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New Criminal Investigation in Britney Fight

8/28/2007 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there's an official criminal investigation in the Britney Spears custody saga -- but it doesn't involve Britney or K-Fed.
Last night, at 6:09 PM, LAPD officers responded to a street in Venice, Calif. Aaron Cohen, a former counter-terror commando in the Israeli army -- attempted to serve a subpoena in the custody case. Cohen, who works for K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, spotted Sam Osama Lufti, who may have some association with Spears, but we don't know exactly what.

TMZ has learned, according to the police report, Lufti recognized Cohen and then gunned his Silver Mercedes SL, smashing into Cohen's Buick. We're told Lufti then reportedly smashed into a Range Rover.

LAPD sources say they are investigating. We're told Lufti is the suspect, and the allegation on the table is assault with a deadly weapon with a vehicle.


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HOLLY, you are incredibly naive. I'm sorry, but you should try leaving your little midwestern hometown for once in your life, and see how real people live their lives.

I know it's scary! I grew up in a small town, too. But I broke free. You can do it, too!!!

2613 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Hora - are you writing from prison or a psycho ward or the sleazy lawyers office? If it's any of your business, I live in New York City and have a Master's Degree in Biology. Sounds like you didn't even graduate from High School. Poor thing !

2613 days ago


Kfed is a jerk. He walks out on a pregant girlfriend, takes up w/Brittney. Think about it. She wanted someone to love. He steps in, takes advantage. His attorney is a low life too. Kfed is going to loose his spouse support in about another month, so he wants more money. She pays HIM child support. Does he pay HER child support? NO! Think about it. It all comes down to MONEY. Even her x manager is hurting her. I am in hiding so I want get served w/a subpoena. It would go bad for Britney if I have to testifie. I am still loyal to Britney. He is even sticking it to her. In his statement he makes it look like she is a bad Mom by saying it would not go well for Britney. He wants to get back @ her for firing him. Why doesn't she just pay Kfed off, let him get someone else preggers, and get out of her life. It all comes down to money. As far as the children being in danger w/her. Look @ Brad and Angie. They go out and are surrounded by cameras. No one says there children are in danger. Get a grip people. This is the way things are.

2613 days ago


I would have fled the scene too! Aaron Cohen is borderline stalking.

2613 days ago


K-Fed's lawyers need to take these witnesses who refuse to be served to the Judge, who will promptly issue a BENCH WARRANT for their arrest if they don't comply with a lawfully served subpoena. And that goes for her lawyers behind all this Wassers 1 & 2.

2613 days ago


HOLLY, hahahahaha please, no self-respecting scientist would be on this trashy tabloid web site. Try again, liar.

2613 days ago



but yet, a Social Worker would be? lol

Holly, I have to admit, I'm writing from a law office, but at least I can agree on your points, and agree that homeboy hora over here must find it difficult to perform his job as a Social Worker when he is nothing but negative - to think he is supposed to help people for a living, and seems that the only thing he does is come on her to insult is pretty histerical - remind me to never ask for help... lol

2613 days ago


Obviously Kevin's people are full of it. You really think that Sam recognized all of Cohen's process servers? Come on people, they knew who Sam was, they were after him, they were desperate to get the job done, they rammed into him and tried serving him, im sure anyone in Sams shoes would have been scared as hell, this is LA folks, gangs and robberies and car jackings etc etc Kevin Federline's getting out of control. What if Sam was driving around Britney and her kids during this incident?? This is just a sick game for kevin to try to get more money from his exwife and if it means coming close to killing her friends then thats what he's going to do. I hope Sam sues all of them!

2613 days ago


Her drug dealer, obviously.

2613 days ago


SHELLY, if you ever asked for help, I'd send you to the soup kitchen where you belong.

2613 days ago


Money. not the children's welfare, is clearly the motivation behind this ridiculous behavior. Israeli commandos????? Give me a break. Federline almost had everyone fooled into thinking he had his act together, me included. These are outrageous tactics. The children belong with their grandmother at this point. She's probably the only one who has any common sense. This is becoming a circus!!!!

2613 days ago

the undercover lover    

Did you have learnd all of your tasks girls ?
You know the 'Visitors book' and 'my legitimation' is near by, thought in Internet dimensions. It could be hardcore stuff (to read) but it is to copy.
Britnay loves it.
You eat it.

2613 days ago

tired of cry baby    

hey tmz, if a car smashes into another car, then there will be dents, when there's no dents but there is paint on the bumper, you call it a scrap. you fruits at tmz are drama queens.

2613 days ago


shar has said k fed is a good father. this is coming from the woman kfed cheated on. even tho she could hate him, she still feels fine with him seeing his kids. i think we should take into consideration that kfed has 2 other healthy kids, and i'm sure he is part of the reason. he may not be the best man in the world, but whats important is that there is a parent who will actually put these children first. i hope kfed gets the children and the child support. he deserves it.

2613 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Hora, I stayed home from work today because of a bad cold. A friend told me about TMZ. She thought I might be amused. I'm not too amused with all the stupid comments by people like you. I am so thankful that I have a good life and a good family and a good job.
Enjoy yourself tonight in your little trailer park, Hora. Don't let the bed bugs bite. You're no social worker but you might need one and you should never call anyone a liar. You sound bitter and sick. Goodbye and Good Luck. Admit it, you are K-Fed, aren't you?

2613 days ago
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