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Get On Team Heidi!

8/25/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Hills" star Heidi Montag isn't just going to feed the feud flames between herself and co-star Lauren Conrad, she's also gonna profit from it!
Heidi Montag
Montag's announced on her MySpace page that "Team Heidi" shirts will go on sale next week. Oh, yay! And if you're desperate to get yours before then, you can enter a contest and win one. Imagine being the first person on your block to have one of these priceless gems! They'll likely retail for 15 bux.

You can now complete your Christmas list.


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Boo Hoo    

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teets".

2613 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Heidi, are you sure you are not related to Senator John Kerry or Jay Leno? You got a face that belongs on Mt. Rushmore.

2613 days ago


Ok, she claims that the track was "leaked" without her knowledge to Ryan Seacrest, but she has a link to the site to play it on her website? Also, it was "just me and Spenser fooling around in the studio?" Yeah, right, this is a real track and is just too funny! This girl is a mess!

2613 days ago


Confusious say: Man who go to bed with flat chested woman, have right to feel low down.

2613 days ago



YA She's thin, but being thin doesn't make a person beautiful, unless you F*** without looking at her face~which in the case of this Heidi chick, isn't anything to go gaga about. She looks like a man in the face.

2613 days ago


More like "Get on Team Orange"! Isn't her fifteen minutes up already?

2613 days ago


Why is this chick even quasi-famous? She's completely and totaly hideous. Hideous Heidi!

2612 days ago


I can't believe that Heidi actually stayed with Spencer after the first season aired. Didn't she watch the show? And I swear I really, really, really think that Spencer is gay. I have thought that from day one and I just couldn''t figure out why he messing with girls and they were seeming to like him. It totally creeps me out!!

2612 days ago


Fantastic body - ugly face. Heidi, I like you less now that I know you gave up your loving dog for an ugly block-head. :-(

2612 days ago


Anyone hear her music yet? HAHAHAHAHA. Wow. She's a lame. Ive met Heidi, hung out with Lauren, and I've also met Spencer. They are meant for eachother, they are both pathetic morons. Lauren is an amazing girl. I'm not one for juding someone before getting to know them, but right off the bat I knew Heidi was a fake. Poor thing.

2612 days ago


Nasty and UGLY. No wonder TMZ loves her. You love the ugliest people. Inside and out. What a perfect match.

2612 days ago


I think its time to not make this not as big as a deal as it needs to. I dont wish to get into to the technical things. As i want to say please realize this is soemthign that people do nto need to see. So you lsot a friend okay millions of women had and millions will to come but dont make t shirts to support your side. Its no ones buisness but your own. And makign t shirts is not supporting you its turnign other peopel againest her who have never met her. If she were doing the same your wouldnt want hundreds of people hating you because one person said so. your teaching peopel to hate. Move on with your life like you said you were doing. Actions speak louder than words everyoen can say they are doing things but you are showing your still fixated on this huge fight. Its sad to think that this is what you want soemoen to think of you. be a bigger person your are old enough nto to fall into acts that girls in grammer school are doing. your an adult and soon to be wife. Act like one. you obviously have lime light why not be appreciated for doing some good and helping people. there are plenty of people all over the world make shirts to support those children or families in need. Not t shirts to reassure yourself that you made the right choice by choosing your boyfriend, your an adult you deserve that choice. And it is yours ....tthey call it a personal life for a reason. Please try and keep it that way. good luck in the future

2611 days ago


Uh can you say a light skinned RuPaul >>>>Heidi you are not a pretty girl. You need to get proactive for that greasy skin of yours and get a new hair style.

2609 days ago


eww heidi and spencer would have some hideous children

2608 days ago


2608 days ago
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