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Nick's Mom Issues a Statement

8/27/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a statement from the Linda Hogan, wife of Hulk and mother of Nick. Her son was involved in a serious car accident in Florida on Sunday:
The Hogan family
"My son Nick and a friend were involved in a car accident last night. Nick suffered minor injuries and has been treated and released from the hospital. At this time, his friend, John Graziano remains hospitalized. Nick is currently at the hospital with John and his family. His sole concern is for the well being of his friend. On behalf of my family, we ask that your thoughts and prayers be with John and his loved ones."


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Okay people. Let's remember that he is a teenager, and that alot of teenagers make mistakes. He is just lucky that he gets a second chance in life. I am sure that he, like most teens who are involved in a serious accident, will learn from this experience and keep the racing on the drift track! After all, it is his JOB there, not on the street!

2582 days ago


Why does Brooke Hogan wear such revealing clothes when she is a cow? How can you concentrate on her singing while all that fat is in your face? I don't get it, fat people in clothes made for small people is the most disgusting thing, do they have mirrors at home?

2582 days ago


If, God forbid, the passenger dies, and because the crash was the result of reckless driving (high speed), will Nick be charged with involuntary manslaughter?

2582 days ago


Oh how sweet of the little wannabe race car driver to be comforting the passengers family. Hopefully this is a wake up call for them, that he shouldnt be driving fast cars. Your family is all ugly the women look like men, and too bad it wasnt you who was hurt badly.

2582 days ago

John Grieme    

Judging from the level of talent that the Hogan kids have, I think that they should trade respective careers. Brook should definitely quit singing and start racing cars!!! Nick should stop racing/crashing cars and start singing!!! Hulk can go on doing whatever it is that he does(What does he do?).

2582 days ago


Why Nick was not charged with anything blows my mind. If he was racing in the streets of Clearwater, his license should be revoked. Unbelievable. Lets hope this other guy makes it.

2582 days ago


My prayers go out for the families of both the boys as well as for each boy. It's not for me to point fingers as tragedy strikes young people in their teens whether or not they drive a fast car, a suv, or just a plain jane kind of car. I hope Nick will learn from this tragic, misfortunate and costly mistake. My prayers for Nick's friend is that he will pull through this accident and not have lifelong scars other than the memory of the accident itself. May God bless both families.

2582 days ago

Rachel Eriksson    

spoiled brats,if they not have so mutch money thay dont have this cars,howe can Nick live if he has cilled a budy?

2582 days ago


I did not read anywhere that it was Nick's fault the accident happened. Some people rush so quick to judge and add comments without having all of the information.

2582 days ago

mike hock    

the funny thing ..people are actually writing things like the hogans actually read this site hahaha nitwits

2582 days ago


i watch hogan knows best all the time my prayers are with both familys i'll say a special prayer for john take care and god bless all

2582 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

nicks concern is for his own ass and what daddy hawk is going to do to him. Just another rich kid out of control. Lock him up. John, sue the hogans. Why did the mother hogan have to give tmz a comment? Want some publicity?

2582 days ago


The FRIEND is in serious condition with possible brain damage (according to his grandmother in New York). I hope the Hohans realize that their son is a SPEED freak, that this isn't the frist accident he has had Due to speeding. Lets see how he gets out of this one. Damn I forgot. what am I talking about of Course he will get out of it it. After all he's a CELEBRITY that equals NO RESPONSIBILTY which = he'll get's to do it again!!!!!!

2582 days ago


Lets just hope and pray all of you with those negative comments and the useless advise you are handing out,go thru nothing like the ordeal The Hogans had to endure with one of their children in the hospital, Maybe the Hogans will pray for you !!!!!!

2582 days ago

joy, Heaven's Saints MM    

We will all pray for the recovery of both Nick, and John. We pray that John has a speedy recovery, and we pray for strength for all of you. Joy

Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry
St. Pete Chapter

2582 days ago
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