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Britney Tanks, Then Breaks the Law

8/29/2007 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might be time for Britney Spears to hire a new driver!

With Sean Preston and Jayden James disapprovingly shaking their tiny little heads in the backseat of her brand-new white Mercedes, the popwreck's lazy Tuesday came to a screeching halt in Beverly Hills when her ride suddenly ran out of gas! Oh, that's what the flashing gas thingy on my dashboard means, y'all!

Fortunately for Brit, who wasn't driving at the time, several Beverly Hills cops just happened to be in the area and helped push the whip to a nearby gas station.

But Brit's luck with Johnny Law didn't last too long. Just a short time later, after Brit went back home to chill out, the self-described "braniac" behind the wheel, returned to the Bev -- where she was slapped with a parking ticket!

It's just the latest in a string of recent driving problems for the Britster, but at least she didn't hit anybody this time!


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When someone is that close to the edge and you run such headlines, you only help to push them off further.. Harvey Levin was on Larry King goign on about repsecting privacy during diffucult imes..this girl i sunder sooo much stress, irrespective of wether YOU deem her to be a bad mother or not, there is no need to push someone towards a suicide attempt...How much more do you think she can take.?

2612 days ago


Of course no star wants to be left alone, but in Britneys case they have 24/7 footage of her. She will surely mess up each and everyday so the 2 secs of her messing up even through her driver is what ends up on the news..

Frankly Britney like Jennifer Garner and others have accpeted that htey will be followed, so what they do is go about thier daily business and you can follow if you wish...Its actually jus tlike having your own private blanket of paps, and they even help out in the case of Paris HILTON.

In truth what sets Brintey apart form the Paris and Nicole s of this world is that she worked hard for that 100million and took care of her damn arse family before she started walking. Compared to other child stars like Dana Plato , she is doing okay..she can do a lot better.

All I see is someone who was sooo lonely that she wanted ot be married leading to the 55hr mariage and immediately following the next guy..The personality that made her a star is not working fo r her in her perosnal life...I never bought a Britney album, but I ma respecful of her as a performer and to date no one has stepped into her shoes..the child knows how to perform, not SING..PERFORM...I will not be purchasing a ticket to any of these performance, but I sincerely hop e she can be given enough time to recover.

I believe in a climate where TMZ is favorable to cult leaders like cruise and dont bother to note on their parenting skils when the wife almost drops her child.. similar to what happened with Britney, then I believe they are in to pick Britney apart..differntial treatment..bring out someone elses flaws and leave others...
Why should Britney be a perfect mother, like all new mothers she is using the tools she has to do the job, if you are really concerned about her role as a mother , why not call and doffer her free parenting classes.....

Between TMZ and Kfed, I sincerely dont know how long this girl can last. People like Nancy Grace and TMZ ahould be held liable for the the way they treat the news..DIFFERENTIAL treatment of stars

From waht levin noted on CNN, this whole sordid drama is only about kfed wanting 20% more custody, which will giv ehim 70% time with the children. I think to figure out if he want the mother, he shoudl be awarded 100% without any child support. He is old enough to take care of himself and his family. Both men and women who use children as thier gravy train are despicable.
Of course kfed does not wnat 100% because he really will not be getting any money...I beleiv ehis alimony runs out soon, then he is left with shild support to rely on..what loser....See hollywierdos, mary only folks with as much money as you..some of these poor schmucks are only using you....this is how the wealthy keep teh welth, marry amongt each other to repvent the gold diggers aka Cathy Hilton...

2612 days ago

Johnny SoCal    

Britney needs to move to The Iraq and help Asian countries everywhere, such as!

2612 days ago

Johnny SoCal    

Posted at 7:18AM on Aug 29th 2007 by Mi@pocca
This is about Britney being a bad parent! K-Fed is already RICH!!!!!!!
Ever heard the term "A picture is worth a thousand words?"

2612 days ago


I am 44 and have NEVER run out of gas in my life. Quit making excuses for Britney. If she is not responsible enough to pay attention to how much gas she has in her car, how can she be responsible enough to take care of her kids and dogs? SAVE THE DOGS!!

2612 days ago


I feel sorry for Britney and her kids. How would you like it if every little thing you did ended up on the news of some sort. She can't pee without someone writing about it. It's been that way since she was a kid. She never had the chance to grow up like most people do and that's probably the problem. When your childhood is taken away and you are treated like an adult i.e. supporting the family, making important decisions, being allowed to drink althought underage; etc. that really screws you up. Look at most of the child stars; the majority who were the breadwinners for the family are really messed up. Their parents should be ashamed because they used those kids to support their families instead of doing it themselves. Lesson: let your kids be kids don't have them supporting the family unless you want to read about them on TMZ or in the tabloids years later.

2612 days ago


omg! You call that news? a ParkingTicket BIG DEAL. (can't believe I bothered to read it)
Please stop overexaggerating every minuscule thing these people do!
If yer granma got a parkin ticket nobody would give a @#$%^&*(

2612 days ago


Let the girl be YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this worth reporting about...... Make a big issue out of a parking ticket & running out of gas........ DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like the issue with her puppy.. Oh wait this is News.... lets blow up everything and make it like it is some big issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leave the girl alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2612 days ago


So.... she buys a new car but yet has someone else always driving it? ..... weird....

2612 days ago


It really seems like sometimes you people are not going to be happy until she kills herself or ends up in a mental institution.

2612 days ago


To the commenter --Jen--you should be part of Britney's entourage--denial, denial and more denial. Britney and the space cadets around her (especially Alli Sims) sound like they should start their own reality show and call it 'Brit and Beverly Hills Wannabes'. It doesn't matter what draws attention to them--as long as they are getting attention and in the lime
light in any way they can.

2612 days ago

Ms Kris    

What an idiot!!!!

Is SOMEONE going to sign some papers to put her into a mental hospital for treatment?

Maybe "HER MAN" Kevin F. can do it....

OOPS-----Britney lie from a year ago

2612 days ago


Get off her back!!!! This girl can't even catch a break! Everybody has an opinion of her - mine....she's tough as nails to put up w/all this harrassment and bull-s---! Hounding this girl about everything. Does anyone wonder why she seems so frazzled - havng K-Dead after yr money - Mom is hanging out w/him - Assistants and Bodyguards writing "tell-alls". And also, whoever wrote that she should end up like Anna Nicole has no common sense or decency. At least Anna Nicole was able to bring herself up (HOWEVER she did it-) and became an International Icon that people like you are still talking about. Idiot!

2612 days ago


it's y'all, not ya'll.

2612 days ago


If you all want the stories to stop---pass by them and dont post to them.

It really IS that simple--TMZ will see there is no interest and stop posting them. The more you whine and cry about seeing these reports the more it DOES show you are interested.

2612 days ago
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