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Real Life Mean Girls!

8/30/2007 5:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The talented editors at TMZ came across this gem from last night's Les Deux coverage -- and could only say one thing about the girl in the video: What a betch!

A photog captured a random club goer cussing out a poor guy who almost backed into her clique. Instead of letting it go with a simple "watch out," she instead hit him where it hurt -- by dissing his car!

The driver's reaction is just priceless.


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Thank god I live in seattle!

2574 days ago


One of these days she'll mouth off to the wrong person, and get more than she bargained for. Based on the look on that guy's face, she barely avoided it this time. Someone needs to tell her that kind of behavior is not cute, before she gets seriously injured.

2574 days ago


That gross skank makes me very happy that I'm gay!!!

2574 days ago


Hey that car is awesome that b*tch is just talking out of her *ss. He was stunned but took it like a true gentleman.

2574 days ago


Whoa! Like, she totally burned him, I mean, like who does he think he is, like driving on the road and all. Right, she should have her bus pass revoked!

2574 days ago


As she walks away with her Ross Dress For Less purse and goes home to her studio apartment with her 2001 mercury sable after hanging on to some guy's table all night for free drinks.

Hollywood chic wannabee's are the best! They all want to be Paris Hilton and most of them are just as talentless.

2574 days ago


I didn't think anyone over the age of 14 acted that way. She needs to join the adult world and stop acting like a little junior high bitch who's trying to impress her little side-kick girlfriend. Unbelievable behavior for their age. The only class in this vid is the guy who doesn't lower himself to her level by even responding to her absurdity. Grow up girlie. You're disgusting.

2574 days ago


It just goes to show that women no longer are the fairer sex. The last time I checked, a Porsche Cayman doesn't go for less than $50-60k with minimal options. If it was fully loaded, she just dissed a $70k car. I'd really like to see what that skank is driving.

2574 days ago


Awww yes LA, such the typical cliche here...Where do you live, what do you do, and what do you drive...

Classy place huh...and Yes, there are a dozen girls like that here, it's pretty pathetic.

2574 days ago


i like the car too its not a girl car the douche bag girl will get hers 3 folds peope like that are losers poor guy felt bad for him that was soo wrong of her

2574 days ago


What if he or someone close to him is a Hot Shot and Buffy comes in for a job.. now THAT would be worth seeing !! . At least he stopped got out and I think said sorry, and what did he get? Some little wantabe giving him hell. She's pathetic.

2574 days ago


See how Karma works? EVERYONE READS TMZ!

You disrespected that man so public..and he got out and apologized to you! Now look at you. That was wrong as hell,and now you'll pay.

2574 days ago


He was a gentleman....... That beotch needs to learn some manners.

2574 days ago



1. The girl (sort of nicely) says something to the effect of, "You're about to run us better be careful."

2. He give the girl a scowling look and mutters something that DOES NOT look like "I'm sorry." It looks like he was spewing some smart aleck comment to her because right after he said it, he whips around to leave them standing there, then suddenly...

3. The girl unleashes her venom and hits him where it hurts.

Folks, I don't think her attack was appeared that way the first four times I watched this to laugh at the guy's reaction, but on the fifth viewing, I noticed that he might not have been so "innocent." I think he was rude to her first.

2574 days ago


A drunken big mouth talking tough because the cameras are all around for protection. she's not even cute.

I feel bad for the guy, he looks mad and humiliated. He has to much class to defend himself.
Let's find out who she is and go kick her ass for him

2574 days ago
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