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L.A.'s Most Eligible -- Clooney and Diaz

8/25/2007 11:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking for a hot date in the L.A. area? Why not call up George Clooney and Cameron Diaz?

Sexy Georgie Boy, and cool Cameron topped list of L.A.'s hottest singles. Why was Diaz chosen? Well besides the fact that she's a stunning hottie -- she's also raking in the big bucks.

On "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," daring Diaz made more than $20 million, so she'll be buying the drinks! And Clooney, twice-named "Sexiest Man Alive," also has a home in Lake Como, Italy. Bellisimo!


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George Clooney?????? Why would anyone want to? He's not handsome and he's a jerk.

Cameron is pretty and she seems nice.

But, who really knows. Anyone, neither one of them is a catch.

2625 days ago


Clooney is hot but is he straight? I just read an article saying his constant companion is his Mexican hairdresser...male hairdresser.

2625 days ago


George Clooney IS the sexiest man alive, and he's a nice person to boot. I've met him in person and he's better looking in person! He's charming, personable and does nice things for people. Plus, he has a great sense of humor. Those are all qualities I look for in a man beyond the good looks.

2625 days ago

Perez Hilton    

George Clooney gave me azz herpes.

2625 days ago


Actually, Clooney is from the state of Kentucky TMZ. He is the hottest man to me.

2625 days ago

just me    

I suppose there are reasons Diaz is still single and those reasons are probably her own choosing. But maybe not. I have heard that she is not a very romantic person and not very sexual, not at all a 'Sex and the City' type but the type who considers sex more dutiful than desirable.

2625 days ago


Who can take Cameron Diaz seriously. She is so promiscuous. She changes men (and doesn't care if they have a wife) as frequently as most of us change underwear. Oops, that's probably it.

2625 days ago


Camerzon Diaz is old and ugly now.

2625 days ago


Clooney is very sexy and very good lookin
Id date him even thou he is older then me

2625 days ago


Diaz is a slut with a flat ass and legs look like fricking toothpicks

Clooney I hear the women he has dated has been labeled the 20 second woodie and he has the hots for clinton, most likey both of them.
As actors both stink.

2625 days ago

Whippet Good    

Stories like this always make me wonder who the REAL hot catches are. I recently read a story in People about some young 20-something OC guy who adopted all THREE of his sisters kids (three little boys). At an age when most people are just partying their lives away, this guy took in his nephews and is raising them and trying to give them a better life than he and his sister had growing up.... Clooney and Diaz may be perfectly nice people for all I know, but that young uncle is someone extraordinary- he's a real catch.

2625 days ago

Joe Tyler    

Cameron has bad skin and seems kind of stupid. George seems a little to into himself. Both are dumb ass liberals. They both think they are a lot more important in this world then what they are. Sooner then later they will be has beens. I do see why Justin dropped the ugly pimple chick!

2625 days ago


i always thought george clooney looked like a vacuous, empty-headed pretty boy. then he got some age on him, and started being concerned with things going on in the world, like darfur; and suddenly he started looking good. people whose main concern is gazing in their mirror never truly look attractive. it's people who are alive and interested in the world who are beautiful.

2625 days ago

Goerge Bush    

Cameron Diaz is OLD, UGLY, and not any kind of an actress. All she does is giggle and it's NOT funny.
Make HER go away..........yuck

Clooney IS a handsome man. What a shame to see his photo next to that old skag.

2625 days ago


Diaz's too busy burning up carbon, showing up at events to make the world a nanny run boot camp.. running her mouth about why you shouldn't do anything she can because she is rich and famous and watching pervy acts but wanting to be considered a respectable lady, spreading her std's among the male population, advancing commie slogans, hitting out at anyone who catches her in private life, starving herself and laughing at everyone who has family and children {poor stupid people}.. and smoking her pot with gal pals. George is slipping away to retirement acting out the Cary Grant, Father Goose avoidance life.. only he dates the school girls too.

2625 days ago
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