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Jason Wahler -- Engaged!

8/28/2007 4:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason WahlerSomeone's movin' on! Fresh from rehab and a jail stint, former "Laguna Beach" cast member Jason Wahler is making another positive change -- he's getting married!

Wahler's rep confirms to TMZ that Jason proposed last weekend to his USC tennis star girlfriend, Katja Decker-Sadowski. We're told he picked out the four-carat (holla!) emerald cut diamond ring at XVI Karat in Beverly Hills. Take that Spencer and Heidi!

The two, who have been dating for roughly six months (an eternity in MTV reality show years!), recently started shackin' in Los Angeles. They have not set a date.


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K, who is this guy, and why should anybody care?? It seems to me that this whole, not really famious, hasn't done anything admirable in the lines of show biz, but getting really jacked up on dope, getting busted, then doing a stent in rehab thing is really becoming the "in" thing to do. Thank God I'm REALLY only a somebody to my kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2610 days ago


I was hoping for Fats Waller

2610 days ago


Another "cute" guy off the market??? What are you a coe- dependent??? He's an unemployed junkie!! Hellooooo...........luvtmz needs her head checked 4 sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2610 days ago


Now, I ask you, with inquisitive intentions, why would a girl want to marry a man who has a bad social history as him? What's next? Beating her to a pulp? God! There have been men i really liked but wouldnt marry them because of their heavy drinking, smoking etc. i want to be happy in my life not crying about some guy who blows all the money on cigarettes, booze, drugs, etc. He's bad news.

2610 days ago

All That Jazz    

Another one FRESH out of treatment and guy meets girl, Aren't ya supposed to cool your tool during the first stages of sobriety.. even for some up to a year? Seems to me that's the time for inner growth and working on a program to keep your Sobriety..Not guy meets girl.. dates for 6 months then get engaged.. A June Wedding I suppose too.. Yea, I think your right Shelly.. I give it 3 months too !!

2609 days ago


U seen Jasons fiancee on the celebrity rap thing and she is nowhere near as hot as Lauren,, I mean NOWHERE NEAR! I dont even blog but I found when I seen her I had to! Lauren you know his history Im sure u feel sorry for the girl just like we all do. He didnt go to rehab for cheating Ms fiancee, Good luck but one more time she ahs absolutely nothing on LC. Love u LC ur son genuine and real and definitely one of a kind. Id date u if i was a man, fo sho!!!!!

2598 days ago


We would love to tell their love story for their wedding.

2595 days ago

what theee?!?!    

Are you kidding me?!?! He's supposed to marry Lauren Conrad. He looks changed on the new season of the hills and he looks perfect for Lauren. Now what will I look forward to I was just waiting for them to get back together. I'm not trying to jinx his marriage... but I'm pretty sure he'll end up getting a divorce and going back to Lauren or at least I hope.

2593 days ago


Okay I am at a loss - why would Jason get back in touch with Lauren if he is dating and now engaged to someone else????? How many people fall in love, get in engaged and get back in touch with a very recent ex???? That doesn't sound like a person who loves his fiance. Is he trying to make Lauren jealous? Or is this just to add to the ratings to watch the show The Hills? And to be in Katja's position...I can't think of one woman who would put up with her boyfriend/fiance getting in touch with his most recent ex-girlfriend and wanting to continue a relationship with her. What does that say about Katja putting up with that? Makes no sense. I honestly think Jason still wants to be with Lauren otherwise he would have never started calling her again.

2593 days ago

Desiree Valenzuela    

Im sorry I just have to say this new girl , Katja Decker-Sadowski is sooooo..... ugly Lauren is way better looking. Well its only obvious that Jason still loves Lauren. I think Lauren and Jason will always end up back together agin. Sorry Katja your just a rebound.

2591 days ago

Jason 's relative    

I can tell you why Jason is so screwed up, and his family history as I grew up witnessing things that if you think Jason is Screwed up, He has his grandfather's genes who has been an active alcoholic for most of his life and he is now 81 a filthy rich wife beater and cheater. His first wife he beat her so brutally that one time when she got out of the hospital from his beatings, with broken ribs he kicked her down the stairs. Then after numerous years of cheating and beating, she divorced him and he marries a trailer trash gold digger already a few months pregnant with another man's baby. Everyone in that immediate part of our family either has been in rehabs over and over or is still active drunks and druggies. I should post a blog but I have to be careful they will spend any amount of their hundreds of millions trying to find out which family member is writing this and they are a family that is out to destroy people. Jason's Dad is a Hippochristian and his mom is awesome and knows how to behave in the Wahler Kingdom. More will be revealed if I see comments responding to this because the sad part is their are younger generations in the family that already are drinking, drugging and getting arrested many years younger than Jason...My husband and I feel that side of the family should be sterile for a generation to let their disease genetically phase down.

2590 days ago

Jason 's relative    

PS, It's been a sad sight to see over the years and if you want to verify anything I said if you make a comment about LC or Jason, Post your email address I will use someone's else's to send me an email for details you can verify.... Something has to be done for that side of our family that is afflicted to the disease of addiction and alcoholism along with physical and mental abuse. My husband and I feel that people need to hear the real details so those with EXTREME wealth need prayers to help them realize that $$$$ does not make you immune to the family you came with and the history that has affected generations due to they think that being that wealthy buys the happiness. I know a real tragedy is comming beacuse of the other young family memebers that are already on the same road as Jason. I pray they get it and others will see and understand it because Jason (at least one Wahler has the public's eye to expose the amount of dysfunction)

Thanks for the ears and eyes who read this. now let's see who cares and responds if you care about a lost human being as Jason.

2590 days ago


UMMMMM... yeah ok...I'm sure the moron above me is Jason's relative...

that's why he's posting on TMZ and isn't speaking out about this "horrifing " life the RICH BOY had. Nice try... u should seek help for your attention disorder. anyways...I won't feed your need anymore,

about that JASON, I'm seriously glad he's marrying some 19 year old girl... It's soooooo ironic!!!! Ya know.. for a girl who has an opinion on EVERYONE'S (and I mean EVERYONE) love life, Lauren really doesn't have much sense about her OWN.
NICE pick honey... yeah he's not a weirdo freak like Spencer... but he can sure guzzle those drinks down!!! I really enjoyed the way u threw yourself at Jason as soon as he came out of the tank... "SOBER"... and I can't wait till next week... HA HA HA

BTW- I don't like Heidy either....but she's just stupid. Lauren's a NOSY, manipulating, WITCH.

2590 days ago

A. Walters    

LC is better off without him anyway - he has too much growing up to do and too many issues to get through - and the racist thing he has going on is NOT cool either - unfortunately, the one you love is NOT always the one who is good for you...

2589 days ago
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