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Britney Loaded -- Documents Reveal

8/30/2007 8:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained documents from the Britney/K-Fed hearing last Monday, where it was revealed the popwreck rakes in an average of $737,868 a month.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, claims in a declaration filed last Monday that Britney "is clearly the 'monied party' in this case." Kaplan is asking Brit to front $50K for expenses in connection with the custody hearing, claiming his bill will be in excess of $40,000.

The documents reveal K-Fed is receiving $20K a month for spousal support but the payments end on November 15.

As we first reported last Monday, the documents reveal that the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is investigating Spears for allegedly neglecting her kids. The allegations -- poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits. The portions of the documents relating to DCFS have been totally redacted.

The heavily redacted docs include the names of the people who have been or are being subpoenaed in K-Fed's move to grab 70/30 custody -- Alli Sims, Promises Treatment Center, Dr. Betty Wyman (Brit's designated sober companion), Larry Rudolph (Spears' former manager), Daimon Shippen (former bodyguard), Shannon Funk (former assistant) and Christine Hallet (former nanny).


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To #9, 10, 11 -- EXACTLY! This guy is a real user, loser just like Birkhead. And everybody knows it. I'm happy the $20 grand will end in November, get a job! What a mistake he was. He's all about the money. As for this ridiculous child abuse baloney, dental issues (they barely have teeth) -- go after the real child abusers. He doesn't care for these children or he wouldn't put the mother through senseless legal hassles. Her
bad, she married him. But now it's time to move on. Everybody!

2619 days ago

Amy Silverman    

OK I really don't care for Britney-but Kwigger really sux azz. Having HER pay for HIM suing HER-Get a job loser-you are nothing that any sperm bank can't offer and guys flush daily down the toilet. Boy did he see her coming!!!

2619 days ago


The side that loses in court is supposed to pay for all court costs.

2619 days ago


737,868 a month and she doesn't have child care why not ?

2619 days ago

b b    

At the end of the day they are as bad as each other - she doesnt seem like a fantastic mum and she and her team are hiding something ........................ KF is after her money its obvious but where the hell do these poor boys come into it.

Why has britney brought a song out now when she should be trying to put as much effort in to keeping her kids as bringing out an album.

Its very very sad - i use to adore Britney spears but now she is just a has been which is awful.

Her friends and family warned her about KF when they got together and she refused point blank to listen so its her problem.

2619 days ago

Hop Off    

Kwigger! It fits the broke ass. Fed-ex him straight to the end of the welfare line, Brit!

2619 days ago



Is it true Harvey is gay? Because I have been hearing that a lot. Will Perez be outing him?

2619 days ago


i think it is so wrong to print these custody papers tmz........

2619 days ago


In my State the spouse is not responsible for the spouses laywers. It should be that way in every state.

2619 days ago


i do not know if harvey is gay, but i have often thought that he is...just from the few times i've seen him on the peoples court.

and what the heck does TMZ stand for anyway?

2619 days ago

b b    

I agree with you #36 she isnt an innocent by passer in this game she is too blame!!!! she loved the publicity

2619 days ago


Kevin is only in it for the money. He partied all the time before they got divorced and left Britt at home with the kids. He was in Vegas every weekend now he's such a great dad - ha! Britt may not be the best mom but she shouldn't have to fork over money to that golddigger. For you who ask how she makes that much money a month - it's called interest on $100 million. She doesn't have to lift a finger or work another day in her life. She can live off the interest her money earns. She's not the sharpest tool in the shed but she could probably buy and sell everyone who is posting here. But damn - that girl really should invest in some pants and a hair weave! If I had $100 million - I'd look like it!!

2619 days ago


Didn't she give him all the money from their show? I can't stand this girl but hate him even more. There is nothing worst then a using sissy boy. He needs to get a job or go home to mom and dad. I hope this judge sees this is all about the money.

2619 days ago

oh really    

ridiculous! he is bringing the charges and wants the money for him taking her to court - where is his 20k a month going? so what if she is the monied party, if you want to take responsibilty of this matter, pay your own bill!!!

2619 days ago

Just a Thought    

To: 24. Isn't it also Fed-X's responsibility to provide "dental care" for his kids, he shares custody.Fed-X wants custody of Brits money, and that's all he wants.

Most children don't need to see a dentist until they are getting ready to go to kindergarten. (or, at the earliest preschool, usually after 3 or 4 years of age) Usually, a child that needs to see the dentist before that isn't getting the proper nutrition or hygiene, or has had a traumatic facial injury.

come on people...are you really that blind to the fact that these babies are not getting the care they and ALL children deserve? It's appalling...

Oh, and I don't recall Shar getting the CPS called to her house ... or her babies falling out of the high chair ... or her smoking a cig >thisclose< to her 2 year old's face ... or any number of MORONIC, IDIOTIC, UNEDUMICATED scenarios that Spears has done.

Let the evidence speak for its self.

Just sayin'

2619 days ago
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