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Baby Shiloh: The Beauty Emerges

8/31/2007 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Her big brother Maddox was seen eating hot dogs with dad last week, and big sister Zahara got a carriage ride through Central Park while mom was off doing her UN Goodwill thing in the Middle East. Thursday, it was Shiloh's turn.

The Namibian Gerber baby was seen in the arms of her mother, enjoying the Central Park Zoo, and keeping a watchful eye on the paparazzi. The most exquisite of all celebuspawn looks vaguely familiar.


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To anonymous poster: I thought Katie Holmes looked preggers in that picture too, BUT then there were pictures after that one where she didnt, so I think that was just some unfortunate bloating or even the way she was standing. If she slouches, that could push her stomach out a bit. I still think her daughter is the right age.

2579 days ago


God bless her, what an angel face, WELCOME HOME MAMA ANGELINA. I hope u will do something to waken up the world about iraqi kids, I love seeing pictures of Angie holding Shiloh, they look so beautiful together. Shiloh has her father and mother looks. I wish them all the best as couple. they deserve it.

2579 days ago


This kid looks nothing like the Gerber baby and to be honest, isn't nearly as cute. Angelina made a HUGE mistake when she opened her big fish lips and spewed about how Shiloh is a blob and doesn't need as much love because now that's all anyone is going to think about when they see pictures of her holing Shiloh.

Suri Cruise is still the cutest baby around right now.

2579 days ago


Why can this child never ever close her mouth??? Is that some type of birth defect or what? Lips too big?

2579 days ago

Oh Canada    

What a beautiful photo of mother and child. It is interesting that TMZ chose to show only the pictures of Angie & Shiloh, did the same thing. According to JustJared (many more photos) the outing at a petting zoo also included Ms. Jolie's other children.

The paps are more interested in snapping photos of Shiloh, it's obvious the tabloids, the paparazzis, and many in entertainment news will favor the her. Angie&Brad will have to protect her more so than the other children, because she was born into privilege, she is a beautiful child, and not to mention she is white. The world will fall at her feet, it will be important to ensure that she doesn't grow up thinking she is better than her brothers and sisters because of her birth. What I've seen and heard from both Shiloh's parents is that they are very aware of the inbalances in our society, and they love all their children.

Angelina Jolie has always be a bit lanky, she's all long legs ans arms (in a beautiful way); that being said, I doubt she has ever dieted in her life. Her hectic life, and the stress of losing her mother has taken it's toll, not to mention four small children.
I hope she is healthy, and she can gain 10 or 15pounds; but either way, she still an effing Goddess.

There's a long list of negative words used to describe her often on this site and many others...

Here are some of the positive that make this woman exceptional; Intelligent, Aware, empathetic, compassionate, outofthisworldbeautiful, talented, generous, thoughtful, and appears to be a loving mother.
Oh yeah, she get's to cuddle up to Brad Pitt and play footies.

2579 days ago


I agree Petition 100%. People need to leave the babies alone!!

2579 days ago


Cute baby.

2579 days ago

Desease control    

Another photo op to prove she spending time with her kid to the public
and adoption agencys.
how old is suri and how old is shilo.
Suri is walking around. shilio is still be caryed around .
Too bad angie never spends time with her kid so she can grow up right
she too busy speeding her asss off on diet pills.

2579 days ago


Thank you, Sara! Harvey likes to be cutting edge, maybe he would see the benefit to the internet as a whole by putting a muzzle on people who need to be muzzled. Free speech, bs. To spew out ugly hate filled ignorance is not free speech. I vote for intelligent opinions or no opinion. Make people think before they open their big mouths.

2579 days ago


Finally a picture of Angie holding Shiloh. Usually she's holding all her other kids.

2579 days ago


Nope the baby looks like Jon Voight Angelina's father. And she looks a little like Jane Pitt.

2579 days ago


Beautiful beautiful baby girl!! Not an AJ fan.... but, that is a sweet baby!

2579 days ago


she looks like her grandfather, jon voight.

2579 days ago


There are some mean things being said about Shiloh.I think she is very beautiful and
a little doll.She has always reminded me of the Gerber baby.She is a precious little

2579 days ago


She's so beautiful & looks like her beautiful daddy. Has anyone ever noticed that Zahara looks like Angelina???? Ummmmmmmm, food for thought

2579 days ago
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