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Kate Hudson Mauled in Market

8/27/2007 11:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celebuspawn Kate Hudson was groped and smooched in a supermarket on Saturday, by new BF, actor Dax Shepard. Off the market and gettin' down in the market!

Meanwhile, Kate's ex, Owen Wilson, was hospitalized under mysterious circumstances on Sunday. The exact cause of his hospitalization is unknown.

Kate and Dax were seen packing their groceries into a giant Cadillac. Owen Wilson is selecting his meals at Santa Monica Hospital.


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AND JUST ONE MORE THING, and then I will quit grandstanding. What in the world is this woman on that keeps her so horny?!?! My husband would be much obliged if she would give us her "secret" to staying so..............desirous of 10 years of marriage and 3 kids have done me in. My problem is getting OUT of having to do it. KATE, on the other hand seems as if she ALWAYS hot to trot off get her "groove on", so to speak. DARN YOU LITTLE HUSSY! breaking men's hearts just to feed you bottomless sexual appetite.

2621 days ago


I agree! GET A ROOM!

2621 days ago

janet barker    

I loved the Hudson Bro show also. He sure was the cute one. Glad he got away from this tribe.

2621 days ago


Some of you folks are so judgemental, haven't ANY of you EVER been in a new relationship? Yes, she was with her skanky rocker hubby and it didn't work. She rebounded with OW and it didn't work, now she's with someone else. Have NONE of you ever been through this, or all of you celebrating your 30th anniversary in a loving and perfect marriage with the person you lost your V to? Somehow I doubt it. The only difference between KH and you is that she's a hella lot cuter, a hella lot richer and a hella lot more photographed than you will ever be in 100 years.
Quit casting stones people, for you also live in a glass house.

2621 days ago


TMZ needs to sell more stories, that store is not in Malibu, but Pacific Palisades. Its Gelsons, and there are no Gelsons stores in Malibu.

2621 days ago

janet barker    

Kate, even Matthew Mc Shirtless got wise to your sluty ways, and we all know how in love with himself[Matthew Mc Shirtless is and he is alwasys horny and doesn't matter what sex it is, so if his value are so low and he dumped Katie, imagine her values. You stinking bunch of dirt bags

2621 days ago

Hater of Haters    

Kate's a stupid slut...went from hero to zero in almost no time at embarrassing for Owen, good thing he kinda kept her on the on and off DL...Dax on the other hand never had it so good, I hope he's breaking her back everynight.

2621 days ago


I see NOTHING wrong with this picture. So they are into eachother? Big DEAL.

How is she a ho? She didn't see Owen AND Dax at the same time. She's doing what most people Get over it. Her life just happens to be publicized more than the average joe's.

I wish her the best. If she's happy, let her be happy!

2621 days ago

Candy Barr    

I was wondering if this is what set Owen off yesterday (Her relationship with the new dude)?

2621 days ago

Candy Barr    

I remember the Principal/Gibbs mess when I was a kid.

2621 days ago


another little tramp! flat chested plain jane. can't seem to keep a guy interested in her for any length of time. pretty soon dax here, will come up with another familiar excuse to her ears of saying good-bye!

2621 days ago


Her mom Goldie Hawn is so used to getting cheated on by Kurt Russell that she has this one believing that it is normal. Hey Goldie and Kate! Wake up! It's just an excuse for the guy to get around your boring-after-awhile arses.

2621 days ago

Positive Dona    

Dang--I always Feel romantic at the Grocery store, but I have no one to carry my Dr pepper's. I am shy, so I would HAVE to be Married, but I would Like to Have One (KISS) laid on me like that at the Grocery Store. I always miss my parents and shopping for my late dogs at the Grocery Store. The Grocery store should be about Having Somebody.

2621 days ago


SO, SO, juvenile

2621 days ago


They are in a grocery store...can't they just control themselves until they get to wherever it is they are going? I'm sure they knew they were being photographed and played it up...what else is new in a town full of egotists? It really annoys me when the paps are trying to make conversation with these "celebrities" and they (celebrities) act like they are so much better than everyone else. What is the big deal in answering a few harmless inquiries? It's rude not to respond in someway when you are being spoken to.Without any publicity or paps to take photos, these people would no doubt be having fits.

2621 days ago
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