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It Ain't OK With Larry B

8/30/2007 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry BirkheadOK! magazine just pulled the plug on its first birthday photo shoot with Dannielynn Birkhead and her daddy Larry. OK! issued a statement saying it has moral issues pushing Birkhead, because the mag has uncovered "shocking and potentially incriminating" info. But Larry B tells TMZ it's a smear campaign.

Birkhead says OK! was bent out of shape after Us Weekly put Dannielynn on its cover. Birkhead, who made a sweet exclusive $1.7 million deal with OK!, claims the OK! reporter threatened to do a nasty story on Larry if he dealt with a competing mag.

Birkhead, who says he didn't play ball with Us, wrote an email to OK! in which he said, "I was just threatened via email by (the reporter) that OK! would do a negative story on me if I did any stories with any other mags. Ridiculous!!! I am not sure what planet she's on but I am not going to be threatened. She blew it!"

OK! sources say no way did their reporter "threaten" Birkhead. These sources say they had "an exclusive four-part deal" with Larry -- while Birkhead says the deal was for the first photos of Dannielynn and that's it. OK! flipped when they saw Larry and baby on the Us cover, and began seeing him pop up on competing outlets.

In another email obtained by TMZ, OK! Editor-in-Chief Sarah Ivens doesn't hide her displeasure, saying, "You know how well we've treated you ... from free suits to getting a singer for your party ... to be honest, we are upset that you've turned on us." Larry, for his part, says he didn't double deal.


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Reality TV Sucks    

Him and Stern are so sketchy it makes me ill. I feel bad for the baby.

2608 days ago


This is a problem for those who allow themselves to be owned by the media.

2608 days ago

oh brother    

Anna was ULTRA HOOOOOT! What made her go with a nobody gay lookin photographer?

2608 days ago


Isn't this the same guy who condemned Anna for having pictures taken in other magazines? This is the same guy who said he wants nothing but to give this baby a "normal" life. He is a liar and is whoring this innocent child out for money. Say what you want about Howard, but while the baby was in his custody he remained private and NEVER allowed her photo to be taken. He still defends Anna's image to this day. I think the judge made a mistake in giving custody to this jerk. DNA doesn't make a parent. I am so scared for that poor child.

2608 days ago


-Stern killed Daniel
-then Anna.
He publicly had Anna tell everyone on national television that:
1) Larry was not the father
2) her mother was dead to her as she was abusive and let men abuse Anna.
Hmmm.... sounds like Stern is getting all of his ducks in a row.
This baby was not part of his original plan, but she came along, so Howard acts as the father and as the “husband” he is sitting pretty. Money is as good as his as long as things stay the same.
-Then enters Birkhead…
-Since that paternity test was granted and found Birkhead to be the father, Stern had to stick his claws in Larry. A logical question would be… “why would Larry let this man into his life after he almost succeeded in keeping him away from his own flesh and blood?”
-Only one answer… Mr. Stern has Birkhead by the balls. How?
-Well, Larry and Stern have been in on this whole thing from the beginning. There are pics of Larry on dates with Anna and Stern is there, on the sidelines looking frustrated. There were times when Anna would be with Larry in bed and Stern would interrupt. He set the whole thing up but was jealous that Larry was getting the fringe benefits.
-So, bottom line is, Howard saw the opportunity to get Birkhead out even though they planned this whole thing out and that blew up in his face.
-Now he’s got Larry backed in a corner and telling him he has to give him something, or else…
-What a shame. How did Anna meet Larry? On a photo shoot? What was Stern’s link to him prior to that meeting? Certain it wasn’t a “chance” meeting.

2608 days ago


thank you OK mag...

2608 days ago


This is what OK mag does now. They want to stand out from the rest so to bring attention to themself they make mountains out of mole hills acting like they have the juicy goods that will ruin careers. It is pathetic and I will never buy their magazine again.

2608 days ago




Please continue to be the person who stands up for truth and justice.. and takes down the MURDERER H$ Stern next!

2608 days ago


It is very sad that Larry has sold out to the media. He is certainly using this whole media outlet to his advantage. He always said money was not the issue ,but it seems to me that his actions speak louder than words. He is in the same category as Paris Hilton...famous for nothing. Truly talented and admirable people do not live out their lives with negative attention through the media. He is no better than Bobby Trendy...trying to get his name out there to make a buck. Shame on you Larry.


2608 days ago


The poor baby has been pimped to every possible media. Larry B. is suppose to be such a loving and caring father. I think he is a bit sick. Poor baby should be brought up in a real home not one that pimps her for every penny possible. Wonder how much interest he would have in his daughter if she didn't stand to inherit half a billion.

2608 days ago


OK has moral issues? I have seriously heard them all now. TMZ this should be filed under oxymoron.

2608 days ago



He's getting as bad as that HKS who rode Anna Nicole's skirt tails. Now Larry's pimping his daughter (go figure).

Larry, stop pimping the tabloids for cash regarding your child and
GET A JOB. The pity party for you is officially OVER, Larry.

Damn, you're getting worst than Howard !

2608 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

Birkhead is irrelevant. Everyone in this mess comported themselves horribly. Including Birkhead. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

2608 days ago


I BELIEVE LARRY - - OK Mag. - you are NOT OK w/me. I don't care if you put Ray Jay giving it to Michael Vick while Kim Kardouchine watched - i wouldn't buy your rag/mag.
Good for you Larry, - Anna Nicole missed out on a lot and especially a great guy like you. Both her and Daniel would be alive today and happy if she would have made the right choice back then and stayed w/you.!!

2608 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Finally Grandma and Johnny O have something to celebrate! They are not the only ones SMEARING Larry.......It us to be just Johnny's People Smearing Larry......well the MEDIA can be uglier.......

2608 days ago
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