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Get On Team Heidi!

8/25/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Hills" star Heidi Montag isn't just going to feed the feud flames between herself and co-star Lauren Conrad, she's also gonna profit from it!
Heidi Montag
Montag's announced on her MySpace page that "Team Heidi" shirts will go on sale next week. Oh, yay! And if you're desperate to get yours before then, you can enter a contest and win one. Imagine being the first person on your block to have one of these priceless gems! They'll likely retail for 15 bux.

You can now complete your Christmas list.


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OMG!! Heidi is the new poster girl for the camel cigarettes. She has embarrased future models with her little sisters bathing suit. Spencer you picked the wrong girl to make you desperately famous.

2572 days ago


Heidi you know you miss Lauren. A year ago you said on national tv you would never move in with a guy unless you been with him at leaste 2 yrs. If you don"t want your best friends advice about you and your blockhead boyfriend than don"t ask. You messed up your own life. Just remeber when you are no longer friends with your exes everything goes, even there friends. They are no longer yours. So stop saying that when you and Spencer break up you will still have his friends. Your are going to end up back at Crested Butte. Where people don"t exist. Yup just like where you came from. FLAKE GROW UP!!!

2572 days ago


I CANNOT believe Heidi and Spencer actually have fans!

2570 days ago



2567 days ago


No one I know will buy a Team Heidi shirt without adding some personal modifications to it. What is she (or her manager) thinking? Plus Heidi, good luck on getting that runway gig, maybe you can fall back on modeling when no one cares what your "fiance" has to say anymore about our beloved LC. He's so jealous or in love with LC, not sure which; and I'm sure to stay in the tabloids much longer something may be "coming out" soon. Who breaks up with their guy friend for talking to an ex-girlfriend? Remember, it was LC who got you where you are today, you two could be in a different place now if you had more brains, and waited to get catty when you are about to be booted from TV (oh maybe that's what happened). Plus, Heidi, your nose job made your chin look huge and I hope you got those boobs for yourself, not SP. Stop messing with mother nature or you will look like a caricature of yourself. Spencer has already managed that himself, he is sooo ugly. He will leave you in a minute, so start really thinking of your future. Team Heidi T-shirts are not gaining you any respect or popularity, but if you want humiliation, you are getting it.

2563 days ago


Heidi is Spencer's firecrouch. Both of them are the one couple that is very annoying and by the way Heidi and Spencer don't quit your day job. Please don't make another single again. Spencer don't ever do that again your no slim shady who said you can rap. Please for america , the state of California, and for the world DO NOT RAP AGAIN!!!

2558 days ago


Onli if she new she was not sexy

2558 days ago

John Nolan    

This fat ass needs work on her ass. She has that whole 80's long but cheek thing going on. Id rather have sex with O.J.

2555 days ago


HOw I hate this FUGLY chick !!! I won't watch the show when her and her idiot boyfriend r on .They make me sick !!! Could they NOT find a more attractive couple to play this part !!! I saw her on the magazine I always buy BUT NOT this time with her fugly mug on it !!!! Their so fake and just a couple of wannabes .Once Horse face is done on the show I'm sure the uggiy bo will move on ... He 's just useing her since he can't use Brody anymore from Prince Of Malibu......GET THEM OFF the show !!!!

2551 days ago


Wonder if any of those shirts actually sold? I would not wear one, they are sooo 2006.

2549 days ago


I have no idea who she is, but the new US magazine came out and theres she is on the front cover with her new giant fake boobies and nose job. Her nose looks like Michael Jackson's now.

2541 days ago
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