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Woody & Soon-Yi: Strange Love

8/30/2007 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ten years after their marriage, the bizarre, passionate love affair between Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn is as strong as ever! Mama Mia!

The 71-year-old director and his rapidly aging 36-year-old baby mama strolled the streets of gay ol' Paree with their gargantuan friend/driver Nicolas on Wednesday. The circus has officially come to town! Woody tried going incognito in a bucket hat, while Soon-Yi kept it real ... unfortunate ... in her mom jeans! It's hard out here for the sexy adopted daughter of your longtime ex!

Woody & Soon-Yi prove the only bond stronger than father and daughter -- is husband and wife!


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Funny Answers    

wake up, she was 13 or 14 when he took those compromising photos. He was with Mia, they had a kid together. I am old, and remember the familyshots, she calling him her father. But becasue to the county she came from, maybe that is normal I don't know the morals of other counties. They lived together long before they married. He married her when Mia pressed charges against him regarding the son they share. Go on the internet, back 20 years or more. Try the Enquirer or Globe. You can see the once happy family, and the articules about the nasty photos, and fight for custody. But morals have changed, so many of you don't think it is wrong. It is acceptable to not get married because you don't want to commit right now, but will have a kid or two. That is today, I won't watch anything he makes. May he rote in hell. He is a pervert. And the stars kiss his butt.

2590 days ago


hey so what moon pie is what she is , she certainly is not hot. And while she is in Paris, maybe she could pick up some clothes from the 21st century..the left bank flea market has some very chic stuff cheap.

2590 days ago


Gee danicalifornia..I live in Redondo and every bad driver on the 405 is korean or something

2590 days ago


Soon Yi better be careful--once a pedophile, always a pedophile, and Woody is or has been looking for younger women than Soon, in her mom-jeans. Also, what is with his obsession with Scarlett?????

2590 days ago


May the Force (of Love) always be with you Woody! I love ya! And may the jerks of the world continue to live in their tiny little worlds!

2590 days ago


FYI - from Wikipedia:

Shortly after separating from Farrow in 1992, Allen openly continued his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn, Farrow's adopted daughter. Even though Allen and Previn denied he was ever her stepfather, the relationship drew much public and media scrutiny. At the time, Allen was 57 and Previn was 22.

Allen and Previn married in 1997. The couple later adopted two daughters, naming them Bechet and Manzie after jazz musicians Sidney Bechet and Manzie Johnson

2590 days ago


They are both we weirdos. He should of been locked up when he first hooked up with this thing his wife adopted.

BTW - the idiot has been wearing that same style hat for as long as I can remember.

2590 days ago

ricky lock    

Gotta love the Woodman! He is doing the right thing and enjoying life.

2590 days ago

ricky lock    

The Woodman is fine and happy with his bride. Great!

2590 days ago

fashion disaster    

so what is so wrong with mom jeans???

2590 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Good for them! I gotta say there was something wacky about Mia Farrow and her claims..

2590 days ago


It is sick,
Single mother looking for dates on the internet find her dream man and he found her daughter or son

Babysitter is hired to take care of the children only to find out that the babysitter is a man that wanted the son

Fosterparent take in foster children only so that the dad can have sex for pleasure and the mom can watch for pleasure of have sex too

Children getting adopted at in their preteens, only to get with a rich man or woman so that he or she want have to be left out in the cold anymore. If I'm correct she was a teen when she came into the family and now she with the husband. It happen all of the time and just to put some shine on it, if you going to adopted a preteen and this preteen been transfer from home to home why not get with the spouse sister or brother they are not blood. So for all of you good cause take a reality check these are real people, that been hurt, molested, throw away, left on front porches, found in fields, and abruse they are not baby dolls. Children have a mind too. And if you been through any of this what will you do
check yourself

Take care

God Bless

Our God have mercy on us


2590 days ago


He is so Fn gross and she's to dumb to even know it.

2590 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Mia Farrow and Angelina Jolie..something weird alright.

2590 days ago


she looks as old as he does i would hate to see what their kids look like

2590 days ago
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