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Pitt to Paps -- Back Off When Kids Are Around

8/24/2007 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt understands how the paparazzi game works -- and now he's trying to orchestrate an understanding when it comes to snapping him with his expanding brood.

A cool and respectful Pitt approached paps in New York yesterday as he entered an office building for a script reading, saying, "Man, you guys work hard!" He added that he'd be around the city with his children, and asked a favor of the photogs, saying, "Anything you guys can do long-lens would be much appreciated. You're workin' hard, you guys." Get this guy an embassy appointment!

Brad makes it look easy to be an international superstar with manners.

Brad Garrett
, Gary Dourdan, Woody Harrelson-- take note.


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He realizes, if you can't beat them you might as work with them. Its a fact if a celebrity tries to outrun the papparazzi, they only become more aggressive in the photo seeking. Kudos to Brad.

2619 days ago


Brad may be a diploma short in the cabeza, but he's a good dad. You're still hot Brad :-)

2619 days ago



The girl got blownoff.


Typical HAG!!

2619 days ago

Good grief    

Stop dragging the kids around and put them in a stable environment. Geesh!!! Here where I live we can go to jail if our kids miss more then 3 days of school a year. If they were in my shoes they'd be in prison.

2619 days ago


Once again the children are being dragged around by the "ideal" parents. Shouldn't Maddox be home adjusting to some sort of normal pattern of life in preparation for school to start if? SICK OF BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA ~ THEY JUST SEEMED TO BE PHONY! The media are just following them around waiting to "capture" a train wreck to happen.

2619 days ago


It's because Brad knows that CLOSE UP he is looking terrible!!!

This has nothing to do with "protecting children." He and Angelina whore those kids out at every opportunity.

This is all public image.

Brad has some really awful close-range photos of himself circulating lately. He looks rough without the movie makeup and soft lenses!!

2619 days ago

what ?    

Brad Pitt isnt cool and respectfull , he is empty headed and he is stupid , he is just a stupid puppet for Angelina Jolie . listen to him and look in his eyes people ,he is an empty headed idiot. the voice of angelina Jolie plays over and over again in his head . it is so fully to see people talk to him like he has got brain of his own lol.

2619 days ago

Wasabi Pea    

Pitt for President? Just wait 10-15'll see.....

2619 days ago


Was the script reading for the new movie he costars in with Spencer Pratt? I heard Spencer did all the music for the movie. I think it is another cop/partner movie ala Lethal Weapon except Spencer has to rap his way out of sticky situations. Does anyone know if his tour is still on?

2619 days ago


He is trying to talk and we can't even hear him because the stupid TMZ bimbo is running her mouth about something no one even cares about. Fire that twit TMZ!!!

2619 days ago


I do agree with Pitt and hope the paps respect his wishes. There is no reason to be up in their face with the lens's they have now.
Why do they rush the celebrity's like that is a puzzle to me, it's harder to get a good pic that close.
I guess they want to be first or think if they rush them they will be the only one's to have the shot lol like that's a reality.

2619 days ago


He's whipped.

2619 days ago


Isn't it about time that they adopted another kid by now? It's been six months since the last one...

2619 days ago


It's funny to hear so many people have nothing but negative comments to give about a couple they only know because of the tabloids.....None of you know them or how they are with the kids so lay off!!! You only wish you had the same parenting skills. I admire them both and they have lucky children. Those kids I am sure get plenty of schooling and have oppotunities that most children don't, JEALOUS MUCH??

2619 days ago


I think Ang needs a excuse to leave the country again lol. The press wont leave us alone in the USA! I'm packing up the kids brad!
Brad is doing some wonderful things for New Orleans, this cant be sitting well with Ang because it's in the states where Brad wants to be.

2619 days ago
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