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Irony: Mencia to Host Creative Emmys

8/28/2007 1:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carlos MenciaComedian Carlos Mencia has been tapped to host the Creative Arts Emmy Awards next month in Los Angeles. The key word in that sentence is "creative."

Mencia, star of Comedy Central's "Mind of Mencia," is frequently accused of stealing his material -- earning the nickname "Carlos Menstealia." Joe Rogan, a comic and former host of "Fear Factor," famously confronted Mencia on stage earlier this year in a 10-minute YouTube video documenting Mencia's alleged theft. Another popular YouTube clip shows a famous bit from the 1983 Bill Cosby special, "Himself," and a strikingly similar performance by Mencia in his 2006 comedy special, "No Strings Attached."

A February Radar magazine article about joke stealing referred to George Lopez's feud with Mencia over a bit he claims Mencia stole and put in his HBO special. Lopez says he threw Mencia against a wall.

What's next, Amy Winehouse writing a self-help book?


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He looks like FIRED Attorney General Alberto Gonzales...oops, he just borrows his id and ss#.

2583 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Joe should have beat that clowns ass. Jimmy Kimmel was right, when he said that if Comedy Central wanted to help clean the air, they would cancel his show. He's a disgrace to comedy.

2582 days ago


Just personally....I don't think he's funny in the slightest. He be nothing, and most of America would have never heard of him if Dave Chapelle hadn't left Comedy Central. CC was just looking for someone to fill the void that Chapelle left. The difference between the two comics is that Chapelle's stuff if really creative and original while he pokes fun and white and black folks-Mencia however has routines based around jokes that you told when you were 10. All the skits on his show have been done before, but I'm sure they're funny to younger crowds who've never heard his jokes told by other people before. I really think it's a shame that he's getting rich just because Dave Chapelle's gone. Now Sara Silverman....awesome!

2582 days ago


Mencia sucks. He does steal material, and his show is really wretched. He sounds so angry and belligerent when he talks I think the audience laughs because they don't want him to go crazy on their asses. They're just appeasing the madman on stage.


2582 days ago


He's SO funny most of the time!

2582 days ago


Ned Holness, err i mean Carlos Mencia, is the unfunniest person to ever walk the face of this planet. I have painfully sat through 3 episodes of his Mind of Mencia and not laughed a single time. Actually I laughed after the fact because Comedy Central thinks this guy is funny so do millions of other schmucks. Something is seriously wrong with anyone that actually thinks he's creative/original/funny. I actually feel really bad for him. Deep down inside he knows he's unfunny.

2582 days ago


This guy is a douche bag! I've seen him live and he does steal jokes.

2582 days ago


If a musician samples, puts a "different" or "creative" spin on anothers creation, he has to acknowledge it and give credit to the originating musician and even pay for the privilege. If a director remakes or "re-imagines" a movie, he must give credit to the original storys writers. Carlos Menstealia not only "samples" and "re-imagines" other comedians entire acts, he claims them as is own and refuses to give credit where credit is due even when confronted with his thievery as in the case with Joe Rogan. If you love ORIGINAL comedy and have followed it over the years, you recognize when some hack is stealing anothers work, especially when it is one of your favorite bits. Next thing you know we'll be seeing Carlos' "seven words you cant say on TV" or Juan Sleet the Hippy Dippy Weatherman, and the uninformed and unknowing will think he is funny. Well folks.. it's called plagerism and it shows a total LACK of originality and talent... no matter how you try and spin it!

2582 days ago

Matt Wayne    

Dice! Dice! Dice!

2582 days ago

baby girl    

another dirty sanchez

2582 days ago


Can I get a list of the original sources of his jokes so I can watch them and see how they were really meant to be told?


P.S. Hey Carlos- thieves are about as good as a child molester. You suck at life.

2581 days ago

who the hell is carlos mencia?

2554 days ago
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