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K-Fed Gets His Cab On

8/26/2007 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fed-Ex was shipped back to Los Angeles from North Carolina yesterday after filming a guest role on the CW series "One Tree Hill." Return to sender!

A quiet K-Fed arrived at LAX accompanied by a bodyguard, which is now understandable after seeing the saucy stares from a lady outside the airport.

The always ballin' rapper former backup dancer left the airport in style -- by hailing a cab! Kevin's bodyguard opened the door for him, but didn't join him for ride. He must pay the guy by the hour!


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Ms Kris    

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WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!????????????????

2617 days ago


Parasite loser.

2617 days ago

Annonymous -    

a cab, must he do the right thing - eh hem ???? sorry you broke ass loser, no one is going to take you seriously - youre just a trailer trash who just uses people - must be knowwn he once did that back in clovis, fresno

2617 days ago

Desease control    

False teachers are known by the reproach they bring upon true religion.

* And many shall follow thiere pernicious ways
by the way of the truth shall be evil spoken of
2 peter 2:2


False teachers are proud and arrogant
False teacheres are thieves at heart

false teachers may be generally be idenfied by the large crowds they attract.


For they are sch seveve noot our lord jesus Christ,
but thier own belly;
and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

Romans 16:18

2617 days ago


Team Kevin!!!!

2617 days ago


at least he's working. Brit left the kids home alone again last night and went out to party with 2 guys.......for the 4th time this week. Part-time parents dont deserve to have children. Just wait till she has another break down after her kids ask her....."Are you my mommy?"

2617 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

It doesn't matter what K-Fart does. He's still a no-talent, money grubbing loser. Has there ever been a more despicable, delusional guy than K-Fart? I don't think so. He's more narcissistic than slutty Paris Hilton. Maybe K-Fart and Paris should get together. No, I guess the country couldn't stand these two imbeciles together.
I recently returned from a trip to Europe where people were asking if Paris and K-Fart were retarded. They sure act like it. I bet their combined IQ's aren't 50.

2616 days ago


He only wants 70 percent custody, The kids are a pie!
If he had real concerns about the children he would ask for full custody.
70 percent gives him more money, plus time off to party. His Britt money runs out in Nov.

2616 days ago

don dog    

yeah this is a big waste of .....everything

2616 days ago


Why is this moronic idiot permitted to live??

2616 days ago


There is no way unless you were with her could you know she went out to party 4 nights this weeks. One the days she does not have the children I am sure she does not sit at home.
I think she has issues to deal with, but how much is media enhanced.

2616 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

All the bashing of Bitney is probably done by sleazy K-Fedup and his sleazy lawyers. It's hard to imagine that the idiot wants Brit to pay for his lawyers when he takes her to court for her money. The "custody" issue is just for him to try to get more of her money. I'm sure the Judge will see through this sham. K-Fart is rotten to the core. I'm so sorry that Brit was so naive and gullible when she married this nasty moron. She still is lots cuter than Paris, Lindsay and Nicole. I'm betting she will come back bigger than ever. K-Fart, you and your lawyers are shameless jackasses.

2616 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

#6 At least he's working.

Okay, he worked one week, now he has the other 51 weeks of the year off. Let's give the guy a medal.

2616 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I feel sorry for Britney. She sat at home pregnent for two years while Slime Ball K-Fed was out partying. When she finally did lose the loser, Dumb Bell Paris showed up to take her around to the clubs and have her picture taken. She made two horrific mistakes - marrying
moron K-Fed and hooking up with moron Paris. Give Brit a break. She will be okay. She's been through a tough and stressful time. She has supported her family since she was a child and supporting the worse excuse of a man for years. She needs time off, with her children, to get her life back together without worrying about supporting all of these people. Good Luck, Britney. We love you.

2616 days ago


Dont hate- its not his fault Britney was so desperate that she bought his ass for a few years. Most guys would get on that train.....

2616 days ago
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