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Owen Wilson


8/26/2007 9:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Owen WilsonTMZ has confirmed that Owen Wilson was taken to the hospital Sunday in Los Angeles.

Santa Monica Police issued the following statement to TMZ: "On Sunday Aug. 26. 2007 at 12:10 PM, officers from the Santa Monica Police Department responded to a medical assistance call from the Santa Monica Fire Department at the 900 block of 23rd Street. The person was transported to a local hospital where they are being treated."

TMZ has learned the 911 call came in at 11:59 AM to the L.A. Fire Department.

Citing medical privacy laws, they would not release any additional information, nor would they comment on why he was transported.

A call to Owen's rep was not immediately returned.


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I agree with a few of the previous postings. If he wanted to commit suicide, he would have used a different method to kill himself. I have no sympathy for weak people that use this method to get attention.

2585 days ago


Get Well Owen! We are praying for you! Drugs and suicide will only detour you from life. Hang in there! Seek Yahweh the Almighty. Yahshua, His Son, is coming soon! HalleluYah!

2585 days ago


# 66 by What Are You People Thinking

At least we are thinking, And not trying to be something we are not.
Your a perfect example of an ass with bigotry and judgments all of your own. You say the "industry" laughs at us here? Do you mean the very people who keep them warm and well fed ? The only thing your producing is a post or two just as we are.

You had to come on here to "be somebody" and that tells me your absolutely no one at all but a phony bigot who needs TMZ to feel just a tad bit higher up there on your unstable slippery perch..

I E mailed your " I'm so above you all " post to TMZ and other site web masters who might be interested in running your IP for further insider scoops and patronizing full of crap updates.

2585 days ago


To What Am I Thinking
Not everyone is ignorant.

It actually makes sense that a paid staff member would send a response to you, that is no indication of what the actual person is doing, what has happened to them or how they are....................It is the sadest human condition if this is true. I have a son who has the ILLNESS of depression and drug addiction, self medicating, and he has tried to kill himself several times, pills, cut himself, right in front of me, in his teens and early 20's. To the public it would seem as if he had it all, as if I had it all....Obviously he does not.....and neither do I............ People..........The responses you mention..........Do they take joy or pleasure or are they just bored? or lost and have nothing better to do? You posted
below and I am writing not to knock you but to say it's worse than you think. Owen is a wonderful gifted actor, I just love his work. If this is true, what makes him any different than me? You are right, he is human, flesh and blood, just as I am................ I'm stuck at home, housebound on an oxygen machine, isolated and alone with several serious progressive illnesses.............. I spent yesterday NOT cutting my wrists, literally, today I was just numb. I don't know what value I have or why I am here, and I know if I did what is being speculated that he did, which I was a hair away from doing yesterday, and other days, that I would be a note in the local newspaper, and that no one would find me to get me to a hospital, and maybe I would not even want them to.

I pray that whatever is wrong, he is getting help for and that he does not feel like I do. Maybe he feels worse than I do, if he did do this, because he IS famous. Maybe it's easier just being a regular person, like me. To be famous or an article in a tabloid has never been my dream, but to have a life and be able to live it, is a dream, and will never be a reality for me. Oh there are those that say have a I have/had a great attitude or they don't know how I do it, but I think they are just saying they are scared and they are glad that it is not them.......Not everyone is a saint because they are ill or have tradgey in their lives....
Most people struggle to make ends meet, get through a day of work, those who can work, and live.

Suicide is NOT a permanent fix for a TEMPORARY problem, some problems are PERMANENT and will never change, and just worsen. Why would anyone laugh at you and why would you laugh at me or everyone? No, we are not "in the industry" If you want to, laugh at those that deserve it maybe, not everyone...... MILLIONS of people are sick, alone, isolated, depressed, can't AFFORD medical care or someone in their life who cares enough to CARE and try and help the person...nevermind all of the everyday disasters that happen to MILLIONS. the human conditon and we are ALL different......

