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Angelina: Iraq and Roll

8/28/2007 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Globe-trotting, tattooed do-gooder, Angelina Jolie, swapped the tony Hamptons to visit war torn Iraq. The United Nations Refugee Agency Goodwill Ambassador is in Iraq visiting refugees displaced by the war, and will also visit US troops.
Jolie with the Troops
As reported by People, Jolie arrived in Iraq on Tuesday after visiting Syria on Monday. TMZ contacted the United Nations, who told us that Jolie was traveling sans entourage on her humanitarian mission.

The photo, from OK! Magazine, was sent in by the mother of a US Marine from Denver. It was taken today in Iraq.

The UN was responsible for travel arrangements, and said they wouldn't comment on security measures taken to protect Jolie. Travel arrangements for special ambassadors typically take two weeks to prepare, but in the case of Ange, the agency needed a whole month. Jolie will return to Damascus this evening, then back to Brad and their precious brood.


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Yes, she needs to get her butt to the house and take care of her family.

What the hell does she really think she's doing over there? Who does she think she is? She's just a low talent actress.

The oscar she won was for playing a drugged up, screwed up addict. Wow, that wasn't much of a stretch from real life, huh, Ang?

2590 days ago


why would you give out the details of her location, when in the next paragraph you talk about the extreme security measures taken to protect her?

2590 days ago

Desease control    

Thank you Marra,well said.

2590 days ago


Go Marra....what she said...

I've thought of the adoptions as a OCD thing.

Reality is, they have started the Jolie-Pitt Orphange, not a family. Brad want's the family life like he had in Springfield but she is too Narcissistic to do that. I know they are famous, yadda, yadda, but if you have nannies to bath and dress and feed them, you are not truly raising your kids.

She embraced the Goth culture and still thinks like that. 'Look at me but don't you DARE look at me' sort of thing. She probably thinks of herself as psychic, genius and being more finely tuned mentally than other people.

She has a father who loves her and wants to be in her life, but throws that away because she's mad at him. Good god, people make mistakes. Move on. She is only depriving the children of a person who would love them. That is extreme selfishness.

2590 days ago


She knows cameras will follow her every move. This is nothing but a publicity stunt.

2590 days ago


88. jennzz, don't flatter yourself. You are but a part of a larger problem. Ugly self-righteous people who need to tear down others to feel good about themselves. And no one believes your pitiful claims to the perfect life, either. My mama taught me if you didn't have anything nice to say about someone, shut up. I don't care if people have an opinion different then mine, or if they have an intelligent, formed opinion that is negative. But what you do as do many other TMZ posters is not acceptable. You are speaking about someone's mother, sister, partner, child. To throw around such ugly words and names is contemptible. Yeah, you are mother of the year and throw around words like skank and ho. And for what? If one of your precious kids read one of your postings, what would they think of you? If your perfect husband read your ugly bile scribblings, what would he think of you? We all judge, jennzz, I am judging you on your postings and find you repellent. Everyone needs to think of the power of the written word, please don't misuse it and please help clean up this site as well as others.

Posted at 5:00PM on Aug 28th 2007 by say

Your momma obviously didn't teach you well enough, considering the nasty things you are saying about another poster.

2590 days ago


I can't believe these negative comments. What are you guys doing for the good of this world? How about you step back and examine yourself first before casting stones. We all have skeleton in our closets. That alone does not negate the good that we may do.

As for the hell comment. I think we will all be surprised as to who does or does not make it to heaven.

2590 days ago


Give her a break, she has the means and ability to influence for HUMAN LIFE INTEREST, not politics. At least she is not out drunk chasing folks in cars with vials of cocaine. It is great to see anyone with the means show that they care in any respect. Going over to see the refugees and then visiting our troops vastly improves morale and birghtens everyones day. Maybe just maybe the media will focus on the reason that the refugees are there. World needs more people thare willing to help others and less of the poeple who judge and think they know all based on one persons few life events. That was over a decade ago folks, get over it, I am sure we could all look back and point out several bad things about you from a decade ago!

2590 days ago


Jolie has a big family...very young is time she does what she said months a stay at home mom. There will always be are only young once..Sorry but these kids have no idea where home is...she has to face things..a big family..her relatioship with Pitt..etc. Seems like she always has another commitment..another movie..another TV appearance..another UN trip. Enuf already..take care of the least for a month stay in one place...this goes beyond the BS of working moms her or not....these kids need some stability..not another hotel room.

2590 days ago


I wish I had the time and resources to visit the troops. She’s a wonderful human being and nothing any sour grapes posters say can change that fact. I'm really not sure how people (even those that claim to hate her but post 10 comments per article??) can be angry at someone visiting the troops? They’re happy about it so why would she care what you say? She never reads blogs, she’s made that clear, so what's the point of spreading your hatred on us? Go read another article about your pal Britney.

2590 days ago


This is so amazing to me~~~~There are certain celebs that actually think that they are "Royalty" If alot of people had her money and status they would also do the same humanitarian "acts" as they do. It seems that we have sooooo many problems in the USA that they really don't need to travel to mid-east to prove a point. Our men and women fight for their lives and ours everyday just so we as Americans can have freedom!!!!!!

2590 days ago

Bash a Pap    

You people are morons. She is a UN Ambassador calling attention to the horrific treatment that displaced people all over the world suffer. You smug hacks blasting her can sit in your air conditioned homes/trailers and watch Jerry Springer all day while these people are truly suffering. What kind of country have we become? We hate people for trying to help others? What a sad state of affairs.

2590 days ago


that doesnt even look like her she looks like an alien

2590 days ago


Give it up haters....At least she is doing something!!!

Good for you Angie!!!

2590 days ago

Brad in Mpls    

She seems so much shorter next to a real man..

2590 days ago
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