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Nick Hogan -- My Supra Is "A P***y Magnet"

8/30/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan boasted to a magazine not long ago about how girls' panties "start dropping off" at the mere sight of his yellow Supra -- that is, of course, until it ended up in a hideous heap of metal after he totaled it last weekend, leaving his friend John Graziano in very serious condition.

What's more, in an interview in the upcoming Rides magazine, Hogan brags that he got let off not once, but twice by cops, after going over 100 mph in one of his other cars, a silver Viper, because he's a Hogan, and that he didn't get a ticket on the same trip until he was stopped doing 123 mph in a 50 mph zone. Cops said yesterday that a silver Viper was the other car involved in the accident.

Elsewhere, Hogan boasts about "dusting" a Ferrari, "stomping out" a Lamborghini, and even racing his parents and sister in their rides. He also posed for a snap -- with his beloved Supra, which he called "the god of the import tuners."


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I guess he found out that the real magnet was a tree instead. I'm sure that he will spend many years in therapy over this one. Just like many young people, they need to learn the hard way. Prayers to John for a complete recovery.

2589 days ago

Jack Ass    

SPOILED BRAT! Trade your cars in for a brain transplant for you and your parents!To the "good ole boys" who let him off -wise the f up!

2589 days ago

britts only supporter    

for #139! right on chaparral!!! u freakin rock man! toooooo much horsepower here and tooo much balls coupled with a HUGE lack of skill and also a little too much cash. i feel u man!

2589 days ago

britts only supporter    

oops i meant #135

2589 days ago

Jon - The DC Traveler    

It's sad that Hulkster didn't realize his kid wasn't mature enough before he bought him a 450 hp "adult" car. Now that we find out he was stopped for speeding just weeks before, I think they may throw the book at him.

2589 days ago

Jon - The DC Traveler    

As he learned. it's also a cop and accident magnet too!!!

2589 days ago


sooooo i wonder what kinda vehicle hulk pulled up in when he got there so quickly or did he park his silver viper in a parking lot nearby and run over so no one would notice. soemone had to have seen how he arrived at the scene... driving, walking, on his little scooter thing, riding on brookes broomstick.

2589 days ago


I say put the whole revolting low-class family in a car....and sink it in the closest body of water. No loss to society.....these people are animals....

2589 days ago


This stuff happens all the time to normal people. Let's all get over it, K? He'll get what he gets... Also, He's not standing by a Supra, thats a Viper..the Supra is in the background.. get it straight.

No ticket, No warning, 120 in a 35 cuz I'm the shiz.

2589 days ago


The parents of these kids need to wake up! Your kids are completely spoiled, entitled brats, that if you did not pay for these things, they would not be in this mess. Not one quote that has come out of Nick's mouth am I impressed with. It is sad, very sad. All I hear are swear words, sex, money and cars. Nice morals you have instilled! Just because you can give your kids a better life doesn't necessarily mean that they will have a better life.

Step up to the plat and lead your family Hulk!

2589 days ago



2589 days ago


Blame the parents. They raised him to be this way and encouraged this behaviour. It is the same story anywhere in the world people with fame and money have influence and power, be it financial,political or in a car...corrupts.

Even if the other kid dies from his injuries I doubt that the spawn of Hulk will get more than a slap on the wrist. He will do a public apology, go to rehab, lay low for a few months and be back at his old tricks in no time. Sad Sad Sad...

2589 days ago


I hate to say it, but it looks like the Hulkster might have been driving. Did anyone notice that the Hogans were absent from the prayer vigil so that they could go retain an attorney??? What do you think that means???

2589 days ago


The kid is a spoiled brat and spoiled brats that get away with things all the time are dangerous....hence the results of this crash. To me, it wasn't an accident. When you put your pedal to the metal, you make a conscious choice to endanger lives. I hope he rots in prison and has to be brought down to reality before he kills....maybe, again.

2589 days ago


It doesn't sound like Nick was shy about the fact that he likes to drive fast. We can point fingers all we want, but the fact of the matter is his friend John had to know his track record and the fact that he likes to drive fast. He made the choice to get in the car with him!

2589 days ago
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