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Paris Can't Dance

8/27/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Getting Paris Hilton to be your back-up dancer is not necessarily a good idea. Don't holla.

Paris -- who's never been all that graceful when it comes to the dance floor -- pulled out her best moves Friday night as she shook her privileged ass onstage with ballsy Cisco Adler's band, Whitestarr. Moving violation!

Though most of the sweaty guys in the band revealed a penchant for removing their clothes, Hilton kept her green muumuu on while she attempted to shimmy her way across the floor.


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OH LOOK WHAT A SURPRISE......DANCING??? Something else Paris is NOT good at. Just where does her NON TALENT existance END????? And this girl is famous WHY???? OH yea...drinking, partying, driving drunk, acting like a total baby while serving jail time for committing a CRIME!!!!!! Oh yea and lets not forget the SEX tape with an X boyfriend!!! Tell me Mr and Mrs. Hilton - just what RIGHT has Paris done to make you soooooo proud. Oh yea the other thing....the Realty show - proving to the WORLD what idiotic morons her and Nicole really are. Love should be unconditional when its your don't use that M/M Hilton......You all support someone that breaks the laws - does porno movies and blames all her WHOAAAA's on someone else. Teach that child of yours to GROW UP and act like an adult

2580 days ago


My opinion. You guys are all to negative about Paris?! Yeah, maybe she can't dance, and I don't know about her feet or how big they are, but in all reality do I care NO! But atleast she gets off her ass and gives it all a try unlike everyone else out there. I give Paris credit for even trying. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! She also is a very good actor.

2580 days ago


The Larry King interview unintentionally ended her passing fame. After jail, she was niether "reformed" by the Bible or Jesus, or admitted to being a spoiled, trust fund party girl. The public saw her poor attempt at creating a businesswoman image, but was not convinced. There is no "brand" to buy here....sorry....

2580 days ago



2580 days ago


I can`t believe anyone would waste there time to put this on, there is nothing wrong with someone out having a little fun, she is living a better life than any of you, your just jealous and shallow.

2580 days ago

The Phantom    

I don't know how anyone could venture an opinion, you could hardly see her in the

2580 days ago

misslissa amazes me that people actually comment negatively on things like WHAT if Paris can't am sure that most if not all of the people who say "Can't dance, can't sing, can't act" you know what...she's still doing it, she will always be sought after, and she's having fun!! WHO THE F*&K CARES IF SHE CAN'T DANCE...why say "stop dancing"...what you have to be an expert to just be having a good time with your friends? Why should she be any different...jaysus it is crazy the things people get all bothered about...

2580 days ago


Have we not had our fill of this annoying Beeatch?"

2580 days ago


That music would be hard for the best dancer to groove with. But Paris cannot dance even to the best dance music! Watch her music video if you can stand it, all she does in it is roll around in the sand and flap her arms.

2580 days ago


whats wrong with her is she drunk again she cant dance i like her singing then dacing

2580 days ago


She must have been chewing gum.

2580 days ago


paris is a typical white girl who cant dance

2556 days ago
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