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Muscles Way to Crash Scene

8/27/2007 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A frantic Hulk Hogan got right to the scene of his son's extremely serious car crash last night, just moments after it happened.

WTVT has footage of the wrestler -- clad in his usual tank top and bandana -- talking with paramedics before his son Nick and his as yet unidentified passenger were airlifted to a nearby hospital.

TMZ has just confirmed that Hogan was discharged from the hospital early this morning.


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It's just stupid of this Hogan kid to get into this situation. Having a sports car from Dad just encourages this type of behavior. Stupid decision, Mr. Hogan. If this passenger kid is hurt bad and his family sues...I'm sure it'll end up ridiculous --these "celebrities" getting a slap on the wrists. It just boggles my mind how Money & celebrity status influences courts, behavior, and judgements. Is there some horrible chemical in money that ruins the brain cells in a person's head?

"poor hogan, poor this, poor that". Wake up...this would have never happened; no "poor this or that" needed IF these people would have made good choices. You reap what you sow. (and yes, I was speaking of Dad Hogan and son hogan with that comment)

2616 days ago


It is a sad commentary that so many people are going "god bless the hogans" and "what a fine family they are". Are you people serious? I am not saying that they are the worst but give me a break. I have watched their show and find them to be so silly. If Brooke is so concerned over how Daddy runs her life, she needs to move out and get a life. As for Junior, he is so bratty and conceited, it is sickening. His lack of respect makes me want to kick his butt. Now I don't give a rats ass what daddy was wearing when he arrived on the accident scene. His kid was in an accident for gods sake. What bothers me is the fact that Junior was driving at an excessive speed and luckily for his folks he is alive. How is the passenger? No comment about him, naturally. Junior is the big celeb...a real nothing. A professional car racer? Give me a break folks..he is 17 and how many damn times in previous shows did he go drive with no license? Fopks get over the Hogans. They get paid to be in front of the camera....their kids no nothing about life except what Daddy has paid for. I am glad their kid is fine but it is only time before he is on the road with another high powered car endangering the public. For the folks in Clearwater, I feel for you having that jerk in your neighborhood.

2616 days ago


i love them. i always watch their show if i can catch it and i've been a wrestling fan for years. i hope nick recovers quickly. the whole family seems really nice and he is a good father. dont make fun of hogan's attire TMZ; i love you but that just seems unimportant since you know, his kid was hurt

2616 days ago


What a horrible crash! I hope that both occupants are doing ok. Thank God for helicopters!! I do hope that he slows down. This accident could have been a lot worse. When I seen the pics of the car....Oh My Gosh!! He (as well as his passenger) are lucky to be alive!! Slow down & be responsible "Kiddo". You might not be so LUCKY the next time!! God Bless all the people that have been touched in some way by this accident.

2616 days ago


Ummm....Jackie S......I was a teen once and I NEVER pushed the limits. I decided to be smart and that's why I'm successful, not dead, not in jail (and released hours, never been to rehab, and never been in an accident. You say, "What other teen in America do you know that doesnt try to test the limits with their driving? It happens to everyone and in this unfortunate case, it happened to Nick Hogan" What a bunch of's not every teen. It's just the STUPID teens who make poor choices for themselves because they don't have WISE parents who help them make good choices. Dad Hogan bought the car for does that encourage, "Make good choices, Son, with your new FAST sportscar". LOL

2616 days ago


Let's all have positive thoughts that the 2 boys will recover and learn an important lesson. Autos are NOT toys. For every action there is a reaction and some turn out very bad. I am a Mother of 2 children in their 30's. Couple years ago my Daughter was in a terrible accident and my Son inlaw was in a serious accident last year.
Hopefully, if it dosen't kill you it makes you stronger and much motr careful with your life and the life of others.

2616 days ago

A Fan    

Nick is a young child and Hulk needs to worry more about him then Brooke. He holds on to Brroke like a dog on a leash and let's Nick go wild even though he is younger. Maybe now Nick and Hulk will both learn thier lesson. I hope both boy's get well soon. Thoughts and prayers are with you both. And TMZ what would you put on to rush out to your child's accident?????

2616 days ago


Get well soon Nick. You and your family are in our prayers!

2616 days ago


Right, because when I find out that someone I care about has just gotten into a serious car accident, I always make sure to dress my best.
Nice, TMZ. Real nice.

Either way, I'm glad to hear that Nick is out of the hospital. That's great news. I'm still praying for his friend that's still in the hospital, his family, as a well as for the Hogans. Get better soon!

2616 days ago


what is really sad is almost everyone is upset that tmz bashed him over his attire, and yet we
all know what butts "tabloids" can be. Hopefully this will bring a new light to Nicks eyes that
just cause your dad is a celebrity, does NOT make YOU invincible. I've watched wrestling for
several years and I hope Nick and passenger are fine. Im sure this is hard for Hulk and Linda to deal with. Lets just hope the punishment fits the crime and he has to wait a while to have his driving PRIVILEGE is returned. God bless Hogan family, you had an angel that time.

2616 days ago


You are right. No mention of the passenger hardly at all. Just Nick, who by the by, is home while his friend is still in the hospital. Its kinda sad that the only way this kid is going to be remembered is as "the passenger in Nick Hogans car." Kinda sad,huh

2616 days ago


Tabasco's quote: "Why was he driving a fast car u ask ? because he can AFFORD one thats why !!"

I rest my Thanks for saying it so right, Tabasco. Money encourages stupid decisions. I don't hate them, I HATE their STUPID decison making capabilities. It's pathetic! Wise up!

2616 days ago


If Nick was in SERIOUS condition, then WHY IS HE HOME?

That makes NO SENSE.

Either misinformation or something private is not being shared w/the public yet.

Making fun of ANYONE who has been in an accident such as sicker than Nick driving anything with wheels.

Shame on you people!

2616 days ago


This DOOSCHBAG cant even drive on the race track without crashing!

Why the HELL let him drive on city streets?

2616 days ago


The people who are saying God bless Hulk and Pray for the Hogans are Morons. This kid just killed someone. I hope Hogan's Kid goes to jail for this. That other boys parents have to pull the plug on the son because the head trauma is so severe. All Hogan is worried about is being sued. The first thing he did was find out if he was liable for this boys injuries and death. Both of Hogans Kids are a joke. Neither have any talent and he is calling in any favors trying to get them in the public eye. He has already trying to have this thing go away. I have not heard this kid has even received a ticket yet..

2616 days ago
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