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'Surprised' by Her 82 Minutes of Jail

8/24/2007 5:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0824_nicole_richie_happy_fm_ex-1Sources tell TMZ that Nicole Richie was "surprised" by the short amount of time she had to serve at Lynwood -- and she apparently had a pretty good stint in the clink, all things considered.

We're told that the tiny ex-con found the Sheriff's Department "extremely professional" and "cooperative" and she "appreciated their efficiency." Eighty-two minutes -- that's efficient!

Nicole's lawyer, Shawn Chapman-Holley, tells TMZ that Nicole was "prepared to do the full four-day sentence" -- but after being held in a cell in the booking area of the jail, she got her walking papers and strutted right back home.


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I'm sorry, but who weighs 105 lbs at 5 months pregnant?

That's seriously unhealthy.

2586 days ago

the other woman    

she should be in jail for wearing those glasses!!!

2586 days ago


Can't believe the way the judges in L.A find excuses about putting celebs in jail there's no room for them but there is plenty of room for the common people that is a lame excuse. wonder how much the judges are getting for their gain to run again for their offices. In the constuction it says all men are recreated equal then we should all have the same rights as the stars. I guess the judges forgot what our forefathers wrote. Maye they should go back to school and learn how our country was formed.


2586 days ago


It's disgusting. What do these idiots have to do kill somebody before they finally get locked up? It's sickening really. Those so called vacation rehabs are a joke.

2586 days ago


Susan B. You are so right. These haters deserve nothing.........I love Nicole, she is such a cutie and will be a wonderful mommy.

Eat your hearts out losers.

2586 days ago


Nicole rocks! BFF!!!

2586 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

75. Susan B. You are so right. These haters deserve nothing.........I love Nicole, she is such a cutie and will be a wonderful mommy.

Eat your hearts out losers.

Posted at 12:11AM on Aug 25th 2007 by Jake M

2586 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

California Legal System Sux!

It's a joke! Who the hell believes the "Celebrity Cells" are overcrowded! I'm sure the "general population, poor Josephine" cells are overcrowded, but does anyone think either Ritchie or Lohan would be in a "general population" cell????

When these "slap on the wrist" smug celebrities kill someone driving drunk, coked up, Viocan'd up - may it be everyone who had a hand in their "lenient" sentences, the ones they kill!

2586 days ago


shut up, she was not surprise! she knew it was pack in there. She knew she would get out fast maybe not that fast but fast. Dang, isnt it sad how these little rich girls have the courts by their nuts? lol lol!!! awww, i do give them credit. They know how to get away with crap. I bet lindsay is gonna go in for like 30minutes since she got one day! haha

2586 days ago


I still have hopes for Nicole. She looks better than ever with some weight on her but I wish she would lose the BIG glasses and show her pretty face!

2586 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Pretty Face - Tab???

She looks like Alvin of the Chipmunks.

2586 days ago

San Francisco    

All 12-step programs begin with "We admitted we were powerless.." Then they say you need God to help you quit. People who don't want to turn their lives over to God aren't going to be helped by A.A.
They need to be offered other programs - Rational Recovery, Secular Sobriety, therapy...
I was an alcoholic, & I wasn't POWER-LESS over drinking, I CHOSE each drink I took. The government & 12 step programs are a HUGE BUSINESS that rake in tons of money.

2586 days ago


Hey...Nicole, Paris & are a bunch of losers who are old enough to know better. Does something tragic have to happen to you girls before you'll really grow up!! Please...try to put yourself in the place of a victin. How would you feel if your mother was hit by a moving vehicle. How about your grandparents being hit by a car. You girls have done nothing to earn the title of 'celebrity'. It used to mean that a celebrity was a person with some class. You girls don't have any should really be ashamed!!

2586 days ago


"3. Slap on the wrist. When are these celebrities going to grow up and realize that young girls are watching them and want to be them. It's a disgrace."

Exactly. Actually Nicole was idolizing some other star that did the same things before she got famous. It's an endless chain. They are all innocent and victims of bad examples. I want to grow up to be Nicole (even though I'm a guy) and I've started drinking as well. Wearing bras and panties, mascara, lipstick and grown my hair longer. My downfall is coming, I can feel it.

2586 days ago


Whew Nic, at 60 minutes I was beginning a protest letter to Arnold!

2586 days ago
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