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Ja Rule: Las Vegas Hype Man

8/27/2007 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How do you go from being a platinum-selling rapper to being an incoherent hype man? Easy. Just have a look at Ja Rule's alleged performance at PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend. What the hell is he saying?

At least the the crowd didn't seem to mind.


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YET...another "peculiarly racist" comment toward Blackfolk, from

I am sure you all are proud of yourselves, thats why you all do this nonsense, but...remember how stupid you appear when you realize that Ja Rule doesn't make his music for Pop Culture, and since *The Camotase 'Pop Cult' Clone* is the basic pre-req for being a TMZ-photog, then...

are you surprised that you all couldn't comprehend Ja Rules' lyrics/dissemination?

Next time, don't go looking for a story at a Hip-Hop event ---when you're straight from the local Suburbia RAVE/meth-scene--- then you 'cognizance level' might not let you down so badly...

2614 days ago


I don't see anything "peculiarly racist" about the story. Would you stop mumbling incoherently like your idol Mr. Rule, and kindly clarify where you see anything racist in the text of this particular story?

2614 days ago


haha i was there and my friends and i met him. he could barely keep his eyes open he was deff on something. in the club he didnt sound as bad and blabbling as he did on the video. but hey it was still an awesome time.

2614 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

Ja's people should be thanking TMZ's staff for the exposure . Maybe 1 or 2 people here can cop one of his CDs we've already forgot about. Hate to admit it, but I actually liked some of his songs back when he was on. No disrespect.

2614 days ago

who fuggin cares    

uhh why play the race card commenters? maybe ja rule needs to just learn how to quit mixing xanax bars and alcohol because when people do that they sound uh uh uh uh uhuhuhhhhhh just like he did that night. poppin tabs? learn to like cabs. i got a whole lotta lockjaw with me, too bad half of it already innme. uh oh uhh uh uh oh.

2613 days ago


The race card is played because people like TMZ guru Harveystein hold the race deck. Every person of color on this site somehow magically attracts racial animous. No where is white culture dogged when post about Owen trying to kill himself or Britney about to lose her children is reported. One card out of 52 gets played and you folks poop in your pants.

2613 days ago

Way up north    

I saw him perform once I paid $35 for the ticket it was a waste of money. He showed up 2hrs late and was drunk/high and did maybe 5 songs. It was a waste of my time and money.

2613 days ago

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