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Britney Targeted in

Child Abuse Investigation

8/27/2007 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned Britney Spears is being investigated for possible child abuse.

An unscheduled hearing was held today at L.A. County Superior Court. Present -- Britney's lawyer, Dennis Wasser, K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, and a lawyer from the Los Angeles County Counsel who is assigned to the dependency court.

We do not know the specifics of the allegations but we're told the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is conducting an active investigation.

A hearing in the custody case has been scheduled for Sept. 4, which will be a follow up to today's appearance.

A rep for Britney did not immediately return our request for comment.

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Such crap. The media has blown this way way way out of proportion. She has been critized for giving her children doritos and pop... MY God, my mother did the same thing for me. Who cares that she goes out to clubs. The kids are not with her when she goes.

If the media would just lay off of the poor girl she would be fine. I am sure it can't be easy raising your children with the world watching.

2583 days ago


Brittney Spears is totally out of control. She is heading for the grave. The babies need to be removed from her care immediatly before more harm is come to them. They are not in a safe invironment. She needs to grow up and learn to become a mature, responsible, and stable young mother. She is a perfect sample of what a mother should not be and do. What are the babies learning? Someone please rescue them.

2583 days ago


Lord can they LEAVE HER ALONE . Every time i look on here you guys ARE ALWAYS DIGGING up SOMETHING about BRITNEY . good lord . if she could get a dollar for everything you guys print or slander her name on here. SHE COULD BE YOUR BOSS. HOW DO YOU PRINT THIS SAYING ( POSSIBLE ABUSE )? that the hell is POSSIBLE ABUSE ? SHE DID OR SHE DIDENT . PRINT IT WHEN YOU FINE OUT THE FACTS . i hope she sues the hell out of you for SLANDER . when it turns out they or she had to go to court for coutody hearing . ( that dose not mean she abused a child ) . IAM waiting for the day you all print on here BRITNEY FARTED !!!!!!!!!!!!! who the hell cares .

2583 days ago


K-Fed has never been a good father?? Brit needs serious help!! Brit's parents have caused a lot of her problems.

Is there a NORMAL family member anywhere on either side of this family to take these kids and care for them until Britney gets some help??

2583 days ago


Well she certainly isn't taking care of them while she's out flashing her skanky junk everywhere all hours of the day AND night. Yet she tells anyone who will listen "how much she loves her kids." I think her kids are nothing more than accessories.

2583 days ago

Ms Kris    

Take the kids away & put her into a mental hospital for treatment!!!

2583 days ago


this was not an emergency hearing, and it was not b/c of 'abuse allegations' - i think you're crossing the line here, and would hate to see you get sued for it... and the next hearing is 9/14, not 9/4 - don't print something b/c you get all excited when you see it and think it's news and draw your own conclusions from it - and then criticize people for being tranwrecks, on what.... half the time, the stories are inaccurate... lighten up people, don't believe everything you read.....

2583 days ago


ke caxxate -.-'''''

2583 days ago


LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE - shades of Princess Diana - quit hounding this girl!
When she is out at night - she's in her 20's and SINGLE - her kids are being cared for by the best nannies, etc. her money can buy!!!! Can half of USA say the same when their single moms are out partying and letting their kids alone at night - you read about it all the time?? Parenting is full of adjustments and mistakes - she doesn't have any support system...her X husband is a wanna-be money grubbing hoodrat; her Mom is not the truest, bluest mom in the world either. What has she got left - 2 beautiful kids who I think she loves more than anything in the world - LET HER ALONE!!!

2583 days ago


At this point, it's impossible to know why there is an investigation into possible child abuse. It might be a complaint by Federline's attorney or it might be from another source entirely. Given the incredibly low standard that most DHS agencies have, I'd be very surprised if Spears were actually faulted for child abuse. Personally, I think she sounds like a mild neglect case at worst. That, of course, is assuming that Spears has responsible people to look after her children when she is out partying. However, if her selection of caretakers trends toward the incompetent, much as her selection of friends/assistants has been (Shannon Funk?!), Spears may be in trouble. I've never believed that the courts would drastically alter the custody arrangements, but if there is any merit to these charges, then the courts will act.

Aside from the serious nature of the investigation, Britney really needs to shore up her image. It's terrible right now.

2583 days ago


Jen - He is not trying to take Shar's kids, because, She is a good MOM

2583 days ago


It's about time!!!! With the gofy family she has they very well maybe better of with their father or maybe even in foster care!!!!!

2583 days ago


Leave her alone. She needs to find PEACE, and be allowed the full JOY of her children. It's obvious that she LOVES them. Her X, who should be called the nameless-one, is simply after her money. & His X is probably in on it with him!!! THATS the TRASH. There's where the GROSSNESS lives... & On Britney's money. We have to remember, she is a GOOD Girl, going through an unusually harder than hard time, and side with her on this. I believe she is a GOOD Mom, 1000%

2583 days ago


It's about time! I get tired of everyone saying Kevin is going after the kids for money cause he didn't want his other kids. Well, his other kids have a caring mother and he doesn't hav to worry if they are being taken care of properly.

This is not to do with this story but about Lindsey Lohan. If one of our kids had done what she had done they would be in the slammer no questions asked.

I'm so tired of the stars doing what they want and there is no consequences. Stupid little ------- need to be in the slammer together.

2583 days ago


I'm wondering, what took them so long???

2583 days ago
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