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Paris Rushes for No One!

8/31/2007 4:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arriving to LAX 45 minutes before departure time of her flight to Frankfurt, and taking one more glance at herself in her SUV's tinted window, Paris Hilton performed her trademark pouty sashay through the airport as if she didn't have a care in her world.

With just a short amount of time to get through the large airport and check-in, the heiress still found time to shop and grab a bite. It's her world -- we're just reading TMZ in it! The heiress has been jetsetting between L.A., Las Vegas and now Germany for a charity event. Viel Glück!

Filming for her new film, "Repo! The Genetic Opera!" is set for early September in Toronto. Paris Hilton -- taking it all in size 11 strides!


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Paris sashaying, Paris pouting, Paris on her cell! who would have thunk it!!!!

2618 days ago


To Nancy...

You should acquaint yourself with the facts first about both cases involving Nicole & Paris: For example, Paris was rightfully sentenced for the following:

What got Paris into hot water with Judge Sauer was her refusal to take responsibility for her actions. Hilton intentionally drove on a suspended license twice. The second time she was caught she was driving 70 mph in a 35 mph zone with her car lights turned off at 11:00 pm. She also violated other terms of her probation for her previous conviction. In court, she arrived late; she lied; she tried to assign blame to her publicist.

2618 days ago


Poncho, again you misrepresent the facts.

The first time Hilton was stopped while driving on a suspended license, she was advised by the CHP that her license had indeed been suspended. She was required to sign a statement acknowleding that fact, and placed it in her glove compartment. The second time she was stopped for driving unlawfully on a suspended license is what finally landed her in front of the judge. She completely ignored the CHP, and did not contact her attorney or the DMV about the matter. Who's kidding who here?

2618 days ago


The second time she was stopped for driving unlawfully on a suspended license is what finally landed her in front of the judge. She completely ignored the CHP, and did not contact her attorney or the DMV about the matter. Who's kidding who here?
Posted at 7:04PM on Aug 31st 2007 by George
Millions of young people go to court for this or that driving offense and when its over they put it behind them. The CHP most likely gave her a warning because the 6 months suspension was up and they realised what she had done. forgot to notify the DMV that she has complied with all her previous court stipulations. I forgot to pay a ticket several years ago, and I got a notice saying my license would be suspended unless I paid the fine. I paid it at the court, forgot to notify the DMV. Was pulled over and the Officer gave me a warning as well. Lucky I still had the court receipt to prove the fines had been paid. He did'nt tell me to take the receipt to the DMV and show them to remove the suspension. I as well assumed the computer system at the courts had not yet removed the suspension. Did'nt find out until two years latter when my license expired and tried to renew it. Thats why its rare to get any jail time at all for what she did. I'm sure young people who forget these minor details do annoy Judges. Hence why Ms. Hilton was made an example.

2hrs is suggested by the airlines because of the potential for security lines being long and non seasoned travelers taking longer trying to find the proper gate, terminal,parking etc. You are not required to be checked in at 2hrs. First class check in, seldom a line at the ticket counter, your called first to board at the gate, etc. 45mins thats more than enough if you know what your doing, ie fly lots!

2618 days ago

5 cent    

She's not talking on the cell phone. This is what she calls "reading".

2618 days ago


If she's such hot s**t, why is she flying commercial?

2618 days ago


she always has that phone stuck to her ear i don't think their is ever anyone on the other end...

2618 days ago


enough with the phone paris you look stupid.

2618 days ago

Val Johnson    

Ok. the rich will reap what they will reap. pretending to be in this existance and not concerned about anything except yourself. well? hmmm Paris

cheers child, cause that's all we all are

what ever happened to Paris getting on with charity work after her stint in jail?
guess it got delayed, for reasons pertaining to her inability to carry through with such things.
it would help ya sister, do it Paris you have the power to change hearts and money to change the minds of those in powerful places. Good luck

2618 days ago


Plane shoulda left her ass!

2618 days ago

Brad Williams    

Are all those photogs leaving on flights too? It looks like P is in a shop in the gate area. How do those guys get past security??

2618 days ago


She's NOT attractive, she's NOT smart at all, why the hell do we have to see more of this dumb girl who loves the attention entirely way too much? Btw, her face is nasty, she looks like some kind of a rat and her feet are still extremely disgusting... A girl with too much money and not much brains. Reality can be so sad...

2618 days ago


Thanks for keeping us informed on what Paris is doing, many of us DO care about such things.

But could TMZ do this in a less derogatory way maybe? That would be appreciated.

Really, where exactlty is the problem in what Paris is doing? She evidently arrived in plenty of time for her trip and was minding her own business.
Stop trying to create problems where there aren't any.

2618 days ago


Doesn't she have her own jet?

2618 days ago


Paris was flying to Majorca for a charity event to benefit kids with cancer.

I've been following her story since she got out of jail and Paris has been doing charity work..Why are you so mean to her? She seems to be trying.

Also, much of her partying appears to be business related. Last week in Las Vegas, Paris and her sister were promoting their new clothing lines.

I like Paris.

2618 days ago
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