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Baby Shiloh: The Beauty Emerges

8/31/2007 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Her big brother Maddox was seen eating hot dogs with dad last week, and big sister Zahara got a carriage ride through Central Park while mom was off doing her UN Goodwill thing in the Middle East. Thursday, it was Shiloh's turn.

The Namibian Gerber baby was seen in the arms of her mother, enjoying the Central Park Zoo, and keeping a watchful eye on the paparazzi. The most exquisite of all celebuspawn looks vaguely familiar.


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The baby is adorable.... I have seen a pic of her smiling...Flash.... Prince William and Harry never smiled in their papparazzi taken pics as babies.... Brad and Angie are chased as much as Princess Di was.... look at her outcome... Also does any of you idiots remember Audrey Hepburn??? Who Angie replaced as "Goodwill Ambassador" when she died??? She was extrememly thin too....ever been to China or Africa?? The food is not great.... anyone would loose weight... Remember Mia Farrow.... Know one blasted her for adopting l 10 poor orphan children... when was the last time any of you donated to the Childrens Christian Fund.... As a 42 yr old mother of 5... The Pitt family is always in our prayers.... keep up the good work...........

2575 days ago

Never inked up!    

Lets face it. Angie really isn't a great speaker. When she is interviewed she tends to take awhile to come up with a comment. She stumbles her words, says completly moronic things and on camera to boot. She trys to hard.

I'm shocked at what she said about her BIOLOGICAL child! Read the articles. She is really a nut job.

My bet is Brad might never leave her because he is afraid we are going to say TOLD YA SO!!!!!

2575 days ago


yes half the times these kids look scared...could it be because they have about 20 strangers flashing bulbs in their faces chasing after them? NAH

it has to be because they're unhappy miserable neglected children


2575 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

cmon people, babies have heads in larger proportion to their body. cute baby, but very passive in photos. hard to tell what they will look like later.

2575 days ago

doggy dog    

awww don't judge a baby by the mom and dad! Give baby a chance!

2575 days ago


What a doll! Gosh, she really loks like Brad.

2575 days ago


I have a 16 month old and I must say, he doesn't like it when strangers come up to him so just imagine these kids with hundreds of strangers.....and with camera lights flashing like crazy! I would be a scared myself and wouldn't feel like smiling too much either.

What is wrong with a family going out to enjoy the day. They should be allowed that much without so much criticism. As far as AJ's is just that. People are capable of changing..and maturing. Shiloh is healthy and all their children.

Leave them alone.

2575 days ago

Too bad.    

the babies are precious, each one and there is no doubt that Brad is a devoted father.

My concern is with how "Angelina" feels guilty to eat after visiting these starving countries, yet she obviously doesn't feel guilty to wear designer sunglasses as obviously noted in this pic. She will never achieve "Gandhi" status until she gives up all of her worldly possessions.

2575 days ago

Lydia Layne    

Suri is way cuter.

2575 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

This woman knows how to work the PR machine; plant herself in it, stage the shot, then leak it. Brad and Angelina's child is cute, and so are many others that aren't famous.

As far as I'm considered Angelina is the female equivalent of DORIAN GRAY, the male character in the book "The Picture of Dorian Gray"; beautiful on the outside (which is subjective if you like women who look like a fish - haha), ugly, sinister, manipulating, scheming and evil inside. Read the book folks, it's a classic and Angelina could and is the main female character in the making!

2575 days ago


Thank you, Double-Standard! She doesn't feel guilty paying $25K per week to stay in a villa in the south of France (because that's necessary), or flying in a private jet, or, like you said, wearing her designer glasses ... but she feels guilty eating FOOD? Um ... okay ... cuckoo bird!

2575 days ago


She's a John Voight clone. That isn't a bad thing.

2575 days ago


Are you people so pathetic that you even have to ruip on babies?

2575 days ago


some people dont seem to remember that angelina was (and most likely still is) mourning for her mother. loss of appetite is very common. i think she is very thin though and that doesn't look healthy but she's still beautiful. i hope she gets better. you people shouldn't bash her- she's giving those children opportunities they never would have had. and i speak from experience b/c i'm adopted as well. *snorts* some people would never even consider adopting a child from countries like those

2575 days ago


I have known a lady for 20+ years who became a successful entertainer. B-list not as high calliber as AJ or BP. I have seen what Paps will do to a person with or without a child. Of course your going to hold your baby close. All you smug perfect parents, would you let a stranger with a camera within 10 feet of your child in a playground? How about your at a funeral where your burying your parent, do you get to memorialize that event with strangers taking your pictures and taunting you? How many of you have to send your fan - hatemail to the FBI ? Do you know what a stalker is? Ask Rebecca Schaeffer. Is kidnapping a daily concern in your life?

These are all things Celebrities have to face as part of there job. They get that. What I don't get is throwing hate out at a baby. Aj has had a very strenuous week. Getting critisized for everything along the way. Is there some reason, she can't have some time in the park with her child?

2575 days ago
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