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Angelina: Iraq and Roll

8/28/2007 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Globe-trotting, tattooed do-gooder, Angelina Jolie, swapped the tony Hamptons to visit war torn Iraq. The United Nations Refugee Agency Goodwill Ambassador is in Iraq visiting refugees displaced by the war, and will also visit US troops.
Jolie with the Troops
As reported by People, Jolie arrived in Iraq on Tuesday after visiting Syria on Monday. TMZ contacted the United Nations, who told us that Jolie was traveling sans entourage on her humanitarian mission.

The photo, from OK! Magazine, was sent in by the mother of a US Marine from Denver. It was taken today in Iraq.

The UN was responsible for travel arrangements, and said they wouldn't comment on security measures taken to protect Jolie. Travel arrangements for special ambassadors typically take two weeks to prepare, but in the case of Ange, the agency needed a whole month. Jolie will return to Damascus this evening, then back to Brad and their precious brood.


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As an intelligent American, I DO NOT need Angelina Jolie to make an appearance to draw my attention to a dire situation. I listen to , watch, and read the news everyday because even though I cant hop on a jet and have my picture taken with the refugees and soldiers, I deeply care about what happens in this crazy world! But more than that, I care about my child, and for that reason I work and I care for her. She didn't chose to be born, she is a gift from God and Im responsible for her well-being. If you have children, your FIRST priority is to your children!! No one, no matter the cause, the tragedy, the war, should give up the privelage and responsibility of raising, educating, nurturing, and loving their children. How much can you really give to others when you don't even give at home? I too support our troops and pray daily for their safety and quick return, I donate blood, I attend and support food drives, organized local charity events, and truely care about the need and hurt of others. But I am able to do this AND care for my family at the same time. If Angelina really wanted to help, she'd help raise awareness of those suffering while teaching to her own children the gift of giving. She would be present for her children and her husbands lives and enjoy the precious moments of everyday life. Passing on the love of helping and giving aid to those in need is the best way to truely help those around us. I imagine that not one soldier there would look twice at Angelina Jolie if there mom, wife, children were in the same room! Maybe with the time and money she spent flying over there, she and her children could've collected old cell phones and donated them to soldiers so that they can contact their loved ones. Or maybe that wouldn't feed her need to be in the spot light.... just a thought

2521 days ago

william giiligan    

Jamie #229

you don't go to her movies either, do you?

And for an actress to make money, that is ALL that matters.

She is box office poison no matter who she sleeps with or what she does.

get a life

2521 days ago


All you folks who claim Angelina does not need publicity are wrong. She desperately needs GOOD publicity. A great many people think she's a narcissistic sham.

2521 days ago


I think she's stretching the humanitarian thing a little TOO much. There are thousands of volunteers who do the exact same thing she's doing, and thousands of people who have adopted orphans internationally. No one is referring to them as "saintly" or giving them press for it. I used to like Angelina but photos like these, that are so "photo-opesque" make me wonder...

2521 days ago

william giiligan    

My, the "pro- Angelina " crowd is an angry bunch!

Has it ever occurred to any of them that disliking Angelina may have NOTHING to do with liking Jennifer Aniston? Maybe some people don't care for either of them.

I dislike Angelina Jolie for reasons that have nothing at all to do with anyone but Angelina Jolie.

Get it?

2521 days ago


I have read through each and every one of these comments, (boring job) and I am the sister of a Naval officer & Army soldier (2 brothers) in Iraq and I have to comment that I agree that this is another yet failed attempt by Jolie to attract attention for her movies, in a recent statement she stated, "She is not interested in politics nor does she really know anything about the current affairs of Americans in Iraq." I know my brothers don't give a damn about her when they are fighting for their lives and I certainly don't but if I ever needed another reason to not pay for a movie she is in, she has solidified my reasoning now! All the comments percentage lead to the fact that she is BOX OFFICE POISON and is doing nothing more than making people detest her even more with her hypocritical statements "Stay Home, quit Hollywood, didn't intend on having a relationship with Brad then stating she planned the pregnancy." She does need help and the future will tell the hard cold facts that she is now banned by millions of Americans at the Box office. I think it is sad that she can't see her nose to spite her face!!!! She really needs to crawl away and hide in a hole before something more damaging ruins her... As for Brad I used to love his movies but seeing him dragged down by her is a major turn off and I just don't watch his movies anymore either....

