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Chris Brown: Watch Out for the Big Girls!

9/1/2007 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

R&B hottie Chris Brown got up close and personal with a hefty female fan at a NYC concert last night. Ooph, that's gotta hurt!

Brown performed with reggae-er Elephant Man at "On Da Reggae Tip," sponsored by NYC radio station Hot 97.


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#5 I think this comment/article was actually a joke about his size compared to hers. Not JUST that she is fat. I'm a fat girl and I didn't look at this and scowl or get mad or whatever because for MOST, being fat is an option. Like one other person said, a dietician and the gym definitely works. It's all in fun and ... WHAT OTHER KIND OF ARTICLE DO YOU EXPECT FROM TMZ??? This is no CNN or MSNBC!

2552 days ago


It's obvious that she only jumped on stage to eat him. You can see by her over extended mandible, that's just sizing up where she's going to start to swallow him whole.

2552 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

********************woman with a big ass?***********************
******************now that’s a big ass woman!!!!!****************

2552 days ago


yea shes fat n we got that ppl...chris brown is obvi a good guy n he doesn't discriminate but let me tell u somethin #37 it nots like ur going to do something about the food stamp and the obsesity problem so i suggest u shut the hell do you know that most obese black ppl are on food stamps? they don't have enough money to buy expensive crap to put on the family table so watch what you say and who you say it to because that isn't right...but then again (playin devils advocate and trying to have a comment fight) its one thing to be fat but its another to advertise your fat to the whole world...its not cute its pretty gross

2552 days ago


Hefty! Hefty! Hefty!
For him to juggle that, he sure is strong.This is not funny ,poor

2552 days ago


Well We at least know he is strong. But, be very aware people he would only date skinny girls. i am not as big as her but, she is still pretty. Before you go flappin our mouth about calling people Cows. We all know you would never say it to her face. People say alot of stuff when there are code names,but would never dream of using any real names, because if ya mama saw it she would be hurt to know her son or daughter could be so ignorant.

2552 days ago


"The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand -or so have I read."

Sorry - Spinal Tap is one of my favorite movies!

Peace, Kat

2552 days ago


Being obese is not a crime, but that outfit is. Sheesh.

2552 days ago


I like the fact that everyone is coming to the defense of the fan, yet in reality, you all know that you would never think twice of dating someone that's her size, male or female. Even as a guy, I know that white is not the most slimming of colors, yet she still proudly wears it with a top that was probably once used as a circus tent. When you're out in public, you are subjected to public criticism, whether or not it's verbalized. She didn't need to jump on Chris Brown knowing that her weight could have posed a problem and I'm actually very impressed with the fact that he could handle that load. Someone's been hitting the gym! Besides the fact that she's grossly overweight, she's also fugly too. I'm sure that no one would have denied the fact that she was ugly, but once you bring her weight into it, all the fatties come out of the woodwork crying and complaining. Well boo hoo, continue what you've been doing up until now when you've been sad; eating yourself into a stupor and continuing your journey towards congestive heart failure.

2552 days ago


Saw him the other morning on NBC. Aweful. Lucky, theres a million girls out there with disposable income and a severe lack of taste to keep him employed for a bit longer.

2552 days ago


Alrighty #5 -I'm a woman and you are right, we do get picked on for being either too skinny or too fat and we should love our bodies. If the girl in the pic is genetically big (and there's no such thing as "big bone" either!") then she can't control her body. But I'm sorry just like # 8 said she is most likely FAT and that is NOT cute. And most important it's NOT healthy. I don't think the audience were looking at big girl humping poor Chris (he is strong by the way!) with an expression of "That Hot"...cuz...."It's just NOT!"

2552 days ago

you dont care who i am anyway    

call her fat keep stating the obvious ........but everytime you do everytime you talk about a female rather she fat or skinny think about this.........everytime a girl cry her self to sleep ,cuts herself , drinks herself to death , pops pills to get away from the pain, or even kills herself , it was comments like the ones you left about the young lady on here that drove them to it ....... like what i said theres the email

2552 days ago


Alrighty #17- She's a kid?! What are you her mother? She is not a kid. She's a grown woman and by the look of the picture, she doesn't look like she's hurt and ready to cry. Chris Brown is strong enough to hold back his tears with his damaged legs but he's a trooper. You should be a trooper too. Boo hoo.......that grown woman should know this pic would be publicized, so too bad, she knew what she was doing. Now don't go crying me a river....

2552 days ago


"my shoe!!" hahaha boomer, you're old school :P

2552 days ago


Good for you chris! Big girls need love too....

2552 days ago
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