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Look Straight Ahead,


8/24/2007 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole, Paris and Lindsay -- three of Hollywood's most glamorous ... looking anything but.


The question is ...


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johnny red    

I liked nicoles picture better,she has that sinister bedroom look on her face.Therefore let's rank nicole as #1.

2560 days ago

Big Bear    

Please tell me paris dropped dead today!! That news would make my whole weekend!!!

2560 days ago


Who would I rather? Rather what? I'd rather...wait rather? Hu?? Rather who, rather what uhhh ...

2560 days ago

Deep Background    

The majority of poster on here are idiots!

2560 days ago

Big Bear    

Deep Background do you have a PhD from a major University?? Do you teach at at large medical school?? Be careful who you call idiot!!!! Thanks!!!!!

2559 days ago


what in the world r we voting for? hottest? easy, lindsay

2558 days ago


I agree, what the hell are you asking us to vote for?

Paris goes and gets her "mug shots" taken in full make up. She prepared for this "EVENT", she's so damn vain. Her make up artists were busy, busy, busy preping her to get her "close up" errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh "mug shot" ( I call it he "ug shot") and there was also one mug shot of her with her other hair piece in place as well.

Even though her mug shots were not particularly flattering anyway, she still turned it into a photo op like she does everything else.

I wish she'd step up and get REALLY serious about being the charity minded individual she promised to be on Larry King after she got out of jail. You know, it's the same interview where she said she had never done any drugs.

Paris, do you ever follow through on anything you say? And you couldn't even think of one lousy Bible verse to quote on Larry King?? Heck even John 3:16 is something most people know and if they don't they should.

Screw you, Paris Hilton.

2558 days ago


The only thing Paris Hilton has changed since serving her "sentence" is her underware, she seems to still be only worried about herself and what she can do for herself. Nothing like showing the world what happens when a prisoner is let out of jail. As for Nicole Richie, I really hope she is able to move forward with her life and make something of herself other than Paris's BFF, stay away little girl she seems to be trouble and you have had enough of that in your life. As for Lindsy Lohan, oh my god! What is wrong with this girl! Everyone has horror stories in their lives, but we don't all feel the need to use those downfalls as fuel for stupid behavior. She either needs to be assigned a psychotherapist that runs around and analyzes her on a daily basis or the girl needs to commit herself to rehab for a full year!!!!!

2548 days ago


omg! i like paris hilton... but ewww and lindsays lohans problems are all because of her mom she needs to go!

2544 days ago


Paris, you are the best and most beautiful!!!!!!! I like your new look, but please slowly down. Life is so beautiful and you have all to suceed since your mother was pregnant. Please do take care and hope youcan once fly to Venezuela and enjoy the real party here, so far away fro paparazzis!!!!!! Take care and keep doing it right. You are so hot!!!

2542 days ago

Bobby Ricigliano    

I just saw that Blender Magazine’s website has recently added a page that lets viewers predict which celebrity will most likely die first: Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.
Funny Stuff!

2527 days ago
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