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Falcons Won't Sack Vick

8/27/2007 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Atlanta Falcons won't cut Michael Vick -- he's just too damn valuable. Well, at least his contract is.
Michael Vick
In a press conference, Falcons owner Arthur Blank said that while he's "profoundly disappointed and saddened" by Vick's action, the team is not willing to throw Vick to the dogs.

"We cannot tell you today that Michael is cut from the team," said Blank. "It may feel better emotionally, but it's not in the long term best interest of our franchise."

Blank added, "If we had any idea this was going on ... we would have dealt with it immediately."

Story developing ...

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I am a Jets season ticket holder and I will boycott Falcons games if Michael Vick ever plays again.

2592 days ago

Steven C.    

What Michael Vick did is disgusting and wrong, but TMZ has this part of the story wrong. The Atlanta Falcons can't cut or release Michael Vick until they recoup the 22 million dollars in bonuses and yearly salary. According to NFL rules regarding salary a player who is cut by his team is not responsible to payback bonuses and yearly salary. If the Falcons cut Vick today he would make off with the 22 million. By not cutting him the Falcons can take their case to an independent abritrator and try and recoup the money they dished out. Once and abritrator rules in the Falcons favor then they can cut Vick. More than likely Vick will be cut/released by the Falcons at the end of the season so they don't take a major salary cap hit because Vick makes so much money.

2592 days ago


Okay Erin..seems to me you are moron..and clearly that is why you like animals..can't interact with human beings..do you have sex with them as well?

2592 days ago


It's obvious by the silly comments here repeatedly that posters don't actually read them, or news for that matter. The Falcons will keep him on their roster in name only so that they can recoup their $22 million for the signing bonus (they better do it before the lawyers take it all defending his sorry butt). After that, he will be let go to serve his time in prison.

And HELLLOOOOOOOOOOO if you think 2 years is all he's gonna get. Federal conspiracy charges are gonna get him 5-7 years, and with everything he's admitting to, he's gonna be dog meat in prison!

2592 days ago

rich 101    

if this story was reported properly it would state that they cannot come to decision to fire him right this minute because there or contractual, financial, legal and personell reasons that have to be examined first. just because he is not being fired this second does not mean he may be in the future and does not mean the nfl supports dog fighting!

2592 days ago


I just emailed the Falcons and hope others do likewise - thats the only way for them to get the message - Falcons are no better then Vick who is a low life and He has become a spoiled rotten rich pro sports player who thinks he can go, come and do just as he pleases and everyone is supposed to accept whatever he does.

2592 days ago


For all you useless animal lovers..chances are you wouldn't help a child who is hungry..but you would stand up for a stupid dog..who cares they are as useless as you are.

2592 days ago

Lame Story    

Just when I think America has lost it's way. That it has begun to punish *violent* felons without regard to the almighty dollar, along comes the Atlanta Falcons to save my faith in America.
Seriously, though, this was a violent crime. I don't care if it was "only a dog". He didn't humanely put those animals to sleep, he tortured and killed them. No it's not the same as hunting. If done properly a hunted animal is not supposed to suffer. That's the "skill" in hunting. What Vick and his codefendants did, could do nothing but harm and torture these animals who were relying on him for food and shelter. And that's without even discussing the ongoing torture he put the ones "lucky" enough to pass "testing" through.
While Michael Vick truly disgusts me as a human being, the entire Atlanta Falcons management disgust me more! They didn't even try to pretend that they bought Vick's Jesus-saved-me b.s. They flat out admit it was because of money. Sickening. I have three last words to the ENTIRE leadership of the Falcons franchise (and the NFL, if they don't step up and ban this guy): "Truly, truly pathetic".

2592 days ago


The Falcons are going to go after him for $22million in money they've already paid him. They can't collect that if they cut him. Also, as was stated earlier, as long as he's suspended, they don't have to pay him his salary. Plus, I believe the NFL is giving the Falcons a roster exemption for him. It's not going to cost the Falcons a thing and they might be able to re-coup millions from him.

2592 days ago

Old, tired, crazy, psycho Britney SUCKED    

Vick is a douchebag.

It's funny....how everytime something like this happens to a high profile person...they ALWAYS seems to find GOD.

You're just saying you're sorry..and remorseful...because your attorney told you to say that.

Only thing you're sorry for is....the fact you got caught.

2592 days ago


Why shouldn't they try to get money back from their 'star' player? They signed him on good faith that he would adhere to the rules of the NFL. He did not! If they have to keep him on for the sake of getting a return on their investment, they have every right to do that. If it were us, we would do the same for the millions of dollars we are talking about. I don't think they have ANY intention of ever letting him play again, but they deserve to get their investment in him returned!!!!!
He is a jerk and should NEVER play again....but the owners were not involved in this and they deserve their money back from Vick.

2592 days ago


Georgia Girl,
Try looking into a few FACTS before starting your campaign. Blank wants nothing more then to cut Vick and to be rid of him. I would think any attempt to take back $22 million + from a convicted felon would be something worth praising. Many of you are overreacting to a story you honestly have not followed or understand very well. Calm down, reviews the facts of the story, which by the way are not being reported on this site.(which is spreading half-truth)

2592 days ago

Dixie in Myrtle Beach    


2592 days ago


Moron of the Year: Ana via TMZ.com.

2592 days ago


Celebrity status trumps justice yet again!

2592 days ago
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