You Wrote :This may be because Mr. Wilson is ill, I don't know, it's not my business any more than it is yours. The note did not say either way. However, all these reports of no replies from his representatives, etc. - well, if there were something horribly tragic wrong, I seriously doubt his publicist would be answering my company's invitation to a premier, I would think they would be addressing the media about a critical situation. I would hope that everyone who is truly concerned, not just revelling in the thought that someone who happens to be an actor may have overdosed or tried to take his life (with no proof or substantial evidence whatsoever to that end) will wait and see what the truth is. What is with this mentality and addiction of and to horrible tragedies. Do you all really derive such joy from the pain of others. What a sad commentary on the human condition. This is a human being. Just because he is nothing more to you than a picture or a tabloid article doesn't make him any less valuable or any less flesh and blood. And, yes, those of us who work in the industry do read this drivel and your vicious comments and the impossible things you choose to believe. Then we laugh at your ignorance. I'll close now so that you may write your comments insulting me and telling me where I can go. Like I really care.

Posted at 2:15AM on Aug 27th 2007 by What Are You People Thinking

2585 days ago


Actors receive thousands of invites and are booked sometimes 2 years in advance. FORM rejection letters are sent out to the majority of invites and this is on auto ,Someone push's a key. # 66 you are not being straight up with these people.

2585 days ago


That is really sad, it goes to show you that things are not always as they seem.

2585 days ago


I sent a copy of the #66 post to Owen Wilson's web site master and some other's and asked to verify please. lol
Like they would send her a so sorry we cant make it on the very day! They don't sit at a desk anymore reading and responding to each invite!!! "industry only" mind you .
Is that saying not you little people? Why even add that unless you were over acting and attempting to convince. I hate liars

2585 days ago

Mark T    

Sad story of the day. Owen is just one of my favorite's of the decade. When I've had a hard day I can always watch one of his movies and get a great laugh. Sorry to hear that he's in trouble and will pray that he finds the answer to his problems so that he can continue to entertain us all for years to come. Mark T

2585 days ago


im from australia and I cant believe all the negative comments about this poor guy. if he tried to commit suicide why are people saying all these negative things about him. He hasnt done anything wrong if anything we should all be showing him empathy and praying for a speedy recovery

2585 days ago


owen we love you, I don't care what care what momma says, you're the man...get back with us as soon as you can...hugs, you are the favorite son....

P.S. forgot to tell you, our rent is do....(hint-hint)

2585 days ago

celebs sux    

2585 days ago


To the producer
What idiot's some people think everyone else is. I'm embarrassed for you and I don't even care if someone needs to play important on the internet
I wouldn't think clicking on TMZ playing make believe would be a lasting ego boost but to each their own. Hollywood wanna B's have their own site dont they?

And....Right on Erica

2585 days ago


Life is to short not to be happy.
Lose the drugs (if this is the case) they only serve one purpose and that is to GET THE DRUG COMPANIES RICH.
Drugs do not help us forget anythting, they only magnify our problems or discontent, and put us on a course of destruction.
Put your hand on your chest (over your heart) that is where your happiness comes from, pull it out and use it. Never forget that happiness comes from inside.
You don't have to be the "funny man" all the time. It's your job only. You can be just OWEN the remainder of the time.
AND, love is not addiction, forget it, another better relationship will come along, it always does, and you'll wake up and say. "what the hell was I thinking"
So, get well, be kind to yourself, you are important (number 1 first, everything thing and everybody else 2nd)
Stay positive, and remember what I said about the Drug Companies above.
God Bless You, Be well.

2585 days ago


# 82 nicole
What you really mean is
" I'm from Australia and I cant believe how Americans are treating this poor soul. we are so much more compassionate then you people are, did everyone get that? I am from Australia, not that it fits in any where here but i thought id mention it" I searched only for the negative comments and found them! I can't believe that.!

2585 days ago


# 66 "It's no one's business"? what happened to Owen
huh? Why are you on TMZ if you feel that way hypocrite?
Even if I a non celebrity is taken to the hospital it is in the paper in my home town. Information is not exclusive to celebrity's, You can gather it on anyone. Even you.
And you doubt you would get a note ? take your meds, there was no note.

2585 days ago
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