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Woody & Soon-Yi: Strange Love

8/30/2007 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ten years after their marriage, the bizarre, passionate love affair between Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn is as strong as ever! Mama Mia!

The 71-year-old director and his rapidly aging 36-year-old baby mama strolled the streets of gay ol' Paree with their gargantuan friend/driver Nicolas on Wednesday. The circus has officially come to town! Woody tried going incognito in a bucket hat, while Soon-Yi kept it real ... unfortunate ... in her mom jeans! It's hard out here for the sexy adopted daughter of your longtime ex!

Woody & Soon-Yi prove the only bond stronger than father and daughter -- is husband and wife!


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Does he have a relationship with his biological child? NO! He hasn't seen him in YEARS. Woody maybe talented, but his personal life is freaky. He seems to lack morals, values & ethics.

2590 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Sick, just sick.

2590 days ago


Not that I am the world's greatest parent, but I am pretty that you are not supposed to marry the kids, regardless of how weird you are.

2590 days ago


I think Woody Allen is a PERVERT!!!!
How could he do this to his wife of many years. They both adopted this child, brought her home, only to wind up marring her???????????????????????????
He is a SICKO!

2590 days ago


number 10 i tink what TMZ means by AGING isthat soon yi looks like a grandma and she is only 35
as for you 14 it seems that you forget got the perv has a child with mia. it till wong, immoral, disgusting.

2590 days ago


#47- I'm not defending Woody Allen BUT... he was never married to Mia nor did they live together. He was not a father..adoptive or step to Soon -Yi.

2590 days ago


He'll soon be dumping her....she does look like a little girl anymore! Sick old dog!

2590 days ago


YUCK! She just gets uglier as time goes by...not that he's a catch. Watch out Brangelina! Wood-Yi is moovin in!

2590 days ago


Woody CAN'T dump her! Because he knows the press will let him have it

He embarrassed himself into a corner with this little perversion, and now this harpie won't let him off the hook

He's getting the pain he deserves, old fruitcake that he is

2590 days ago


I think Mia actually adopted a 30 year old posing as a pre-teen. Soon-Yi can't possibly be 36 jeans aside, she looks 56 at best, yikes

2590 days ago

Jessica Swanlake    

People please- she was never his step-daughter. He was never married to Mia Farow. They were never related. Period. Having a relationship with a willing 20-something is not pedophilia. Tacky, maybe, but not illegal and not immoral. He could have almost any woman in the world- believe it or not, even though is is ancient and was never attractive, he is a genius when it comes to writing and films- and yet he has remained faithful to this woman.

Leave them alone- their marriage is probably a hell of a lot sounder than any of yours. If any of you shrill, gossip harpies have found anyone to marry you, that is.

2590 days ago


It looks more like a nursing aide leading a dementia-ridden old man down the street---what a weird pair they are. Yeah, I see the true love you mentioned luseelou. Yuck. There is a line you just DO NOT cross when dating someone--like seducing their daughter. SO GROSS!!!!!

2590 days ago


oops....DOESN'T look like a little girl!

2590 days ago

John Kaza    

My father, a high school music director, also married a very young woman, who had been one of his students. Their marriage outlasted all of her friend's marriages. But when Hollywood did the story of my father, they had to change the ending with the student and had my father put her on a bus back to new york where we were from. You may know me as Cole.

2590 days ago

Never inked up!    

For the morons who actually think this is a beautiful relationship: WAKE UP!!!!!

This man belongs in JAIL! As does old Celine Dion's husband. No one will ever get me to believe for one second they weren't playing around with little girls. It just dosen't work that way. Nobody decides that the person who was their Daddy for all intense purposes, is the love of their life unless they got pushing from the Daddy. Sorry, that is the truth of it.

Talk about creepy. Yuk.

2590 days ago
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