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Britney Fashion Violation -- The Inner Dialog

8/29/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gee willikers, it must be true what they say about blondses! Ever since I reblondered my weave I'm just so frazzazzled! First I forgot to put some pants on with this top, then I ran outta gas, then I got me a pucking farking ticket! Well, at least I founded my fave-rit cowgirl boots! Yee haw! I love me these boots! I'm a Rodeo Drive cowgirl!

You know, I'm gonna pop into this here store and buy me some pants. Oh, look, I can see mah tushers in the door glass! Look how cute my tushers are! That's hot! Oh, I can't say that -- that socialist Paris says that. I'm gone have to get me some tradermark sayin' too. Um, like, "I'm fun!" or mebbe, "Ding dang!" Yah! Ding dang! Ding Dang!! And there's the paperozzis, yay! I'm gone be on TMZ again today. I do loves me that TMZ, y'all!

Love me this green pockerbook -- it's so gigoontic. Oh, heckers, ding dang! I still got Jayden's pooty diaper in thar! Shoot! PeeeeAeeeeeee U! Oh, hell, Sean's diaper's in thar too! I'll just buy me some perfume in here! I better text nanny and see what the boo boos are havin' fer vittles. Might have to git some drive thru on the way home! Ding dang! Yup, I lurrrrv it!


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So TMZ talks trash about how Britney looks? Take a look at who is typing over at TMZ. Does anyone over there have enough beauty to get followed around? If Britney were a coworker at TMZ, she probably would have punched someone out for talking so much trash. That might be a little low brow, but hey TMZ only talks about low brow things.

... whatever ...

2608 days ago

say what?    

To the person who speaks about showing disrespect to our southern states: Have you been there in the last 150 years? Ever listened to anything that is said by the racists they elect into public office? Christ almighty. If you don't see that it is the states themselves showing disrespect you must be from there. Freaking hicktards.

2608 days ago


Why don't you people leave Brittney Spears alone, instead of watching her every move...then maybe she would feel better......and be able to take more time on her self.

2608 days ago

Anne Marie    

One day Britney will be normal..........nah.

2608 days ago


I used to love Britney. she was a great role model. But now she is completely lost. She's making stupid mistakes and most people learn from it and move on but not her. she keeps making the same mistakes. i know about the pressures of being a star and having people in your face 24/7 and that can get to some people, but she can't keep blaming her actions on stardom. things are incredibly different from the old days where she was singing "hit me baby on more time." she has children now. honestly I don't see her taking care of them. All she does is party. It is just really sad to see how she took such a turn for the worst. I really hope she shapes up soon because i love her and her children shouldn't have to grow up without her.

2608 days ago


24 and 27 are acctually cool outfits, not really trashy (24 might be, but if altered a tad wont be as bad.) Sadly.. in a few of the pictures, it looks like she's in her 40s. Bleh. Guess thats how the lifestyle (plus fake tanning beds) forms some people.

2608 days ago


leave the poor girl alone.

2608 days ago


people love this stuff because it makes them feel better about how screwed up they are themselves. leave the girl alone.

2608 days ago


You know, TMZ, you look so amazingly intellegent mocking this girl.

She actually looks like she's trying to pull down her dress in the picture.
It's a pretty dress, by the way.

2608 days ago


I guess I'm just missing where the journalism that makes this site so popular is. I could have blogged that half-drunk. Far from witty :/

2607 days ago


Although Im notta fan and looking at these pics dispite my boredom... Id hafta to stick with my instinct that the 6th pics maybe or around that theres one of her standing with a dominatrix suit on... Yea thats one of those damn potters wax museum figures. LoL I know she never has looked that good. Even trashy!

2604 days ago


I just want to know .....what happened to her????? When was the "exact" moment that she cracked?!?!? I guess it just goes to prove that money can't buy class....or sanity!!!

Ding Dang!!!!

2595 days ago


WOW what is she on? Where can I get some?

2592 days ago
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