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Britney Fashion Violation -- The Inner Dialog

8/29/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gee willikers, it must be true what they say about blondses! Ever since I reblondered my weave I'm just so frazzazzled! First I forgot to put some pants on with this top, then I ran outta gas, then I got me a pucking farking ticket! Well, at least I founded my fave-rit cowgirl boots! Yee haw! I love me these boots! I'm a Rodeo Drive cowgirl!

You know, I'm gonna pop into this here store and buy me some pants. Oh, look, I can see mah tushers in the door glass! Look how cute my tushers are! That's hot! Oh, I can't say that -- that socialist Paris says that. I'm gone have to get me some tradermark sayin' too. Um, like, "I'm fun!" or mebbe, "Ding dang!" Yah! Ding dang! Ding Dang!! And there's the paperozzis, yay! I'm gone be on TMZ again today. I do loves me that TMZ, y'all!

Love me this green pockerbook -- it's so gigoontic. Oh, heckers, ding dang! I still got Jayden's pooty diaper in thar! Shoot! PeeeeAeeeeeee U! Oh, hell, Sean's diaper's in thar too! I'll just buy me some perfume in here! I better text nanny and see what the boo boos are havin' fer vittles. Might have to git some drive thru on the way home! Ding dang! Yup, I lurrrrv it!


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in the know    

Have you ever seen Pamela Anderson when she is out with her kids? She dresses a hundred times more revealing. She drags her kids into muliple relaionships on a regular basis, Kid Rock anyone? She puts out sex videos that she says her kids have already asked her about, and you are bashing Britney? Get real What about Courtney Love who was a heroin addict, sleaze and everything else to boot,she even had her kids removed from her custody. No one bashed her every day about what a terrible mother she was. Kate Moss was a known dlrug addict who dild drugs right in front of her child and was never investigated by Social Services once. She and Pete did drugs, drank, you name it and her mothering skills were never put into question. Just her choice for a boyfriend. Would any decent mother want Pete even near their child? If you bash Britney , at least be fair enough to admit she is one of the many terrible celebrity parents.

2581 days ago


#27 I am appauled at your comment. I am from Ky. and let me tell you we have very classy people in Ky.(there are some in every state) To say she belongs in Ky in a trailer park is a slap in the face of some hard working people who have to live in trailer parks. Not everyone that lives in one is a scank like you are suggesting.. I live in a nice 300,000 home with a pool.#27 what do you live in???Shame on you for lumping Britiny in the same group with some hard working class people.....

2581 days ago



2581 days ago


Oh fercryinoutloud, ya dumb broad, look in a mirror before you leave the house, and you might notice that something's missing!

2581 days ago


I'm laughing so had right now for one reason ... her pocket book has more material than her clothes ... some one needs to help this girl ... pronto

2581 days ago


That had to be the STUPIDEST write up I've ever seen..couldn't even read it. You may not like her, but you know she doesn't talk like that.

2581 days ago


You guys are just getting ridiculous

2581 days ago


This is what is going to be so great - just please mark my words - Britney will redeem herself and will come back, no doubt.. she is playing this 'game' right - she is not saying anything, and will just drop her music and let it bring her back on it's own... . as soon as her single gets played, people will NOT be putting this girl down - they are going to step back, and then TMZ is going to be spinning their story on her. I can see this coming a mile away, and then they will find another so-called 'trainwreck' to write about... who wants to start taking bets how long it will take for them to start backtracking on her... i say after the VMAs, so i give it 2 months.....

2581 days ago

Susan B    

TMZ (Trash Morons Zeverywhere) Leave Britney Alone!!! Enough already......It is not your butt she is showing...........

2581 days ago

Standing Proud in Louisiana have sunk to a new low...I use to enjoy this site....Responsible journalism and reporting is one thing...but you are being downright are kicking someone when they are down.....Shame on You!

2581 days ago

sha su    

My gosh, these comment are too funny!! Luv it, Ding Dang!!

2581 days ago


she only talks like that when she is being sarcastic to the media, so i find it pretty hysterical that they would actually write an article using that type of 'tone', when really she only talks like that to poke fun at the media LOL duh

2581 days ago


Lol "ding dang"

2581 days ago


Oh she is far from down if she was down she would be hiding her ass

2581 days ago


Maybe it's time for Britney to move to Europe. Just a suggestion. I think we've had enough of her on this continent.

2581 days ago
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