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Reichen & Ryan in Six Pack Attack

8/28/2007 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reichen Lehmkuhl and his upgrade-of-a-boyfriend, trainer Ryan Barry, are so damned hot! Here they are in their matching swim trunks at the Trevor Project's pool party benefit.

Lance who?


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i can't believe all the rude comments.
jealousy is a bitch
these guys are def better looking than any of you closed minded freaks

2611 days ago


I wish they were making out so you bashers could really loss your lunch!!

2611 days ago

Merry Christmas    

I get the impression that it's the pro-gay people who have the problem. You get so angry because people don't share your view. Yes, it's 2007 - and it's still not acceptable.

2611 days ago


What a double standard - If this was 2 girls there would be alot of people out there typing with one hand!

2611 days ago

Florence nite-n-gail    

what a waste!! Why is always the hot ones??

2611 days ago


Damn these men are F I N E!!! Too bad hey ladies!! (same old story...married or gay...)

They've done nothing to you, leave them alone.

2611 days ago


What is with the hateration? Good for them supporting the Trevor Project which is a wonderful suicide prevention cause. All the small minded haters need to check themselves as part of the problem.

2611 days ago


#37 Most of the world is disgusted by gays, really? Let's look into that. While the United States is engaged in debate on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, Canadians are discussing a federal law to legalize it and many European countries are adopting civil unions for gay couples.

In Denmark, civil unions with the same rights as marriage have been around since 1989, and other Nordic countries followed suit in the 1990s. In South Africa, gay rights were enshrined in the post-apartheid constitution and some groups are lobbying for the right to marry.

In Portugal, and in Spain's Navarra and Basque regions, gay couples who live together long enough receive the same benefits as heterosexuals under common law unions.

In Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, gay couples can register for a civil union. France and Germany have civil union laws, and Britain is in the process of adopting them.

The Dutch have watched the hoopla in the United States with some bemusement. Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen, who married six couples at the stroke of midnight on April 1, 2001, when the Dutch law took effect, sent a note of support to Gavin Newsom, the San Francisco mayor who set off a rush to California when he officiated same-sex ceremonies.

Do your research Homophobe before spouting out assumptions based on your own bias.

2611 days ago


The homophobes who freak out over what (they think) gay men do in the bedroom:
1. Why do you think about what ppl do in the bedroom? Pervs!!!
2. Do you spend a lot of time fantasizing about what ppl do in the bedroom? Pervs!!!
3. Do you think all straight ppl only do the missionary, under the covers with the lights off?

If you're going to judge ppl according to what (you think) they do in the bedroom, you should ask your straight friends what THEY do.

Homophobes probably spend more time thinking about gay sex than gays themselves. PERVS, PERVS, PERVS!!!!!!!

2611 days ago


#39 - Makes you feel good to call somebody else names huh? Trying to make your deviant behavior seem okay to yourself by doing so. I know it must be a constant moral stuggle for you to be gay when deep down you hate yourself for it.

2611 days ago


If you don't want to see the pictures of gay men - then don't come to this website. They are people too and all you losers who can't open your mind even a littelebit will live to regret those horrible words one day. I wish them and all Gay people well. Every human being deserves to be loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2611 days ago


You tell her Kate!
She is probably gone to iron her bed sheets for the clan meeting later!

2611 days ago

Jemima Puddleduck    

If I want an update on gay couples I'll log on to leave this mess off of TMZ!

2611 days ago


Dont you HOMOPHOBES find it interesting that the most intelligent posts here are from-as you call them- Pro Gays- i.e. Live and Let Live- types...
WAKE UP!!!!!! Morons

2611 days ago


Gross, your opinions perfectly match your user name. What are these disgusting things that you claim they are doing? All I see is 2 attractive men posing for a picture. Get a life you ignorant loser. And also, show me some sort of concrete proof that all gay people come from an abusive past or were missing a parental figure of the same gender. I have many gay friends who do not fit your profiling.

2611 days ago
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