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Amy Winehouse's Caribbean Holiday

8/28/2007 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How do you follow a hospitalization for "exhaustion," and cutting yourself and your husband in a bloody brawl? Why, with an island getaway second honeymoon, that's how!

The collapsed, beehived singer let her hair down at a swank resort where she's relaxing with bloodied hubby Blake. Here, Amy reveals that she has other clothing besides denim cutoffs, a crappy gold belt and ballet slippers ... which appear to have permanently marked her feet.

Rehab? Who needs it?!


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i never thought it was possible that another female could look worse (& probably smell worse) than britney!!! OMG who would shag that???!!! thats prob why the husband is a drug addict, you would have to be if ya woke up next to that every am, oops, prob pm for them................

2577 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Good God she is so ugly. I saw a pci of her before she became this Amy and she looked normal. Cute college cod like.
To those who sayshe is talented, sorry.
The video sounds good. I saw a clip of her singing Rehab on tv andshe sounds like an Amer. testing reject. The girl cannot sing.

2577 days ago


I swear she looks like a cavewoman. Rats nest hair and all the wrong places. And yes that is dirt on her feet for the people who think it's sand. The sand is white. Duh!

2577 days ago


She needs serious psychological counseling or she's going to be dead before long. I feel sorry for her.

2577 days ago


WOW!! That is so sad to look at. Reminds me of trailer trash. She needs more than rehab poor girl. Did you look in the mirror? Please, go get some help Amy.

2577 days ago


Yuck....who would want to touch that mess, can you imagine what that girl must smell like??!!!!....yikes.....the drugs, no showers, shoes imbedded on her dirty feet.......just shows that money and fame is not everything....she has money to vacation but no money to replace the missing tooth in her mouth.....

2577 days ago


geeze not even a dog would give her oral.

2577 days ago


Please stop showing pictures of Amy. She is the biggest freak show on TMZ. I know I have the option not to look at her picture or read about her, but I can't help it. Please help me so I don't permanently ruin my eye sight. She is beyond gross. I'm not really familiar with Amy did she always look this horrible?

2577 days ago

roy obannon    

i thought this was a picture for Keith Richards new "oil of old lady" ad! I think Keith looks pretty good for a dead guy his age!!! I tell you what !!!!

2577 days ago


How could any normal person get into a bathing suit looking like that? Well, we can see she is not "normal" now, is she?

She needs to cut off her flab and nasty-ass. Where do these people come from? Like...all of Entertainment/Hollywierd is going """"BONKERS"""""!

2577 days ago


YUCK!!!! If the site of her nasty ,skank, crotch doesn't want to make you puke nothing will. She is so gross !!!!!what a nasty excuse for a woman ...

2577 days ago


YUCK!!!!!!!!! I CAN SMELL THE STENCH ALL THE WAY OUT HERE IN TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S NASTY!!!!!!! SHE NEEDS MORE THAN SOAP AND WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2577 days ago


#90 dont be stupid. not all sand is white. althought looking at it closely it probally is dirt. but not ALL sand is white.

2577 days ago


What a filthy, disgusting, crack ho. Why do we give these morons our attention? You'd think with her money she could afford a wax and a bath....

2577 days ago


Who is this dirty skank anyways? What the hell has she done?

2577 days ago
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