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Jeans CEO

Accused of Trying to

Get in Employee's Pants

8/27/2007 7:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rock and Republic clothing's CEO and lead designer, Michael Ball, is being sued by a former employee for sexual harassment.

Michael Ball, Rock and Republic
TMZ obtained the lawsuit, filed August 17 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, that claims in November of 2006, Nicole Baros interviewed with Ball to be his personal assistant. During the five-minute interview, Baros alleges Ball asked her if she "had a boyfriend." The lawsuit claims that during her first month of employment, Ball made unwanted sexual advances towards her, such as "touching her hair, and continually staring at Baros' breasts and butt," and one point told her he wanted to "sleep with her."

The lawsuit also alleges at the company Christmas party Ball "cornered Baros in a room and attempted to kiss her ... then proceeded to stick his hand down plaintiff's pants." Later that month, she says she went to Ball's home to have him sign company checks and he answered the door in his underwear. She then says he chased her "around his apartment, grabbed her and threw her on his bed."

In the end, Baros claims she was not selected to go to Fashion Week in New York City, and was "let go and was told that there was not enough work for her."

Rock and Republic clothing has adorned the backsides of celebrities like Carmen Electra, Kate Winslet and Avril Lavigne.

A rep for the fashion line did not return our call for comment.


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Hey #26 actually I'm a heterosexual male who I'm sure could kick your nerdy little ass. But that aside, what makes you think this guy isn't as big a douchebag as she claims? Obviously she really wanted to go to "Fashion Week" whatever that is, and tried extra hard to keep her job, showing up at places she probably shouldn't. Not all women are gold diggers.

2560 days ago


I could care less, If he did this many advances she should have said something and told him she didnt like it. if he persisted then get a womans legal counsel advocate. But she keep coming back for more. case of trying to get money from other avenues. We are in a sue happy society. I am sure it wasnt any worse then what shes use to.

2560 days ago


She was looking to go places, Fashion Week, etc. When a man does what she claims was done you get the vibe & after the 1st vibe she should have been out of there. Shall we say alleged vibe?

2560 days ago

hee hee    


2560 days ago



looking for a few bucks for foolish behavior

2560 days ago


He's good looking and wealthy. Why in the world would he risk his reputation for some office hijnx when he could probably pick up Paris Hilton for a one night stand at Winston's?

2560 days ago


Yea, but he looks great. I bet he gets his advice from "Grooming Secrets For Men" - I found it at thestylishman,com site. Cool.

2560 days ago


Okay....Let's say I'm now the Judge (and jury) presiding over this suit. Tell me Baros, having read your complaint, I failed to note when or where you'd stated any objections to the Defendants behavior...correct? Do you feel then that your silence 'encouraged' such actions from the Defendant? Now, here comes the tough question....After 'all' you'd tolerated.....Aren't you really attempting to sue this individual and his company because you really didn't get what you wanted? Fact: You stated that during the five minute interview process....THERE WERE NO WORK RELATED QUESTIONS.....Didn't that signal something within you about the job? VERDICT: BAROS.....GET A LIFE.......You're simply trying to turn something that backfired on you into a large bank balance......There were so many red flags flying throughout your "employment" with the Defendant that YOU are the guilty party.....because you did not MAKE YOUR POSITION CLEAR...and because you took all he wanted to dish out.......until YOU got burned. Well......GO HOME AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR BLISTERS!!!

Next case!!!!!!

2560 days ago


Haha... I interviewed for this job. DAMN.... Guess I missed my shot at millions.

2559 days ago

Lori Jury    

Hey ya'lll - HOLLA! Ball can get in my pants and his stick can do a little dance in and out all about, fast slow, make me glow, gimme that baby batter and let it splatter. Ya Daddy, anytime, any day! Pump, pump, pump it real good. Don't say know, he'll make you glow!

2559 days ago


What a terrific headline.

2559 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

# 8, You rock! My words exactly. Hw did she know he was looking at her butt, because
she made sure he looked or maybe she is mad that he did not look? She was let "go'
so now she giles this lawsuit.

2559 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Piglet Baldwin # 1, You are a a big fat Ninny! If your have the attitude of who cares, with every story like some of the other posters, than why do you even bother to read it, let
alone make comments! You know most people do it for fun!

Embrace the gossips or just stay on CNN but even with that you will complain because
news will make you mad. Who cares if it is hot, or who cares that there was a kidnapping,
who cares it there is a storm coming in my direction. You probably bitch bitch bitch all the
time. You must be a miserable person.

2559 days ago


Sounds like he and she made it clear in her 5 minute interview that it was part of her job.She should get over it ,tough up and move on.

2559 days ago


I do not understand why she even accepted the job to begin with. When she initially interviewed with him, it seems to me she could tell what his intentions were with her in the very beginning. She should have stopped the interview right then and there. Then, she wouldn't have been in this mess now.

2559 days ago
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