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Kobe Bryant and Wife Hit Vegas -- Looking Happy?

8/29/2007 6:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant has been in Las Vegas playing for the USA basketball team, and shockingly enough, he and his main piece look rather happy. 8-carat purple diamonds are forever!
Kobe and Vanessa Bryant
TMZ obtained this photo at the celeb-packed UFC fight over the weekend, where Kobe and Vanessa look like they're havin' a blast. Kaboom!

Recent reports have suggested that the Bryants were having another spot of trouble in their marriage, but from the look of it, at least watching a fight is cheering them up!

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Another one that escaped the law.

2576 days ago


Kobe is not a rapist. That nasty azz woman in Colorado tha tried to claim rape was so damn triffling, she went to the hospital to submit to a rape kit, with semen from three that skank, hell yeah, but who doesn't wear clean underwear to the hospital. Isn't that one of the first things our mothers teach us?? Let alone to show up with semen from three men. I think all of you throwing stones at Kobe should look at the accuser. He settled so he could salvage what was left of his future. Because so many of you just want to automatically believe the worse about people of color. Let's recap, black basketball player, never been in trouble with the law, good kid, rich, vs, white girl, known to be loose with her body, so damn nasty she shows up at the hospital with sperm from three different men in her underwear. This is after coming to the hospital from her house(you mean she couldn't put on clean underwear before she left, and even if she didn't have sex with all these men in the same day, why was she wearing the same underwear). And you all want to look at Kobe with distain, Give me a damn break.

2576 days ago


Kobe is a bastard for cheating on his wife, that doesn't make him a rapist ! His wife has either forgave him or she plans on making him kiss her ass awhile ! This may have scarred him straight ! LOL

2576 days ago


Furthermore, none of us know why he cheated on his wife. If any of you know anything about the sexual cycle of a woman, they don' t peak until about 30. This 18 year old child married this 20-something man and she's not the least bit horny. She just wants to shop. Rumor has it, she wasn't breakin' the boy off none so he sought pleasure elsewhere. If you marry a man and don't put out, it's grounds for divorce-it's law people. He should have followed his parent's advice and

A. not married the woman, or
B. gotten an annullment the moment she closed the sex shop

That way he could have boffed whomever he desired without you low IQ idiots spewing your worthless venom. I truly detest most of the American public-just like the rest of the world.

2576 days ago


You can't tell me it ain't the big DEEK that keeps that hottie at home. She can easily take at least half of his money, but half the DEEK ? Unacceptable! She wants the whole thang, honey.

2576 days ago


I see the haters are out in force. He did not rape the girl in Colorado the charges were dropped. Maybe after they found DNA from 3 men including Kobes in her underware. His wife is beautiful and she is the lucky one her and her family were broke before she married a baller. Just think she could have ended up on the pole stripping or staring in a sex tape like Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson, Kim Kardashian. But she hit the jackpot.

2576 days ago


I think they look great! Very red-carpet glamor, and all that. Wondering why it's ok for other celebrities to dress to excess, for various big-time events, but not for them? Yes, her look is different in that photo. But my guess is, it is but one of her "looks". Just like a lot of celebrities have more than one look. Casual surf/beach look, hippie chick, Versace, etc. Kind of fun to be able to do that. Listen, I've seen her at the grocery store; she looks fabulous and glam, even in little sandals and jeans and a simple but beautiful top.

Man, it is some really bad form, to be shouting that he is a rapist, without clearly stating that it is your personal opinion, based on your reading of various news headlines and stories. And not based on any finding in a court of law. I'm down with free speech and all; just say that it is your own personal opinion, etc.

Vanessa definitely doesn't strike me at all, as an opportunist (someone up there called her a gold digger). And I've seen that type in action. Kobie dated her years ago, when she was a senior in highschool. Had to get her parents permission back then. My suspicion, is that contractually, she had a lot more to gain, by dumping him, than by staying married. But she stuck by him, in spite of of it all. I think she put her love for Kobie, and his love for her and the children - first. She put her ego - second. That's huge.

I am glad that they worked through their legal and marriage issues. It suggests that it can be done, if two people want to work through the really bad times in life. Thank god that my stupid mistakes I made during my very early 20s, did not play out in the media. I would have totally humiliated my family.

Good luck to all of us. We'll need it, when we get to the really difficult times in life.

2576 days ago


#36 is right on! Quoting that post:
"The Los Angeles Times, in a long investigative piece based upon statements by prosecutors and the accuser's civil lawyers, as opposed to anonymous sources or legal analysts, reports that the accuser performed so badly during a cross-examination at a mock trial held just a few weeks before the scheduled start of the real trial, that both prosecutors and her civil lawyers knew she had to fold."

The loser: The Eagle County District Attorney's Office. It bowed to public pressure to bring the charge after a local sheriff precipitously obtained an arrest warrant, without conducting an adequate investigation into the facts".

Unfortunately, many people who have an opinion about Kobie and his wife, get their news only from headlines. I doubt that there are many posting here, that read that LA Times investigative piece. And believe me, the LA Times was not cutting Kobie any slack. If you read the piece, you'd get that.

Check it: This case was the precursor to the horrible mess created by prosecutor, Mike Nifong (The Duke LaCrosse Case). People have finally had enough of this, and put that prosecutors a$$ on the line. His baseless pursuit of a case, has and will make it more difficult for the real rape victims to come forward. Think about that, before you jokingly shout in a forum, that K is a rapist. When you know the facts of this case, you will realize that when prosecutors "go after" some high profile individual (or individuals, in the case of the Duke LaCrosse players), with an agenda to make a name for themselves, rather than properly investigating the case first - future rape victims suffer. Just as Mike Nifong had an agenda to get re-elected, the Eagle County DA also had an agenda.

2576 days ago


Aw look.... the happy couple is getting ready for the UFC fights with a little thumb wrestling... Please, this is about as fake as it gets. He's garbage and the only reason she stuck around after he "stuck around" was b/c she gets more if she stays...

2576 days ago



Make up all the phony stuff about the victim in Colorado.

But there's nothing phony about the other women that have been groped by the rapist.

No wonder this pervert had to pay his victims (and his wife) so much to stay out of where he belongs prison.

2576 days ago


He was looking for LOVE in all the wrong places. She is a little girl that happen to be in the right place at the right time. Go girl GET THAT MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

2576 days ago


Vanessa and Kobe are a gorgeous couple. That nasty tramp in CO gave it up. That's not rape. Why would she stay with him for the money? She could leave, and still get paid. They look pretty damn happy to me ! Don't hate !

2575 days ago


What a joke this loser is. He raped and groped, lost all the endorsements and now has to hang out at Ultimate Fighting matches. On top of that, the crowd who isn't fooled boo him. What's next for this turd? Guest at a wrestling match? Those that know him don't want a thing to do with him, only a few desperate losers still fall for the utter crap he spread about the girl he raped.

Enjoy your life now rapist, see you in hell with OJ, Blake and Spector.

2575 days ago


once a cheater always a cheater --stayed with him for his $

2575 days ago


loser cheats on his wife and thats okay --nah ...get some values ....when you get married you dont cheat !!!! play by the rules

2575 days ago
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