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Howard K. Kiboshes Anna Nicole Rack Flick

8/24/2007 6:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole SmithHoward K. Stern has just won a court battle, and will now be able to prevent a video of the late Anna Nicole Smith's breast augmentation surgery from being released.

TMZ was in a Los Angeles County Courtroom today, when a judge granted a preliminary injunction forcing plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Johnson to return all tapes of Anna Nicole Smith's boob job, which he had filmed.

The judge also ordered that the boob doc could not "disseminate, copy, distribute, or sell" the footage that he has of the surgery.

Who wants to see that? A lot of people.


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Well done, Howard!

You have a lot of people here rooting for you. We care about you and hope you are doing well!

Good work!

2614 days ago


I wish Heidi would get bigger jugs! oh yeah, did I mention we have a single coming out?

2614 days ago

laughing so hard    

The Bahama's loves you Howard. You are the greatest!!! Keep it up Howard!!! You have a great team in Krista Barth, Ron Rale and Lin Wood. Bahamas attorney Wayne Munroe says you are the greatest and most honest client he ever had. Shane Gibson is well respected and loved along with the whole Gibson family who supports you.

Don't stop here Howard, go get John O'Quinn, Ford Shelley and G. Ben Thompson.

Howard is a true hero who stayed true to Anna in life and death.

Happy 1st Birthday Dannielynn. You have been given a gift from above in Howard.

2614 days ago

The REAL Just My Opinion    

TMZ was in a Los Angeles County Courtroom today, when a judge granted a preliminary injunction forcing plastic
That is OLD NEWS.........WHY are they just posting this now?

What about PRELIMINARY do these people not understand. That is NOTHING, there still has to be a court hearing on this.

2614 days ago

The REAL Just My Opinion    


Faye, in my opinion this was a conspiracy that began just as a plot to confiscate Anna's money. As many beautiful women are, Anna was insecure. Howard put her in that horrid TV show, which damaged her potential for career, and during which Howard was being supported and was living the high life. Remember, he had been supported by his parents. Anna had a generous heart, and a trusting soul. It is just my synopsis of the plot, but I think Ron Rale was a major player, also Howard, who was doing most of the dirty work, and then Eroshevich, who provided the drugs. This was a swindling plot which went bad because it accelerated to worse things, because sometimes the more people get the more they want. I think Daniel got in the way, he became a problem, and he saw the PI, which became known. Then Anna constantly grieved and made accusations of murder, so she became a problem. With so much criminal success undetected, all things seemed within grasp, the Horizons, the Califonria house, all monies and holdings, and all possessions, and then the ultimate goal, the Marshall estate, close to 500 million dollars. No need for Anna or Daniel, since the baby was Anna's daughter and heir, and she was no problem and was not seeing a PI or accusing Howard of murder. Oh, yes, and Eroshevich in my opinion never left the Hard Rock. She was there, and was right with Howard on all things. Just my opinions, but I believe them. I also think Eroshevich had contempt for Anna because they could so easily take advantage of her, and she and Howard both wrote checks on Anna's accounts. Sometimes the more people get away with the more audacity they have, and with poor tracking by any type of officials, why not? Without Howard's even being married to Anna they took over everything after her death and didn't even call her family. How outrageous is THAT? They have total contempt for the law, laugh at inept fools like Perper, and they become more and more brazen.

Posted at 4:41PM on Aug 24th 2007 by Steel Magnolia

Steel magnolia, I feel that this was more than getting Anna's money. Stern HAD her money. It was about the Marshall millions, the pursuit of that lawsuit, and avoiding jail for culpability in Daniel's death.

Faye and I, and many other posters over the months, have wondered where the proof is that Dr.E really left FL on Wednesday. To date there is no proof, from Dr. E, from other sources, or from web/news accounts.

How many things do not make sense in this story? Just a short list:

1. Stern claimed that Daniel was "depressed" but no other source has come forward to support this.

2. Stern claimed he had a sexual relationship and was the father of the baby, but this proved to be false.

3. Stern claimed that Anna wanted to be buried with Daniel, but Daniel was buried in the Bahamas only after Stern lied to her that there was no money to bury him in the US.

4. Stern squats in a house that was never Anna's. At the best she was a guest who was "renting" before buying the house. None of Stern's supporters are capable of explaining why, if she honestly believed that house was hers, she would shell out more money to buy the "pink" house?

5. Stern's supporters cannot explain how HIS DRUGS wound up in Anna, and were the CAUSE OF DEATH.

6. Stern's supporters can't address the subject of this thread, the investigation into Anna's prescriptions!

7. Dr. E and Dr. K are being investigated because it is illegal to knowingly write prescriptions for Schedule II drugs in the name of one person for the use of another.

8. It is a FELONY to prescribe schedule II drugs to someone that taken in conjunction with other drugs that the prescriber KNOWS are being taken will KILL someone.

Posted at 5:23PM on Aug 24th 2007 by LegalEagle

2614 days ago

Just Thinking    

What, HKS got cut out of the deal? Glad it was kept from publication!

2614 days ago

laughing so hard    

Cheers to Howard. Jeers to the doctor, O'Quinn and Ford Shelley.

Go Howard!!!! You are loved!!!

Glad you stayed true to your word. Anna's estate owns Horizons. Great job Howard!!!

2614 days ago

The REAL Just My Opinion    

Happy 1st Birthday Dannielynn. You have been given a gift from above in Howard.

Posted at 6:20PM on Aug 24th 2007 by Bahama Nana

The $tern CULT must be getting desperate using anti-$tern poster's monikers to post now.

This is NOT Bahama Nana and Dink is not the REAL Dink.

Desperation is setting in, using OLD NEWS and other poster's names.

This tells us a LOT.

2614 days ago


Gross, what a jerk.

2614 days ago

laughing so hard    

Great job again Howard!!! Anna is proud of you!!! Happy Birthday Dannielynn!!!

2614 days ago

laughing so hard    

You did it again Howard!!!! Great job!!! Anna knew you were her greatest friend and companion. You have certainly showed us all what it is like to love someone the way you loved Anna. Great job!!! Good News!!! Keep it up!! We are with you Howard all the way!!!

2614 days ago

laughing so hard    

Came back from vacation to this great news. Howard you are one of us. A true hero.

Take care Howard and God bless.

2614 days ago

laughing so hard    

Life without Howard would be like life without sunshine. Howard is the man. Howard you rock.

2614 days ago


Howard was jealous because he didn't have it in his possession to sell so he stopped the doctor. Howard is the photo taken from hell. Everybody remembers the drugged up pregnant Anna picture Howard took telling her it was worth money. Look for this photo to come out soon as Howard gets his dirty hands on it.

2614 days ago


Howard you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are so sorry for your loss. We love you and know the love you shared with Anna. She is missed. You continue to show us all the love you had for Anna and have for her daughter Dannielynn. You continue to shine, Howard.
God bless you and your family.

Posted at 5:43PM on Aug 24th 2007 by laughing so hard

I love & miss you too laughing so hard.

2614 days ago
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