2521 days ago


I'm not a big fan of Angelina but I'd rather see her out forming an opinion on her own as opposed to sitting in the comfort of her U.S. Mansion Bush bashing. At least she can say she's been there which is more than most can say.

Of course, going under the U.N. really doesn't do much one way or the other. They haven't done anything to date about the situation so why start now? Funny, America provides the bulk of the funding for the U.N. AND the war in Iraq.

2521 days ago


I'm so sick and tired of hearing about Angelina Jolie! Does she honestly think that everything she is doing now is supposed to make up for all of the terrible things she's done in the past like being a homewrecker first and foremost? I sure hope not. I refuse to watch any of her movies or any of Brad Pitt's movies since all that came about. They should be ashamed of themselves. If you're so hip on saving children, then save some of the abused and neglected children in the UNITED STATES! Tramp!

2521 days ago


Comment Back to you live in America? If so you should leave. If you dont love this country get out.
I am pleased to see that Angelina visted the troops whether its a publicity stunt or not.
Also, to all the people that call her a homewrecker... remember that Brad had a choice too...she is not the only guilty one...

2521 days ago


Again......she should sit her butt at home. Her kids deserve better than being dragged continually across continents and the states.....maybe the kids think home is a hotel. Kids are only young once....plenty of time to do refugee the years ahead..plenty of time to do movies later.....seems to be running away from putting down any roots and creating stability for four very young kids. It is easy to run off and have everyone kiss your butt during a visit, doing a TV show..doing a is far harder work when there are no cameras around to do what you need to do as a mother.Ya think a midwestern guy like Pitt would want some roots..somewhere..anywhere..but he has turned into a real candy ass in dealing with the antics of Jolie.

2521 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Wow. I never realized how hateful my fellow Americans truly are. You all complain that no one is supporting the troops, then when a UN ambassador on a humanitery trip actually DOES show support for our troops you blast them. You people are what is wrong with this country. Now quit reading about Britney and Lohan and go do some good in this world you bunch of fat ugly women!

2521 days ago


Angelina is trying to do good to a distress people by visiting them, good bless you and your family, please keep doing what you do, we need more people like you.

2521 days ago


Though I agree with alot of what you say, you fail to see that as Intelligent American is that Angelina does not need to Go to Iraq for you. She is a UN ambassador. She does not need to go at all. You can obviously read and come to your own conclusions. Why would you care so passionatly that She has her own agenda as well? Though your charitable works are commendable, why are Angelinas not? It would be just as easy to speculate on your reasons for doing what you do as well. Should your community question your ability as a mother because you do charity as well? How would you hold up underneath the scrutiny.

what I am saying is simply that it is easy to speculate and judge another on there behavior. No one on this blog, including myself is all knowing and capable of this judgement. These are simply opinions.

2521 days ago


does anyone think a visit to the refugees in all these countries will cause people to give either give or you don't.....her visit won't bring out millions of dollars.....where and the hell are the monies given to the has plenty of internal problems and scandals..she should ask the UN where they are spending all the monies given. Enuf of these trips.. Jolie sit your ass at home.......your kids have no clue where home is....gee which hotel??? And Pitt..he is a joke.....he enables her to live a nomadic life which she enjoys as well as the publicity. Can this babe sit at home for a month and take care of those four very young children. Quit running away from issues..responsibilities..Jolie and take care of your own children.....they need a mom.

2521 days ago

Tim Curry    

I'm pleased with anyone who is willing to take a picture with the troops. It will be a picture to be remembered by this soldier's family and friends in years to come. Too bad more of Hollywood can't get their heads out of their collective backsides (and bags of toot) long enought to help support a difficult time for the troops. These are some of the finest young people we have in this country. Politics aside, please remember these are human beings who have a hard job to do for little money and little in the way of thanks.

Tim - father of an army enlisted man

2521 days ago
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