapons was found in the home as well.

DMX has a long rap sheet (pun intended), which includes a guilty plea to animal cruelty charges in 2002.

UPDATE: According to DMX's attorney Murray Richman, it was all about the blazing Arizona heat. Richman claims that someone reported the dogs were at risk because of the extreme temperatures, telling TMZ "Earl has a caretaker, who obviously wasn't taking care. Earl loves those dogs." Richman added that DMX isn't even in Az and hasn't been there for several months because he's off working on a project.


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Mrs. Harvey Levin    

WTF?! Is this becoming a new trend?! I think it takes a real P*$$Y to be cruel to animals. LOSER!!! I HOPE HE ROTS IN JAIL!

2626 days ago



2626 days ago


So did Mikey Vick roll on DMX? Ha ha! How funny that his house gets raided after Vick cops a plea.

2626 days ago

big joe    


2626 days ago


#2 kari, you said it. We are SICK of the rapper's and many pro football player's stupid, twisted, disgusting mentality. Look at the rappers videos and listen to their songs. Glorifiying the thug life, violence towards women and authorities, throwing money up in the air, etc. These guys didn't have two nickels to rub together before they got that recording contract or NFL contract. And as soon as they do, they go out and buy 4 carat a piece diamond studs, they most expensive car they can get their hands on and lots of gold "bling". All of which is probably worth more than my life savings. Me jealous, absolutely not. I have lots of nice things that I worked long and hard for. But they have NO DISCRETION. ZERO. It is a disgusting, crass attitude. And now dog fighting, another part of their "gangsta pimp" lifestyle. Give us all a break and grow up already.

2626 days ago


Fry the bastard. It's time that these gangsta thugs got what they really deserve. Cruelty and violence to animals should not be tolerated in any civilized society.. Nor should criminal activity such as keeping illegal weapons. It is a sad thing to see people with sucess and money reaping destruction instead of good in the world. So many other positive things could be done with their money.. what a destructive waste.

2626 days ago

big joe    


2626 days ago

unreal reality    

here we go again...

2626 days ago


It's up to the public to stop supporting these don't need to be an "angel," but JEEZ!! This type of behavior is criminal and extremely cruel!

I completely agree with #13 that this type of behavior, along with SOO many other things, does not help the "image" of rap!!

2626 days ago

We know who is unethical    

Put him in a cage with Vick and let us have a death match!

2626 days ago

Wild honey music company    

The true spirit of Hip hop-Rap(crap) is emerging...take a good looky....The spirit of Death. Or otherwise known as ole' scratch (SATAN) People who are mean to animals are the absolute lowest form of life imaginable. But I forgive them because they need to be forgiven too.

2626 days ago


What do they mean by distressed?

2626 days ago

Sick & Tired    

Where in the story did it mention dogfighting? Black men + pitbulls automatically means dogfighting now??? Or is it because they're celebrities. Where's the outrage for the lady found living with 80 cats, of which all but 2 had to be euthanized? There's plenty of other stories, are those folks being prosecuted (persecuted?)! Hypocrites!!!

2626 days ago


As a white man, who coincidentally has worked with many rappers through the late 90s including Tupac, DMX, Puffy, Snoop, Biggie and many others, I can say that technically your argument has a point, and perhaps should be thought about, but cant be the end all statement.

Thats like blaming every man does, on their father. You could tie so much people do to their upbringing but once someone is an "adult", or the black man became "Free" in this country, one gains responsibility to make ones own choices, and therefore be held responsible for those choices, or to change bad behaviours by making alternate choices.

Theres a point when saying "the white man" just doesnt have much concrete meaning. But to say it, rather puts a crime on innocent people. I mean, certainly I am not responsible for Black men fighting dogs. I nor my immediate ancestors have done nothnig of the sort.

And certainly though people may think differently lately, Black people arent the only ones fighting animals.

This is way too complex to say "the white man is responsible for this".

DMX is an adult making his own choices. So is Vick.

And way too many people take drugs and dont live like this to say that the drugs are the issue here.

There are certainly white people in this country now that are causing problems for black men, but I can counter that by saying that my several years experience working 24/7 intimately close to many rappers and all their friends, well, I have never experienced such racist people in my life anywhere else. I frankly was amazed by the constant focus on race and disrespect for anything having to do with white people. There were exceptions. But as a white person completely there to help a bunch of black people do what they want to do - create music - I couldnt believe the attitude, and insults, and even threats of voilence at times, that was openly due to be being a white man and no other reason.

I was also amazed at how many people regularly carry guns. Not just the stars but 50 of their friends. They are ALL carrying most of the time.

But theres people like this all over - esp in poorer areas of our country. The real problem to me is that these people have become the heroes of todays youth.

sorry for disjointed message....hopefully it said something that made sense.

2626 days ago


ANOTHER ONE?!?!?!? geez how surprising...
actually if this happened to say... Justin Timberlake, THAT would be surprising. But someone who looks like this... not so much. So disgusting
looks like cops are gonna have to do door-to-door thug checks... it may be the only way

2626 days ago
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