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Kobe Bryant and Wife Hit Vegas -- Looking Happy?

8/29/2007 6:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant has been in Las Vegas playing for the USA basketball team, and shockingly enough, he and his main piece look rather happy. 8-carat purple diamonds are forever!
Kobe and Vanessa Bryant
TMZ obtained this photo at the celeb-packed UFC fight over the weekend, where Kobe and Vanessa look like they're havin' a blast. Kaboom!

Recent reports have suggested that the Bryants were having another spot of trouble in their marriage, but from the look of it, at least watching a fight is cheering them up!

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Save Joe Francis     

"Yeah, yeah, baby so me and Shaq was double teaming these two college cheerleaders and damn. That was some good times. But listen up, that was last week and I'm turning over a whole new leaf so you don't have to worry no..."

"Oh, it's TMZ, smile for the camera baby..."

"Yeah, anyway, like I was saying baby, you know you're the only woman I love, and all that messing around and stuff, that's in the past...

"Damn, I still think about that time we did it in the locker room..."

"What you mean you don't remember? Oh, damn, must have been a dream I had about you... Yeah..."

"Huh, you don't believe? Listen, take my Amex and stop your crying... You won't never find a man that loves you like I do.. Sheeet..."

2548 days ago

backwards flick off    

This may be superficial, but what happened to her middle finger? Where did it go? It is probably to show off the rock. OR MAYBE SHE IS A FOUR FINGERED ALIEN!!!

2548 days ago


DNA proved that the dirty underwear she wore to DNA collection had more than 1 male DNA and the eye witness was said to be one of them that is why DA had to reconsider all charges. It was regarding civil court not criminal that he paid to make it all go away.

2548 days ago


#43, for 2 million you would let him bone you in the butt too.... lol

2548 days ago

Johnny SoCal    

The Los Angeles Times, in a long investigative piece based upon statements by prosecutors and the accuser's civil lawyers, as opposed to anonymous sources or legal analysts, reports that the accuser performed so badly during a cross-examination at a mock trial held just a few weeks before the scheduled start of the real trial, that both prosecutors and her civil lawyers knew she had to fold.
The loser: The Eagle County District Attorney's Office. It bowed to public pressure to bring the charge after a local sheriff precipitously obtained an arrest warrant, without conducting an adequate investigation into the facts. They lost control of the case.

2548 days ago

know it all    

She has his balls in her purse, LOL !!!

2548 days ago


His wife got A 4 mil dollar ring for allowing her man to BRUTALLY & SAVAGELY RAPE ANOTHER WOMAN. The other woman got a lot more than 4 mil. Who has the last laugh. Not his wife. Now lets all leave the POOR GOLD DIGGER alone. We ALL know that if he was POOR she would not give him the time of day. And so does HE. The girl has been though enough after her man DISRESPECTED HUMILATED DEGRADED HER IN FRONT OF THE WORLD!

2548 days ago


OF COURSE 8 carat purples diamonds are forever! The sista ain't stupid!

2548 days ago


She should encourage him to go jock someone else so he can get her a matching necklace!

2548 days ago


Good For them....nice couple....I worked for them for a job once. She is very pleasant and sincere. They went through hell...and she kept her head high and reacted with dignity and class... SHe could be out in the media spotlight seeking fame and attention but instead is home taking care of the kids and keeping her family together. I say attagirl Vanessa...and Kobe...My best to you both always! (the holiday guy)

2548 days ago


She is beautiful; Kobe is lucky Vanessa stood by him during the ridiculous accusations. Why not leave them alone to enjoy their lives together?

2548 days ago


Kobe and Vanessa are the case for never marrying young.

2547 days ago


some say shes pretty i say shes ugly she has a funky face idunno he is a prick

2547 days ago

tooth fairy    

Wow! His wife is so ugly now. What's wrong with her mouth? When did she have horse teeth? Did she get those fake teeth too? She needs to ask her dentists to shave them down a few sizes.

2547 days ago


Wonder if he buys his rape stands at the same place that Vick does..

2547 days ago
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