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Nick's Mom -- I Didn't Dump the Dog!

8/31/2007 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Carter's mom, Jane, tried to explain how her son's beloved pit bull ended up in a shelter -- but the credibility of her excuse is just slightly less believable than "The dog ate my homework."

Jane Carter called the MJ Morning Show to slam our story from Wednesday as "baloney," claiming that she gave Layla, a pit bull mix, to a "friend of her husband" to keep at his kennel. Then, she says, the dog escaped from the kennel, though this kennel-owner "friend" apparently didn't notice the dog was gone until animal services picked it up and took it to the shelter in Hernando County.

Mama Carter -- who's had plenty of public tiffs with Nick -- also made some excuse about not having a phone and the dog not being well trained, even though we're told that Nick spent $7,000 to train Layla.

Meanwhile, Carter also took the chance to accuse Ranelle Black, the woman who originally rescued the dog back in L.A. and got the alert that she was missing, of trying to hijack money from Nick.

In a statement to TMZ, Black blasted Mama Carter's claims,saying:

"Regarding Jane Carter's comment of "trying to hijack money from Nick", there is absolutely no basis for her egregious accusation. I have been working with Nick to facilitate the return of Layla to him without any thought or request for compensation of any kind.

Nick and his representatives and I have been discussing the best way to bring Layla back to Nick in LA. This can be confirmed either with Nick directly or his representatives. I have dedicated my life to rescuing and sheltering dogs and have done so not only without compensation, but at great personal expense. I have neither sought nor pursued any public attention to the work that I do."

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bla bla FIST

2609 days ago

Get a Clue    

I find it disgusting she would treat this dog this way.

2609 days ago


i think Nick should take care of his own damn pet!

2609 days ago


Pitbulls need to be exterminated till they are extinct.......

P/S-- Anyone that pays $7K to train a about as stupid as the dog itself.....

2609 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.

2609 days ago


If she was being paid to watch the dog then why did she take it to someone else?

2609 days ago


This whole family is screwed up. They shouldn't even be in the public eye, they should all be commited. I feel bad for the dog that it ended up with a clan of whack jobs.

2609 days ago


that mean old woman sent the dog packing to hurt her son, as she always does..not that I care for the spoiled brat, the mother is even a bigger brat..and can she claim the dog was not well trained when he has been proven to have spent the money to train it..sounds more like digging herself deeper, I mean why mention the dog went well trained? sounds like an exuse to have put the dog in the pound. and she made herself look dumb by saying that, I have two wonderful pitt bulls whom I trained on my own..being raised by a man who trained dogs in the military helps..heheh anyway yeah shes a lier, she sent that dog to the pound to hurt Nick....did he get the dog back? anyone know?

2609 days ago


So why would Nick's mom give the dog to a friend without first ASKING Nick?
And if the dog escaped and was long gone before the guy knew, what kind of person are you giving your son's dog too?

BLAH BLAH BLAH. The lady got mad and so she wanted to hit her son where it hurt, with his dog.


2609 days ago


Has anyone else notice if you say anything at all bad about Kimberly Stewart it gets deleted. People bash all celebs on all blogs but if you say anything bad here about Kim it goes bye bye. Does she work for TMZ as a moderator?

2609 days ago

Sarah Silverman Looks Like a Beast    

Could Nick’s mom be any more psycho or cold hearted? She must have skipped her meds this week.

It is terrible that Nick’s mom is trying to flip her own wickedness and poor judgment on the woman who originally rescued the dog, and who is attempting to once again help save the dog from the perils of Nick’s mom.

I volunteer at the LA Animal Shelters with Ranelle, and I know her to be a kind and caring person who dedicates so much of her time to saving the lives of animals. The only reason that Ranelle that does anything is for the welfare of animals, Pits in particular.

Being an animal advocate in a world where people treat animals, as property, to be discarded at a whim (case in point), is difficult enough. Nick Carter’s mom trying to accuse Ranelle of malfeasance, in order to cover up her own dirty deeds is too much.

NICK, you should get your mom in check, and tell her to shut her mouth; she is making you look bad.


2609 days ago

tired of cry baby    

hey #2 now thats funny.!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that what finding jesus does for you?

2609 days ago

John Denver Rules    

That's a dog gone shame!

2609 days ago

tired of cry baby    

hey #11 that is because tmz takes money from certain celebs. for good pr. where else do you hear about any of the stewart kids except on tmz. if you try to talk about harvey being gay. they delete it also,paris nicole,kim with the huge ass, they all pay for good p.r. so they can have a career. but you never see them on a t.v. show or people, except paris and nicole, there just internt wantabes.and they cram it down your throat

2609 days ago


I know nothing about Kimberly Stewart so I do not care. I know very ilttle about Nick Carter and his family....................I would think common sense would indicate if you had a mom who manipulated or caused you trouble, you would not entrust something you care about to her. Like your beloved dog............................Hope doggy is safe, comfortable and enjoying a big bowl of ALPO.

2609 days ago
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