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Who's Behind the Britney Investigation? -- Plot Thickens

8/27/2007 7:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services "abuse investigation" into Britney Spears does not involve physical mistreatment of her children.

Sources say the complaint lodged with DCFS involves allegations of poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits for her kids. Curiously, although DCFS keeps these allegations secret, they ended up in legal papers filed today by K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, suggesting it might have been Fed-Ex himself who lodged the complaint.

And get this: DCFS is all too familiar with the family. We've learned that another anonymous complaint was filed with DCFS on July 2, but it went nowhere.

Sources say DCFS has put both Britney and K-Fed under the microscope in the past. In February, 2006, DCFS famously investigated Britney after the notorious car seat incident with Sean Preston. Ditto April, 2006 (while Brit and K-Fed were still together), after Sean Preston fell out of a high chair -- another DCFS investigation came and went.


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Like I said, her two boys are always very well dressed, well fed (not malnourished or fat), no bruises, emotionally normal, physically fit; a job well done Britney.

2578 days ago

Reality is....    

There are many more REAL abuse and neglect cases going on all across America. Focus on those, the ones that are poor and have no voice and TRULY need the help.

2578 days ago

princess t    

This entire situation makes me viscerally ill. She is not a “bad mom” she is a nut-hatch! If anyone actually cared he would get some parenting training and counseling that teaches some common sense and she would get the proper psychiatric evaluation and medication regiment she obviously needs. Unless she is on meth; this girl is so obviously bi-polar that it is a shame she has a million people standing around watching her fall apart and destroy everything she has, including those kids – even if I personally do not feel she deserves a damn bit of it.

2578 days ago


k-Fed only gets 15,000 a month for a little over a year. Then it's nothing. Sure he is doing all of this for the money. If he can get the kids he gets child support. Star said he is a good parent? When is he with the other kids, NEVER. Brittney has paid his child support all along. Star is going to say good things about K-Fed she knows where the money comes from. When his bank (Brittney) closes who is going to pay for her kids? K-Fed has been the snake in the grass all along. He has been going to the press, he has been starting the rumors the dentist crap came from him. First a DR. (Dentist) they don't talk about their clients. Confidentality....if they did the clients could sue. I hope this bites him in the ASS. I'm not a fan of Brittneys but enough is enough.

2578 days ago

tired of cry baby    

hey tmz. why aren't you reporting about brit being pulled over on I-10 yesterday? it's on e-news> you guys wee asleep yesterday.!! you also said nick was seriously hurt, but left the hospital only a couple hours later>

2578 days ago


Hey #14 your smoking photo is fake, you moron -

2578 days ago


I feel so sorry for those poor little boys.

My guess is that Britney doesn't have the maturity to understand the needs of young children and therefore truly doesn't see anything wrong with what she's doing. Maybe loosing her children will force her to behave like an adult in her late twenties rather than an out of control 16 year old.

It seems to me that they would be better off away from her and her problems. At least until she gets some help to catch up on the ten years of growing up that she's missing.

2578 days ago


It's all about HER money and that slime she married just wants more money. TMZ doesn't tell you who their "sources" are but I am sure it all goes back to kevin. He doesn't want his kids just what they can do for him. Where would he be w/o her... What kind of father is he, I bet he has never changed a diaper or even taken them to a playground. I feel bad for her, I am not a fan but I can tell when someone is being railroaded.. FOLLOW THE MONEY...

2578 days ago


Kevin is a lowlife hilly billy. He will do anything to ensure that he gets money from Britney. He is a greasy a$$ pig. I would LOVE to just pop him in his mouth.

2578 days ago


for feeding them junk food. I mean geeze I have seen worse. Kids have funny sleeping habits as well. I think he needs to have all custody curtailed if he is going to do this crap. I know of someone now who the boy wanted to live with parent now hes supposed to be with mom. Father wont let son see court app psycologist even in a public setting. It is unreal.

2578 days ago


It is obvious some of you are going by only what is in the tabloids (US WEEKLY, STAR and OK). They are the ones who started this stuff from an unknown source. Well, as has been stated Britney is pretty heavy into her own dental regimen. I believe she would do everything possible to ensure her kids have the same treatment and regimen she has. However, it is obvious this is all being filtered to the press by Kevin and his lawyers. His lawyer stated from the beginning that he had to level the battlefield to get the custody for the kids. Britney has given him some ammunition but none of that alone would take her kids from her. Therefore, it is this dirty under handed backstabbing crap from Federline that is fueling all of this negative publicity. In the end he will get his as he has nothing at all that would allow him to get the custody, money he wants unless she gives in. Kevin wants 50% of her total worth and unfortunately her parents don't see it and neither do any of the media outlets. It is time that we start harrassing Kevin instead of Britney. However, Britney is the big star, not Federjerk. Britney has talent and Kevin has none what so ever. He can't even hold a job for any length of time.

If you go back on this blog a couple of weeks you will see that he stated when he got the ONE TREE HILL guest appearance that he would only take it if it didn't interfere with his visitation with the boys. Well from last Thursday through Sunday he was in North Carolina filming his guest appearance. Britney's parents were babysitting for his sorry ass. Guess once more he lied. He has never been there when he needed to be there for the boys, for Britney or for Shar. Maybe the truth will come out that he is a great dad when HE SHOWS up. Britney has always taken the high road and always will. You better believe she is doing her stuff behind the scenes so that once they get to court she will prove just how bad a father Kevin actually is. Sorry Shar but your ass is just as bad as Kevin.


2578 days ago


personally i think tha kFed is only after her millions..the cause of her behavior is the fact that she has so much wrong going for her.. people and her surroundings don't let her breathe. seems that when she was on top of her career everyone lended out a hand and now that she is hitting rock bottom everyone criticizes her and judges for unfairly... go britney.. your fans are here to support you all the way.. do what you have to do to bring your career once again back up. you are one talented gorgeous lady.. us fans will do our job and support you..
love you tons and wish you the best of luck!!

2578 days ago


Britneys prob is the same as a lot of young mothers. She wants to party all night and not be bothered during the day. I'll bet she loves her babies though. She needs more counseling than she'll get to stay home more and be Mommy.

2578 days ago


Anyone that supports this train wreck of a person needs help themselves.

2578 days ago


Leave her alone! She needs her space. Kevin is gross! He is the one that needs help!

2578 days ago
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