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Nugent Blows a Gasket Over Hillary and Barack

8/24/2007 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

barack oba,a, ted nugent, hilary clinton, Rocker Ted Nugent referred to Senator Barack Obama as a "piece of s**t" and Senator Hillary Clinton as a "worthless b**ch" in a video making the the Internet rounds today. Wonder how he really feels?

In the video, recorded sometime last week, Nugent walks the stage holding a pair of what he calls "machine guns." "Obama, he's a piece of s**t," Nugent screamed. "And I told him to suck on my machine gun ... and then I was in New York, I said, 'Hey Hillary, you might want to ride one of these [referring to the "machine guns" in his hand] into the sunset you worthless b**ch!"

Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein received similar treatment.

Nugent is known for his conservative political views and his pro-gun position. His official website is broken into two parts; music -- and hunting. Says it all, doesn't it?


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Oh, by the way, officers in Iraq have publicly stated that had they known of Nugent's crapping of panties during the Viet Nam war, he would not have been welcome in Iraq. Look it up for yourselves.

2625 days ago


Yeah cheesewiz and where again are you getting your facts 60 minutes? Really? you guys believe everything you here don't you? I never inhaled. I did not have sexual relations with that woman. We have some real smart people here. If you knew anything about Ted you would know that he, unlike you guys, has no problem with everyone speaking their mind. He would even cook you a Veggie Burger. Because unlike liberals, republicans(or should I say the educated) have no problems with other peoples views. What we have a problem with is when you tell me I cant have my views cuz they differ from yours.

2625 days ago


Hey Bozo. Get a grip. Nugent has admitted his Viet Nam dirty panties ploy. Get your head out of your ass and realize what a piece of filth this guy is. Why don't you e-mail him and ask him if it is true? He'll tell you that it is true.

2625 days ago


Obama, Hillary, Boxer, Feinstein -- political "leaders"? I wouldn't let any of those left-wing morons wash my truck, much less tell me what to do. The fact they're politicians should tell you everything you need to know. Don't vote for any of them. It just encourages them.

2625 days ago


Ahh back to the name calling. Actually I have heard him talk on the subject matter several times. And if you had actually heard him speak instead of relying on third and fourth party information you might actually sound smarter right now

2625 days ago


I guess cheesewiz is a one comeback guy. I feel the IQ of the board has risen he must be sulking in a corner.

2625 days ago


I love Ted Nugent, If everyone stops hunting for a while maybe the animals will eat a few hundred PETA members and the rest of the lot who thinks Obama and Hilary are so great.

2625 days ago


The worst thing in the world, is seeing a worthless, washed up Redneck wallow in his own feces, and believe his own press. He's a washed up hillbilly, and tornado bait.

2625 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Do you know how Bill and Hillary met? They were both dating the same girl.

2625 days ago



2625 days ago

Debra Noce    

Has anyone seen the "behind the music" show on Ted Nugent? He talks about his relationships with underage girls. He actually had their parents sign guardianship papers over to him. He told the parents, their daughter/daughters, would probably run off with drug infested neighborhood kid. This is how he justified these relationships with underage groupies. Why is even getting press, he is degenerate, Neanderthal . He needs to drop his guitar and pick up a club. Again.....why does anyone care with this A-hole says????

2625 days ago


# 43 Wants people to write to Oregon Gardens protesting Teds free speech there.
Dose # 43 think we are so stupid in Oregon we don't know who Ted is and what he is about?

I also read a lot of bigotry, belittling and profiling towards those that do not believe as some would like them too and find that as sad as they may find Teds words.

Mind your own State before writing ours..

2625 days ago


The video is from Nugent's performance at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California on August 21, 2007.

2625 days ago


He goes on that rant at all of his performances now and has for awhile, Where have you people been that this news is just getting here lmao.
If you dont want to hear it dont go see him! Simple as that.

2625 days ago


I went to see him in concert many years ago. He states at the opening that if you are going to be doing drugs then get the F%$# out of there. He is very ANTI -drugs and this concert was when pot was everywhere during the hippy era.

2624 days ago
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