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Paris Can't Dance

8/27/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Getting Paris Hilton to be your back-up dancer is not necessarily a good idea. Don't holla.

Paris -- who's never been all that graceful when it comes to the dance floor -- pulled out her best moves Friday night as she shook her privileged ass onstage with ballsy Cisco Adler's band, Whitestarr. Moving violation!

Though most of the sweaty guys in the band revealed a penchant for removing their clothes, Hilton kept her green muumuu on while she attempted to shimmy her way across the floor.


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I Loooooove Paris, she has a video on that is soo sexy. She's working on her class too.

2613 days ago


Paris knows how to party, she was doing the same thing on

2613 days ago

Take off, eh?    

With all the admiring gazes and stares she's been caught giving to her own reflection in mirrors, windows, cars, and no doubt shiny kitchen appliances; you'd think she'd realize that shifting your body to the left and right, and flopping one's arms about does not mean you are actually dancing.

Walruses have been known to be more graceful.

2613 days ago


Its great to see how she is making such a positive impact on the world, like she vowed to do when she left jail. Getting tanked, listening to crappy music and looking like a fool is really doing a lot to help the orphans, I'm sure.

2613 days ago


To #17 - Eh: Thanks for the laughter -- that post is a gem. By the way, someone should tell Paris that "social drinkers" don't down shots of tequila. She was caught "in the act" at the Louis Carreon's "For the Love of Honey" show.

2612 days ago


Is this supposed to be newsworthy?? Who cares if she can dance or not. Come on TMZ...get something in your column that is worth our time to read. Is this column supposed to just be about bimbos who party all the time? Aren't there any "true celebrities" that you can tell us a little something about? I'm tired of reading about these teeny-boppers and their drinking.

2612 days ago


everyone knows this bitch has no rthym. she is so awkward and stiff.

2612 days ago


Paris is just swaying to the music, she is not trying to give a dance recital for crying out loud., give her a break.

The hatred some of you people have toward Paris for being 'priviledged' is unbelievable and borders on Insanity.

2612 days ago


To Anne...

Interesting point. But there is no hatred here...just frustration and disrespect as a result of being force-fed Paris Hilton on a daily basis. Paris walks to the door of her car; Paris poses; Paris goes shopping; Paris poses. Now that is the definition of insanity. And you can't blame the general public for recognizing it for what it is...pure media hype. Most people could care less about her lifestyle.

2612 days ago


I blame the band, Whitestarr sucks live and they make it very hard to dance along with.

2612 days ago


Hey Alesia, isn't it past your bedtime, ya know, 6 pm. Isn't that when all the toddlers go to bed. When you are old enough to comprehend the enormity of crap from the skank known as Parisite, then you might wake up and go "Duh, she sure fooled me, and here I thought she was such a wonderful person cause she goes dancing and says hi to little kids". Idiot.

2612 days ago


she is cute!! i waiting her new album!!

2612 days ago


#24 anne, give parris a break ?how many breaks does Gump's sister need what a joke

2612 days ago

My Main Martyrdom    

Top Ten Other Things That Paris Hilton Would Have Trouble Doing
10. Being broke
9. Delivering a lecture
8. Lighting fireworks in heels
7. Joining an all-male fraternity
6. Beatboxing
5. Getting through a Larry King Interview
4. Swallowing
3. Making the Dean's List
2. Going out in public without putting on makeup or doing their hair
1. Being brunette

2611 days ago


Why do people even care about Paris? She has never done anything useful and has no talent whatsoever. She can't act, sing, or dance. I can't wait until ten more years when she is just a sad old cougar who parties for a living.

2610 days ago
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