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Who's Behind the Britney Investigation? -- Plot Thickens

8/27/2007 7:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services "abuse investigation" into Britney Spears does not involve physical mistreatment of her children.

Sources say the complaint lodged with DCFS involves allegations of poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits for her kids. Curiously, although DCFS keeps these allegations secret, they ended up in legal papers filed today by K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, suggesting it might have been Fed-Ex himself who lodged the complaint.

And get this: DCFS is all too familiar with the family. We've learned that another anonymous complaint was filed with DCFS on July 2, but it went nowhere.

Sources say DCFS has put both Britney and K-Fed under the microscope in the past. In February, 2006, DCFS famously investigated Britney after the notorious car seat incident with Sean Preston. Ditto April, 2006 (while Brit and K-Fed were still together), after Sean Preston fell out of a high chair -- another DCFS investigation came and went.


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------^^------Pretty much looks like they are both trash and just not right in the head. A judge somewhere needs to step in and speak with both of them.
These people add nothing worth while to the world.

2614 days ago


I personally think that Fed-Ex has completely lost his mind over Britney divorcing him, so he is going to take the only thing that will hurt her away, HER BABIES! He's so mad at the fact tha he lost all his money and his laid-back, jobless life, that he can't stand it! Britney you will win in the end, Keep your head up and keep moving!! Although we really don't know the truth about what is going on but some people you can see right through them..... Kevin......

I think if my children were being threatened to be taken away from me by a money grubbing loser, I would lose my mind too.....

Why do people make fun of her about her clothes and boobs hanging out and say that it is "inappropriate and not motherly" and she should not have her kids, BUT, Pamela Anderson and all the other "porn mommies" still have their children.

2614 days ago


former cps don't know what you are talking about we don't know what is true and is not.....he is in this for the money and has been from the start...yes all calls came from him anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense would know is rare when ppl have something to say when he is out and about...where are the kids /////////////// he is just as responsible as brit is,custody is 50/50 last I when she is out the kids are with k-fed.

2614 days ago


What is this world coming to !! There is no book on parenting and for anyone to make a comment on an individual whom they have no true knowledge of the facts is just ignorance.
Department of Children and Families needs to do its own investigation within its own office. Take no that teeth decay in toddlers under three is very common and has many responsible attributes to include breast milk. Shame anyone would state parenting skills on this. Falling out of a high chair - Falls is another common thing in toddlers. This is so sad that people feel the need to take this life and critize her parenting skills when all accusaations is commom in toddlers. Just because she has talents does not make her not human.
No of you should talk about her walk unless you have walked a mile in her shoes.

2614 days ago


Has everybody lost their mind's? Do we not know what a "bad" mother is? What "abuse" is? What "neglect" is? Britney is not guilty of any of these charges. For God's sake, get real! I raised three terrific kid's. Fortunately, nobody reported any minor mishap's... like missing a night of teeth brushing, or giving a screaming child some soda because there is nothing else around at the moment. I can't believe what is happening to this girl - Britney. It is a sin and a crime.

Kevin Federline was after one thing and one thing only. Big Buck's. Right from the beginning, this louse had it made. He used Britney, spent her money, and now he wants more. GREEDY PIG. He is the one committing a crime here, Not Britney.

She is losing it because of the intense scrutiny, criticism, gawking, stalking, camera's. The fact is - nobody who is a critic of Britney has earned anything close to what she has earned from the time she was a little girl.

LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!! ESPECIALLY YOU GUY'S..... A.J. HAMMER and THE BLONDE IDIOT YOU WORK WITH ON E.T. All she does is shake her head, like she has the smart's to know all about everything , all about raising kid's. Oh my... she is such a good girl She makes me puke. Shut up! LEAVE BRITNEY and PARIS and L.L. alone!


2614 days ago


I dont know what is going on with her but she needs to get away and see a dr. I laugh at some of the dumb things she does but in reality its pretty serious.As far as her kids we dont know maybe there is more going on than what we see and maybe not but I hate to think that someone could lose their children because they give them junk food. How many parents have given their children junk food? Everyone has they may not like to admit it but Im sure its true so should everyone lose their children? There are too many real issues of abuse out there to stop and worry if they have had their teeth brushed today. Everyday a child is murdered by abuse it seems. If they are going to take a child from his mother because she gave him doritos or let him sleep with her its going to be a nightmare for every parent. Like I said though maybe there is more to it we dont know

2614 days ago


What a waste of Taxpayers money, Thousands if not Millions of kids are way worse off than Britneys kids. Poor dental Hygiene ? haha ! what a joke Los Angeles is

2614 days ago


I just wanted to say that if she was not a big stupid celebrity, she would have had those children taken away from her by now, she should have herself fixed so that she can't have anymore children to mess up their lives. If she had any self respect, she would get herself together for her children! If she can't do that, then maybe she should just let K-Fed have them. It is really bad that Kevin is looking like the normal one! She had time to party before she had children, now she needs to act like an adult.

2614 days ago


Really now how many of us "moms" haven't at least had a few of these things happen to us?(if we're honest) Yes she does make mistakes,yes she parties too much,I am not a fan of hers but my god, enough is enough! How in the devil does any-one with even half a brain think K-fedx can take care of these kids? Does he take care of his other two? Does he pay any child support for them?(probally does now with Brit's money) The poor girl can't FART without pictures and stories, how would any of us stand up to all the pressure?I for one one probally be in an insane asylum! Let's lighten up on her at least alittle.ok guys?

2614 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Hey, K-Fart, McDonald's and Walmart are hiring. Go get a job. Do you and Shar expect to live off of Britney the rest of your lives?

2614 days ago

Anukem N.    

Am sure the above comments are from Brit herself and all those hanging around her. Simply put, she should for once give a thought to the children that God gave her. She should stop messing around and be a mum! Those kids did not write application to her to give birth to them. She should wake up please!!

2614 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

It is so obvious that K-Dumb, his lawyers and Shar are writing all this garbage about how bad Britney is. They will stop at nothing to get her money.

2614 days ago


Lay OFF Brit! Come on- doesn't the stupid media have ANYONE else to pick on BESIDES Britney?!
K-Fed's lying...Brit's a great Mum to her kids.

2614 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Has there ever been a bigger dirt bag, deadbeat than Kevin in Hollywood? He is so nasty looking. Yuck !!!!!

2614 days ago


actually the title of this should be "the plot sickens"

2614 days ago
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