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Hayden's Sexy Snack Time

8/27/2007 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that she's finally 18, "Heroes" hottie Hayden Panettiere just keeps heating things up! First there was her sexy "got milk?" ad, then there was a steamy photo shoot for lad mag FHM. Wowza!

Now, the barely legal Panettiere takes a bite of the forbidden fruit on the cover of luxury fashion and beauty mag GenLux, encouraging passersby to "take a bite!"

We'll take a bite out of Hayden any time!


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tired of cry baby    

why are all the gays hooked on this girl?

2622 days ago


Well the whorification of Hayden didnt take as long as I thought. I figured at least a month...turns out only a week!

2622 days ago

Fake People Suck    

You know the funny thing is she has been in the business for years but she has played her cards right so now she is blowing up.
I think that she has had good sense this long she will be fine....................And you all know that she is adorable so don't play like she is ugly!
Really those of you who hate on her are like 300lbs and so self conscience that all you do is judge from a distance and from the safety of your keyboard!

2622 days ago


Ill bet money she gets implants before she turns 19!

2622 days ago


#16-Obviously you couldn't get a real woman.

2622 days ago


#18-yep, your on to us. And we are on to the fact your a loser.

2622 days ago

Fake People Suck    

Wow Farrah Fallon your wit is amazing! Hey Thanks for the personal attack, because now you know that you wasted a whole 2 seconds of my day!
Was it worth it?
Really it makes me laugh when people come on here just to try to argue with someone, what is the point, what are you accomplishing....other then making an a$$ out of yourself?

2622 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

She is devisive. Like Sen. Clinton. People hate her. People love her. My comments are from limited exposure to Ms. P. I have seen but one scene of hers in "Heroes". Having said that, stars have that "it" quality; call it charisma. And she ain't got it. At least not for me. Even the most devout Lohan hater admits to her screen presence. If Ms. P. had it, it woulda burst forth in the scene I witnessed. She has the look of a spoiled little egotist star to be, a high-maintenace b**ch who expects the world to grovel at her painted toenails. Well good luck to the poor sap who finds her irresistable.

2622 days ago


people, you do realize that your saying that this "young" girl is Sexy and Hot, but her body looks like a 10yr old and dresses like one too! you all are pedophiles!!!! Thats disgusting

2622 days ago


Yeah, her naughty side is "coming out," LOL, it's BEEN out, she is a trashy Paris wannabe and doing her best to compete with Paris for the slut crown. Hayden will never have what it takes to be a big star, because, as you have rightly noted, 22, she doesn't have charisma. Look at all the make-up in this ad, it's hysterical. Within a couple of years, Hayden will be Lindsay, and she will end up looking like her fugly mother. Nothing going on here, Hayden's PR agency is just marketing her bigtime. Unfortunately, there is very little to market, and people don't like young girls who try so hard to look like they are porn queens. And that is just what Hayden is looking like lately. Maybe it is type-casting - she does seem to enjoy looking and acting like one, even in innocent milk and fruit ads. Hayden sure thinks a lot of herself, though, but Piglet Baldwin is right - she ain't got it, she's just a snotty little unhot valley girl and always will be.

2622 days ago

BOEING 787    

Hayden Panettiere is sure hot and glamourous but with being the 'it' girl of the
moment she should do all that she can to avoid being the next fall from grace stat like Brit-Brit and Lindsay Lohan.

2622 days ago


Soooo...that FHM shoot must have been taken when she was 17, right?

So anyone turned on by it is getting turned on by photos of a 17-year-old girl?

2622 days ago


*Sigh* I wish my girlfriend was half as hot as her.

2622 days ago


Oh come ON, Hayden's got her PR firm and her TMZ flunkie posting away for her, I see. Hayden is only hot when she's got a gallon of make-up on and the air-brushing and photoshopping turns her into.......someone else that would never be mistaken for stubby plain little average Hayden. In fact, I would say the post from Zoe sounds like it comes from Hayden herself, as Hayden is very jealous of Lindsay, which is understandable. Hayden will never have the star quality of Lindsay, and Hayden will certainly never be as beautiful as Lindsay, not even with all the airbrushing and photoshopping and tubs of make-up Hayden takes advantage of for all her photos. Hayden is just not very talented PR marketed Hollywood brat with a pushy Dina Lohan-type stage mother and every time Hayden opens her mouth, she puts her foot in it with her stupid, I'm-so-hot comments. My God, Hayden should be SO embarrassed with her vapid and OH so lame Letterman interview, poor thing. Letterman's face said it all about what he thought about Hayden, LOL. Go buy some more porno, Hayden.

2622 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Yeah I'm with Nad. Hayden is SWEET, to look at her with the eyes of a predator is creepy. She looks like a 18 yr old and let her be an 18 yr old. Guys around her age are meant to go "wow" but old men - that's weird cause she does look like a child, cause SHE IS. Older men are meant to look at her with "protective" eyes not as a sex object.

See her that way and you will bite the apple. That milk is sweet but acts like gravity. Question is what image does she want to project? If this is her idea then she isn't a hero. Like Dave Letterman insinuated "she's LOST".

2621 days ago
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