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Nick Hogan's Track Record

8/28/2007 7:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained three traffic citations Nick Hogan received in the last year -- and he's only had a license for one year ... AND that doesn't even include this week's crash. Go speed racer, go!
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In the first incident, on Sept. 17, 2006, Nick was pulled over for doing 115 mph in a 70 mph zone. That's not even close! He completed traffic school for that one.

For his second offense, Hogan (real name Nicholas Allan Bollea) was clocked doing 57 in a 30. Ha, child's play! And for his third bust, the little Hulkster was clocked doing 106 in a 70.

Apparently, he never learned.


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His sister needs to sit on my face!

2616 days ago

Boo Hoo    

How the heck do you get three speeding tickets at the age of 17 and still have the privilege of a driver's license? This kid is going to kill someone. He is not mature to handle the responsibility of a license. Three times and now make that four is way to may pardons.

2616 days ago


After all of these speeding violations, what on earth made his parents think he should even be NEAR a car? He is immature and doesn't care enough about his life or the lives of others to have the PRIVILIDGE to drive! What if he had hit another car? What if a child or someone with small children who needed them were killed just so Nick could get his kicks and go fast? Idiot!

2616 days ago


What an irresponsible brat. He's lucky he hasn't killed someone at those speeds. He needs to grow up and realize a car is a dangerous machine with potential to harm and kill. Hopefully, his friend will be okay and maybe this will teach him a lesson.

2616 days ago

J Doe    

speeding punk

2616 days ago


I get irrated that as soon as somebody KID does something the frist person they blame is the parents. THATS A LOAD OF S-h-i-t . This world has turned into the world of making EXCUSES for the way people act.
His mother or father dont beat or yell.they talks to them.They do alot with them. (alot of money) You can tell they wants him to be responsible. BUT when this IDIOT leave the gates. KID does what he wants.
nothing to do with PARENTING. I'm sure if he would had LISTENED he would not have gone speed racing down a PUBLIC street.
it's about choosing the right or the wrong.

2616 days ago


I wonder what Hulk said after the 3rd speeding ticket? "Everything's fine. Keep driving the Lamborghini."

2616 days ago


nick hogan's a dumbass

2616 days ago

george vieto    

Give Nick Bollea a job with the CHIPS.

2616 days ago


I guess Hulk is too busy making sure that Brooke's singing career is his number one priority and that no man looks or touches her except him that he forgot he has a son.

2616 days ago


Hey Geico Lizard,

Of course the technology exists. It's called Mobile Guardian. It's a service and a device. The website is Basic stuff.

If you are an insurance professinal, you should know that.

2616 days ago


What a god boy he is that's what the press reported. Coming from his background I see nothing but American Low Life with MONEY. NO CLASS and watch out your A..sss
be gone soon.

2616 days ago


The Nicky Hilton in Male form. Money and low Class, just like Pop and the rest of the sleazy family.

2616 days ago


Time for the state OR the parents to take the driving priviledges away! Time for the parents to be PARENTS and not their best friends. If you don't care about your own son's well-being...please have some consideration for the others that share the road with the idiot.

2616 days ago


Terry Bollea is responsible for that kid being in critical condition in the hospital.

2616 days ago
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