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Vick: I Found Jesus

8/27/2007 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Speaking in a quiet, contrite voice, former NFL stud Michael Vick faced the media outside of a hotel in Richmond, VA -- and accepted responsibility for his role in a dogfighting ring.

"I will redeem myself" said Vick, "I have to."

Vick wasn't specific about the acts he was sorry for, but declared, "Dogfighting is a terrible thing. I reject it."

Between apologies to everyone from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank -- to all the kids who used to look up to him, Vick declared that he's found Jesus and has turned his life over to God.

"I was ashamed and totally disappointed in myself, to say the least. I want to apologize to all the young kids out there for my immature acts. What I did was very immature, so that means I need to grow up."

Vick also dropped part of his apology in the third person saying, "I totally ask for forgiveness and understanding as I move forward to be a better Michael Vick the person, not the football player."

During the presser, Vick made it clear several times that he never "pointed the finger" and is prepared to face the consequences of his actions.

After speaking for nearly five minutes, Vick left the podium without taking any questions.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned that the judge has accepted Vick's plea.

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What a bunch of bull... He hasnt found jesus...Hes lost his career so hes mad at that. He doesnt even have to do time...He has to do a PSA what a crock of ... If it was plain joe off the street hed have to do time and be processed for death...im so sick of celebrities getting of easy! they are normal people just like us right? isnt that what they say to the paparattzi?

2523 days ago


I hope that he was sincere. And if he was, he is totally forgiven...Jesus won't be siccing any dogs on him. Sin is sin, and the blood covers it all.

It's not for those of us who are christians us to judge the state of his heart.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32)

2523 days ago


The audacity. This "GROWN" man attempting to call what he did "Immature". Lindsey is immature, what this MAN did is a grotesque, irreprehensible act of brutality which shows his true nature in his WILLINGNESS to participate. I can immagine him cheering on as those poor animals were bleeding as they were tearing each other apart, all for his enjoyment. People, do not allow Michael Vick to ever hear cheering for him again. He made his decision. If that's what he does with greatness and money, then he does deserves it no longer. Signed, a very upset FOOTBALL FAN, wife and mother.

2523 days ago


You've GOT to be kidding! This man stands to lose TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars for what he did - and he got CAUGHT. I'd be sorry too, if i was about to lose my career (read: gravy train) and millions in endorsements.

Wish I got to sentence him, he'd do 20 years.

2523 days ago


this is completely ridiculous from end-to-end.

TMZ loves the line vick purports to have taken as well.

2523 days ago



2523 days ago

Get a life    

To #72: Don't forget the PSA about animal cruelty, akin to Isaiah Washington's "Don't hate gays" production. He did say he has "a lot of free time now." Maybe he'll adopt kittens to show his softer side.

2523 days ago


Of course he had to find Jesus; there's no rehab for dogfighting! Duh!

2523 days ago

mark in nyc    

He found Jesus...nad is making him fight Buddah to the death..then rebirth..then death again!

2523 days ago


i knew it wouldn't take long for him to find religion

2523 days ago

Daisy (pitbull) and Prada's (Rottweiler) MOM    

I agree - he is sorry because he got caught. If he is so concerned maybe he can put up a couple of million to support the 50+ dogs that are going to be killed because he trained them to kill. They deserve to have some peace and to live out their lives in comfort. A couple of million should cover that - they are the victims - how about some restitution!!!!!!!!!!

2523 days ago


What I didn't hear, and never hear anymore, when some celebrity gets in a jam or breaks the law is I WAS WRONG. How about it? I don't believe one word that comes out of Michael Vick's mouth. According to his father, he has been fighting dogs for years. He's only sorry that he got caught. He better go to jail for years. He doesn't deserve forgiveness until he makes ammends for what he's done. How about a million dollar donation to the SPCA or Humane Society? How about doing public service announcements condemning cruelty to animals and dog fighting. Put your money and time where your mouth is MV.

2523 days ago


He is just sorry he got caught.....

2523 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

That was the most scripted "apology" I have ever heard - see how he kept forgetting his lines, so he would throw some of his own words in! "Uh.... I guess that means I need to grow up." No, I guess this means you need to get MORALS! PATHETIC!!!!! May he get it REAL good in prison!

2523 days ago


I think his publicist told him to say he found god... Where was god hiding?

It seems to me that it takes a little longer than a week to find god and realize what a horrible human being you are.

Too little too late my hateful, animal killing friend!

2523 days ago
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