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Muscles Way to Crash Scene

8/27/2007 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A frantic Hulk Hogan got right to the scene of his son's extremely serious car crash last night, just moments after it happened.

WTVT has footage of the wrestler -- clad in his usual tank top and bandana -- talking with paramedics before his son Nick and his as yet unidentified passenger were airlifted to a nearby hospital.

TMZ has just confirmed that Hogan was discharged from the hospital early this morning.


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donald jenkins    

i thak it dum what ather people are sayin all that maders is nike is ok and his firned come out of it and me and my wife bean woshing holk and the ather whin we was babys
and now we are grow up and we wosh your tv show its kool and funny and i just holp that thar all ok

bye kenny jenkins

2616 days ago


my pryers are with nick&john family hope the both recover from accident.

2616 days ago


I did not see that the passenger has actually past away. Are you sure are just assuming he will????? Just asking.....

2616 days ago

Family from California    

As dedicated parents ourselves, thank GOD your son is ok! SHAME on TMZ for the comments and to those that want to blame money , fame or parenting for the cause of the accident. THIS can happen to anyone!!!!!!

2616 days ago


Unless I missed a "Special Fox News Alert", I haven't heard that the passenger in Nick's car has past away, much less that any "plug has been pulled" as was previously suggested. Please correct if I am wrong. Otherwise, let's give Nick a little break here. Yes, he was extremely careless with not only his own life but that of his buddies', but we all know we have either been just as stupid or have luckily had someone whatching over us when we were on the roads at that age. Don't get me wrong, Nick's actions were way beyond careless if what we are hearing from the media if accurate, but why trash him at the level I've read so far (above) without having all of the facts.

Speaking of having all of the facts, about half of the comments I've heard on this blog comes from normal sympathetic people like myself who only hopes for the best for both families involved. The rest of the comments seem to be coming from jealous little punks who are deeply disillusioned about how the Hogan children are raised. Please keep in mind people that our image of this family (as impressed as I am by them) is partially crafted by VH-1 and the image they somewhat mold for us. IT IS A T.V. SHOW!!!! While I would love to believe everything we see on the show is totally "for real", it seems at least a little of it is scripted. Any of you Hogans can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

We all of you guys. Even my 5 year old (who calls your show "Hogan-Hogan" and LOVES it) has been concerned over the news about Nick and his friend. We wish the best for you all.

God speed,
D. Daly in TN P.S.: Enough about the t-shirt at the stupid.

2616 days ago


I am seeing both sides of this story... There should have been more serious consequences for Nicks actions the first time he got a ticket, instead he was rewarded with a fast car...We can all see that, Im sure the Hogans can see that. We all live and learn from our mistakes. I also see that everyone makes mistakes AND if you have NEVER ever gone over the speed limit RAISE YOUR HAND! It makes no sense to be negative and judgmental. Sure have an opinion... but at the same time say a prayer for John and don't wish the worst on people... it's not good for you. Lets all hope that the Hogan family learned a lesson frm this and wont let there son endanger anyone elses life in the future. Nobody is EVER a moron for praying for the well being of others.
GOD BLESS the Hogan family AND John.

2616 days ago


Nancy, you are right... as far as my quote.... maybe this kid had it better then you and i did, but regardless, he was brought up in a family that could afford to buy him a super duper car without taking into concideration the negative outcome..doesn't mean they are unfit parents...sometimes it it takes a serious incident such as this one for them(the parents) to realize what they have done..Nick is a boy that was born and raised into a family that had money and success, not his faullt.......This is a wake up call for all of us !! lets learn from it and not bash it and point u honestly think that Nick will be behind a wheel of a sports car any time soon ? My prayers go out to him and his passenger/friend !! some people dont realize that this could happen to them..this is a wake up call to the Hogans...lets not dwell on what happened, lets wish both boys a speedy recovery....

To all those bashers, come on lets be real !!!! when u were in high school !!! did u ever cross red a light in your local neighbourhood !!!! did u ever speed ???? lets be real now ?? i know i did...lets not blame this kid because he is a son of a famous celebrity !!!

2616 days ago


Thanks Tabasco for your comment. To answer your question that you asked at the end.....No I have not. I follow rules. You might want to call me boring....but I like to think of myself as wise and learned a lot from good training. :)

Never did I say, I wasn't saying a prayer for those involved in this tradgey. I don't need to share that with anyone for myself to pray. I do want to make it clear..... There are consequences to choices. They can be good consequences or bad ones. Parents and teens makes choices's the choices you make that alter your life....the young & the old. Hopefully ALL of them will learn from this mistake; but given how celebrities don't seem to learn from their mistakes quickly; I'm sure he'll be back racing as soon as he can and is able. (Hopefully Dad Hogan will not let him).

:) Again...thanks for your thoughts Tabasco!

2616 days ago

Rebecca Neal    

As a mother Linda I can say I know how you feel. I have 2 daughters and they both have been in car accidents. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Hulk and Brooke. Nick hang in there and keep the faith. God will pull you and your family through this. The gentleman that was also injured my thoughts and prayers also go to him and his family. This is the time to hold hands and pray to our God. I hope everyone does keep the faith. God will protect. We love you all.
The Neal Family

2616 days ago


My Thoughts & Prayers are with the Hogan& the Graziano Family tonight...
I have the Utmost Respect for The Hogan/Balleo Family...
They Always Portray the Utmost in Family Values....Terry is a Great Dad!!!
I am relieved that Nick was Released and alright...
I Hope the Same for John Graziano
Best Wishes

2616 days ago

michelle b    

I hope all is well the hulk family and jonh and his family are in my prays all the way from Hawaii!

2616 days ago


Thank you PammyJ for saying what I was thinking. I watch their show all time and think that both these kids have too much too soon. Hulk seems to give Nick whatever he wants while Brooke is on a short lease. Let's hope both Linda and Hulk relize these kids are still young and need to start earning the things they have instead of getting them handed to them.

2615 days ago


I was never a wrestling fan but I am definitely a "Hogan Knows Best" fan. This accident hits home for many, especially those of us with children newly driving. Our love and prayers are with Nick, his passenger and both families. Get well soon guys. Long Island New York is praying for all of you.

2615 days ago

Emma Carney    

i just started watching the show and i went online to check it out and i saw this god bless the Hogan family and Nicks passenger and his family

2615 days ago

Jason Allen    

All My Families Love Goes Out To Yall Nick And John Especially. Chin Up Dont Listen To Theas Other Ass Holes. Life Is But A Whisper. Remember What Dose'nt Kill Us Only Makes Us Stronger

Are Hopes And Prayers Too All Of Yall

2615 days ago
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