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Winehouse's Bloody Mess

9/1/2007 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rehabbing "Rehab" singer Amy Winehouse was a bloody wreck this week when she violently vomited blood all over her Caribbean hotel room.

Staff at the Jade Mountain resort in St. Lucia were horrified when they were sent to Winehouse's suite to clean up the mess. "There was blood and vomit all over the bathroom, it was just terrible," said one worker, according to Brit tabloid The Mirror.

Hotel management allegedly offered to send out for a doctor, but Winehouse said no, no, no.

Amy and hubby Blake Fielder-Civil have been at the $1,400-a-night Caribbean hideaway since last weekend. This past week, the parents of both Winehouse and Fielder-Civil called for fans to boycott Amy's album in an effort to urge the pair to get help for their alleged drug addictions.


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Who cares if she kills herself (she dosen't). No one makes a big deal if the local person down the street is on drugs, that dosn't make the news. The sooner that she kills herself the sooner we can read the news without hearing about her stupidity. No one makes a big deal about the homeless person down the street taking drugs who might kill himself, Just because she has ONE song makes her special (BS) let her go to hell along with Britney Spears, Pari Hilton, Nichole Richie. Let them all kill themselves and why do you care?? Do you know them, have they every helped you in any way and would they care about you? NO thay dont have to because they are better that you. The laws don't apply to them because they are famous. Please hurry and kill yourself so everyone else can get back to the real world that you don't even belong in.

2576 days ago


This is what happens tdrug addcts, I have no sympathy for stupid people. Serves her right . Hope all druggies die.

2576 days ago


Her only talent is for being a fugly loser. Why does the media (TMZ) give this dimwit so much attention?

2576 days ago


She's an sdult and, therefore, responsible for her own actions, - she has the legal right to destroy herself in any way she chooses. No on can "step in" without her permission. Face it, - some people are SO degenerate (and, not only her) that their "bottom" is below their body's physical threshhold. I'd never heard of this gal before she sang her "Rehab" song at some awards show. And, if that's all her "claim to fame", then she's HIGHLY overrated. Regardless, a slow suicide in the gutter is her choice.

2576 days ago


There's NO WAY IN H*LL I'd clean THAT up. Geeze!!!!!!!! It's hard enough to just look at her, let alone clean up her body fluids. NASTY.

2576 days ago


If anyone needs help . . . enough said. She has talent, that sadly pours through her drug hazed world, much like janis. She does not have much of a future, and I agree that she will most likely die before she is helped. Even if she pulls through, her body has sustained damage . . it looks like she's depleted it for a long time. Her parents-in-law's hearts are in the right place, but it has only shot her sellability through the roof. She needs to pass out, away from codependant hubby, and wake up weeks later in a hospital bed, better and commited . . not to her recovery, but to a psych ward for long term care.

2576 days ago


It's a very sad situation . Very talented and attractive woman caught by the monkey grip of addiction. I do hope all turns out well for the girl. She is very different fromn the
wino on the corner, she is young and talented and has much to offer. I have great compassion for her.

2576 days ago


good luck to her.she does have talent.she is a unique artist.we dont have enough these days.

2576 days ago


Whoever has her in their death pool needs to have someone new waiting in the wings.
She'll be dead soon.

2576 days ago


Ok its a waist of time and money to send these famous people to rehab. rehab wont help anyone unless the person wants the help. someone like Britney goes into rehab cause they are being threatened to lose their kids isn't going to help the person with the addiction at all unless that person truly desires to be helped. they are all better off doing what they are going to do until they either kill them self's or hit rock bottom and realize the horrible life they are leading and seek the help they need. Now lets all just forget about this crazy chick cause she obviously don't want the help. I just hope all the kids that look up to these people as role models don't follow down the same road thinking its ok or fun because the celebs are doing it and getting away with it. I pray that all this media about it keeps our children educated on the seriousness of how drugs can ruin our lives and make us lose everything we love. hell or even lose our life over it. well that my comment take it or leave it =)

2576 days ago



2576 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

I don't get her popularity. She's the mess de jour. The new Courtney Love but with really bad hair. I hope she can straighten up, but if she can't I pick December 20th for the dead pool. The novelty will wear of by then.

2576 days ago


This is to all of you who write "Who cares, she's ugly?"

What does being ugly have to do wih anything??

At what level of attractiveness is she worthy of some of you caring about her?

2576 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

do you leave cats in trees - yes, It's not my cat and I don't have time to waste on such a thing.

laugh at dogs hit by cars? Not really laugh, but think "oh well hope it okay."

Cats and dogs are like buses - if you miss one another will come along in about 10 minutes.

Oh the other hand, I regularly help out the down-and-out in my neighborhood by giving them a few bucks whenever I see them.

2576 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan need to cut a record together.

2576 days ago
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